Top 10 Baby Strollers in India On Amazon

Life gets busy when you’re a professional working with kids. Do you also think that being a mother is a tough job? You have a lot to do on your checklist. From choosing the right baby pram stroller to making the healthiest meals for your babies, you are responsible for taking care of them. Aside from strollers with car seats, a foldable baby stroller is an essential accessory to have when you leave the house. But, choosing and buying the best stroller for kids requires knowledge about the maximum height and weight capacity of the stroller. So, if you are looking for the best baby stroller in India at an affordable price along with durability, then you must visit R for Rabbit. The brand makes parenting easy and enjoyable with its products. Browse their website and buy anything you want from baby bathing, feeding ranges, baby boy strollers with car seats, and more.

What does a baby stroller need?

While some mothers think that buying a stroller for a baby is the easiest but best option when you are traveling, others feel that it is bulky and difficult to assemble. Know why carrying a stroller for kids is the most convenient option for parents.

1. Provides support and protection

Children are not strong enough to support their heads and neck. Imagine if you accidentally hit a wall or somewhere while walking; Your baby’s head will tilt forward. The stroller supports the head and neck and does no harm.

2. It’s a Convenient Option

Carrying a small one in your hands is not so difficult. However, as they get older, they become heavy, and carrying them all day can sometimes lead to back pain and pain in the arms. Here, a baby pram stroller proves to be the best option and gives you relief when you need it.

3. No worry about storage

Traveling with a baby means carrying extra things like diapers, snacks, and clothes everywhere. Foldable baby strollers cover less space and provide stroller accessories such as diaper bags or cup holders when needed.

4. Viable for Newborns and Baby

For a newborn, the Baby Pram Stroller helps them sit upright and converts them into a carriage to lie flat. For toddlers, strollers offer more storage while giving them a comfortable ride.

The 10 Best Baby Strollers in India

1. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller


This comfortable baby stroller from the popular brand LoveLap is blessed with a 5-point safety harness feature, so you can be sure of the safety of your little ones.

It is designed with a reversible handle to enable you to walk your baby in front of him, and it comes with a 15kg load-carrying capacity. The stroller comes with a sturdy umbrella that prevents the rays of the sun from falling on your baby.

It comes with a 3-step adjustable seat to set it based on your child’s height. The spacious storage basket lets you store diapers, food, toys, and more.

Top Features

It comes with a washable and removable seat along with a cushion.

The front wheel rotates 360 degrees with the lock on.

Rear wheel brakes help in safe operation.

The stroller has adjustable legs and foot support.

It has a viewing window and a back pocket for added convenience.


color navy blue
Ingredients-Ethylene Vinyl AcetateHarness Type: 5-PointMax Capacity – 15kg
Weight-8.1 kg

2. R For Rabbit Lollipop Baby Stroller

This colorful baby stroller is designed with safety as its first priority. The front wheels, measuring 6.5 inches, have the perfect suspension to give your baby a smooth strolling experience.

The easy-to-fold design lets you easily fold the pram with your foot or hand. Chat with your little one face-to-face using its reversible handle.

The multiple seating positions ensure the baby stays comfortable, and the expandable canopy design prevents the infiltration of sunlight. Now you can buy this stroller cheaply with the help of R For Rabbit Coupons.

Top Features

Colorful, compact, and lightweight design.

It can be used as a pram and stroller.

Comes with adjustable leg rest.

3 slanted positions to provide a comfortable ride.

The storage basket comes with a spacious design for ample storage.

Five-point harness design and wheel lock enhance child safety.


color cream
Materials – polyester, cotton, and metal
Harness Type: 5-Point
Max Capacity – 20kg
Weight-7.5 kg

3. BabyHOP Foldable Baby Strolle

Babyhop has been one of the best baby stroller manufacturers for quite some time now, and not only that. They have also produced many other essential items for your newborn baby’s requirements.

However, for the sake of this article, let’s take a look at their strollers. It is equipped with a UV-protected canopy that effectively blocks sunlight from reaching your baby.

It also has a quick fold feature where the pram folds up quickly with the help of a press and a push button. In addition, the wheels are built with high-grip tires for safety and control.

Top Features

The wheels are equipped with suspension for comfort.

Wheels can rotate 360° for better maneuverability.

It has a large storage space to store things.

