10 Best Bean Bag Brands in India 2022

A sofa or chair works best but bean bags are always better when you want to relax. People have started preferring bean bags over traditional and uncomfortable furniture because of their comfort, beauty, and affordability.

But how do you identify the best shape and size of bean bag for you? Well, this detailed shopping guide for bean bags will help you choose the best bean bags from the top brands in India.

Our article on the best bean bag brands in India has several bean bag bases that best suit your body’s natural curves and movements. You’ll definitely find the perfect chair to organize yourself among our top picks. By placing one or more of these in a room, you can instantly make the area more fun and very stylish!

Bean bags offer comfortable seating and are best suited for lounging! They are being used not only in residences but also for casual and informal seating in commercial places such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, eating joints, and even in some offices.

Bean bags are a perfect piece of furniture to add a flexible yet comfortable seating area to the living room, kid’s room, or lobby area. Available in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics, you can select one based on your preference, home decor needs, and budget. Keeping all these features in mind, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best bean bag brands in India.


                         10 Best Bean Bag Brands In India

1. Big Joe Lenox Bean Bag

The Extra Large Lenox Bean Bag by Big Joe offers you the utmost comfort and ample space to stretch and rest your legs. This sofa is big enough that two people can sit together. The outer fabric is soft and does not irritate the skin, and is easily washable. It has good quality foam fill material that will last longer without the need for refills.

2. Skyshot Classic Bean Bag

The premium-looking Skyshot Bean Bag comes in a deep maroon tone with a leather-like texture. It is filled with beans which gives the sofa an upright shape. Well-stitched corners ensure that there is no leakage of filler. This can be a big size attractive-looking bean bag for your home.

3. Chill Sack Bean Bag

Feel the smoothness of the micro-suede fiber cover on this Chill Sack Bean Bag. It is made from hand-selected double-stitched fabric to give a premium look to the sofa. Shredded memory foam filters help keep the chair’s shape in exactly the position you drop it in. The sofa is machine washable and resistant to stains and discoloration.

4. RnS Rest ‘n’ Sleep Bean Bag

The stylish bean bag is available in a variety of sizes and colors. It is specially designed to provide low seating positions while providing good support to the back. This position is helpful for gamers who sit for long periods of time. The cover is made of leather fabric stitched diligently to provide the required strength to the body.

5. Gold Classic Bean Bag

Gold’s Classic Bean Bag offers you a plush sofa to sit and relax on. It has double-stitched cover fabric to provide impressive seam strength. Plus the fade-resistant fabric ensures that the color lasts longer. A cool couch can go a long way in decorating your living room or study.

6. Sattva Classic 3XL Bean Bag

Lean towards sattva bean bags with a free-flowing form to sit and lie down. The high-quality fade-resistant leatherette cover makes this a comfortable sofa that’s comfortable and sleek. Velcro and zip ensure double protection without any leaks or tears in the long run.


7. Orka Classic Bean Bag with Footstool

Lounge in the comfort of a bean bag that comes with a footstool. The bean bag is made of covering material like suede and is pre-filled with beans, saving you the hassle of manual assembly. The handle strap on the top makes it easy to move around and you can place it wherever you want. It comes with zipping and Velcro closure for added protection from leakage.

8. Casa Copenhagen Premium Leather Fabric Bean Bag

The premium fabric of the Casa Copenhagen Bean Bag adds a touch of style and comfort to your living room. It offers the most comfortable seating and lounge. The quality of the zipper handles, and fillers are exceptional. It is made of soft fabric and features premium stitching.

9. ComfyBean Bean Bag Combo

10. TUD Classic XXXL Bean Bag

Featuring a contemporary style and teardrop shape, the bean bag comes in a bright red and black color combo. It is an attractive and functional bean bag that is delivered to you in a pre-filled condition which saves you the hassle of manual assembling. The puffiness is very impressive and lasts for a long time even with regular usage. It is made of smooth leather fabric which is easy to clean.

The premium-looking oversized brown leatherette bean bag by Eco Eats requires no assembly. Use it as a recliner in the living room or office and sink into the plush comfy sofa. Special quality threads make it long-lasting even with rough use.

How to choose the right bean bag?

Consider the following parameters when buying bean bags.

1. Size = Bean bags are available in many sizes to choose from based on your requirement. Common sizes include XL, XXL, and XXL.

2. Cover Texture = Surface cover is available in a variety of finishes. Suede or leather fabrics are popular because they offer a premium look and feel.

3. Filler Material = Check if the bean bag is pre-filled or if it needs to be done manually. In addition, the quality of the filler material decides how long the fluff of the bean bag will last.

4. Maintenance = Check whether the cover of the bean bag is washable. In addition, a cover with a smooth finish is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

                         Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can you wash bean bags with beans?

No, beans are absorbent particles and lose their fluff when they come in contact with water. It is advisable not to completely submerge them in water as the zipper gap can allow water to seep in.

2. Is sitting on a bean bag healthy and good for the back?

Bean bags provide a flexible seating arrangement as they change shape according to the pressure applied. As long as you are in an upright position without leaning too much, sitting on a bean bag is comfortable and healthy.

You will already be excited to have a nice and comfortable bean bag. Not only are they easy to use and carry around, but they also come at an attractive price compared to other sofa and lounge furniture. We hope you bring home the right product as per your taste and requirement.

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