It has a five-point safety cover for your baby.


harness type-5 point
Max Capacity – 20kg
Weight – 5 kg

4. Mee Mee Easy to Push Baby Stroller

Me Me is the most popular brand for new and experienced moms-to-be across the globe. They are experts in manufacturing baby care products and have gained expertise like no other.

And when it comes to strollers, Mi Me’s easy-to-push baby stroller raises the standards of comfort and durability through smart engineering, features, portability, and functionality.

And all these things work together to deliver a better experience for both you and your baby. So, get this stroller and save money with Mee Mee offers.

Top Features

The three-point safety harness locks in place while ensuring your child’s safety.

The reversible handle lets you control the stroller from any direction.

It is also equipped with an adjustable footrest.

Whether your baby is awake or asleep, the three-way adjustable seat ensures superior comfort.

It comes with a spacious storage basket to help you keep all the baby gear on hand.

The stroller is equipped with a soft detachable seat.


color black
Ingredients-Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
harness type-3 point
Max Capacity – 18kg
Weight-6.2 kg

5. Fisher-Price Explorer Baby Stroller

Fisher-Price is an American company that manufactures a variety of baby and children’s products. One of the products in their catalog is the next stroller on this list.

It can be held in multiple positions and comes with a footrest for your baby’s comfort. In addition, the stroller has a 5-point harness that keeps your baby safe at all times.

Lastly, the front wheel is equipped with a wheel lock and suspension.

Top Features

It has a peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on your baby.

It comes with an additional sun visor to protect your baby.

The stroller has a large storage space.

It is equipped with a pedal brake at the rear of the stroller.


color black
Ingredients-Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
harness type-5 point
Max Capacity – 18kg
Weight – 10.3 kg

6. Chicco Echo Baby Stroller

Chicco Echo is a multinational corporation that manufactures baby products to help mothers around the world care for their babies.

Similarly, the next product on this list aims to provide better functionality to mothers and better comfort to babies. The Chicco Echo Baby Stroller is highly portable and practical engineering that prepares you and your baby to take on any challenge.

Also, to add to your baby’s comfort, the stroller comes with cushioned seats and padded safety belts.

Top Features

The stroller can carry a significant amount of weight, making it a long-lasting investment.

Even the wheels are precisely designed, as they come equipped with a host of features like front wheel suspension, swivel lock, and rare-linked brakes.

It has an expandable wide umbrella to protect your baby from the sun.

The baby stroller also comes equipped with a rain cover for those cloudy days.


the colors red and black
Material – cotton and polyester blend
Harness Type: 3-Point
Max Capacity – 15kg
Weight-7.2 kg

7. Joie Aire Lite Baby Stroller

Originating from Britain, they produce baby furniture and essentials. In recent times, they have found relative success in the market.

This is the lightest stroller on the list. And adding to the portability is the one-handed fold feature. The stroller has 2 presets for when your baby is awake or asleep.

Plus, the stroller includes a large storage space, which makes it very easy to carry all your things.

Top Features

It is equipped with a 360° wheel, which is also lockable.

It comes with a wide canopy that protects your baby from the sun.

A five-way harness protects your baby at all times.

It is very light, which makes maneuvering easy.


the color red and white
harness type-5 point
Max Capacity-15kg
Weight-4.6 kg

8. LuvLap Starshine Baby Stroller

The Starshine range of baby strollers from trusted brand LoveLap is designed with reversible handles so that you can talk with your baby while enjoying the evening walk.

The product comes with a total carrying capacity of 15 kg, which makes it a perfect choice for kids as well. Front-wheel with lock, 360-degree swivel, and lock feature, as well as brake-linked rear wheels, make maneuvering easy. is yet another website where you can get the best deals on baby strollers ranging from babies to adults. By using coupons available for FirstCry, you can save on retail prices.

Top Features

It has a safety belt for the safety of the child.

Made of solid steel and has a canopy with 2 layers.

The stroller has a washable and removable seat cushion.

The back pocket, the viewing window, and the oversized storage basket need special mention.

Adjustable seat with 3 positions and 180-degree recline.


color black
Ingredients-Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Harness Type: 3-Point
Max Capacity-15kg

9. R For Rabbit Chocolate Baby Stroller

If you are ready to spend a few extra bucks while investing in a perfect baby stroller for your bundle of joy, then R For Rabbit has to be on your list.

This EN 1888 certified stroller is the safest option, as it follows stringent safety standards to protect babies and toddlers. All you have to do is pull or push the bottom bar of the stroller to fold and lock.

Unique standalone design occupies less space for storage.

Top Features

It comes with a cup holder and a detachable front tray.

The dual positioning of the 5-point safety harness and leg rest ensures the safest sitting position.

A one-step brake link on the rear wheels stops the stroller with one foot
The UV-protected canopy and peekaboo window deserve special mention.

Also, it also gets a large storage basket and front wheel with the good suspension to prevent bumps on the road.


color black
Material – cotton and polyester blend
Harness Type: 3-Point
Max Capacity -20kg
Weight – 12.2 kg

10. Chicco Cortina Baby Stroller

The Chicco Baby Stroller can also double as a baby car seat carrier, as it is adjustable to accommodate a growing baby.

The seat’s backrest with recline feature lets you choose from multiple positions to keep your husky baby in a comfortable position. The large, adjustable canopy provides excellent protection from the sun, and the front swiveling wheels with full suspension guarantee a smooth ride.

The rear wheels with brake links stop the stroller momentarily to avoid accidents.

Top Features

It comes with a padded handle and triple adjustment.

Has a compact, foldable design for quick storage.

Can be folded with one leg or hand.

Easy to handle design.


harness type-3 point
Max Capacity -22kg
Weight-11.4 kg

How to make the best decision to buy a baby stroller online?

Parenting is a beautiful journey. It becomes special when you shop for your little ones. When buying a baby stroller, choosing the right stroller can make a big difference. If you are a new parent and looking for baby strollers online, below are some things you should keep in mind.

1. Is the stroller newborn-friendly?

While some strollers for babies are suitable for infants, others may require a car seat to be attached to dress the model infant. Therefore, it is recommended to find out whether the stroller is newborn-friendly or not.

2. Is it foldable or non-foldable?

A foldable baby stroller is feasible and easy to carry when you are traveling. Many strollers are one-handed folding, but remember that not all one-handed folding is as perfect as it sounds.

3. Set a Budget

Searching for the best baby stroller in India, especially online, is not difficult. You can browse a range of Baby Strollers online as per the requirements. Some are heavy, lightweight, and have basic characteristics ranging from low to high. Therefore, set a budget when you buy a baby stroller online.

4. Identify the Purpose

Ask why you need a baby stroller. If you need a stroller to exercise and run with a baby in the park or anywhere, choose a foldable baby stroller that is durable and moves perfectly on terrain. Otherwise, opt for baby boy strollers with car seats as per your purpose.

5. Security

This is the most important thing that cannot be missed when you are buying a stroller for kids. It is recommended to buy a baby stroller with EN 1888 certification. The certification signifies compliance with the Wheeled Child Vehicles Regulations 1997. Check safety standards, weights, sizes, and more when you look for baby strollers online.

How strollers can help working parents lead a comfortable life?

When you are a working parent, it is very difficult to take care of the little ones in your busy schedule. However, strollers for babies help professionals lead an easy life and work wonders in their lifestyle.

1. A Benefit for Traveling Parents

Traveling with kids can turn into a nightmare. You cannot enjoy traveling if your baby keeps you busy 24*7. With the stroller, you can keep an eye on the baby and take him anywhere. Take a walk in the streets, go shopping or just relax on the couch and watch your child enjoy the ride.

2. Gives Peace of Mind

The best advantage of buying a baby stroller is that it gives you peace of mind. It frees you from constantly keeping tabs on the kids and lets you do your home or office work without worrying about them.

3. It Provides Adaptability

Foldable baby strollers offer lots of customization for keeping baby accessories and other accessories all together in one place. Keep your laptop, diary, diaper, water bottle, groceries, and other essentials under the stroller space when not in use.

Buy the Best Baby Stroller Online in India at an Affordable Price with Best Features!

Whether you’re looking for a compact foldable stroller, a stroller with a car seat combo or a baby boy stroller with a car seat, R for Rabbit has you covered. Find the right stroller for your baby and make parenthood easier.

1. Paradise Stroller

It is EN 1888 certified and comes with a 5-point safety harness to provide child safety.

It has a 3-position back recline system and you can recline the seat to an adjustable position.

With a handy folding system, Heaven’s strollers give you hassle-free travel wherever you go.

This is the best baby stroller in India and has a storage capacity of up to 2 kg and can be used for babies in the age group of 0-36 months.

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