10 Best High-Speed Ceiling Fans in India For 2022

Ceiling fan is one of the main electronic machines that you should have in your home. If you live in India, you must have a fan, as the weather here is hot for most of the year. Apart from cooling, the ceiling fan also gives a stunning look to your home.

When compared with individual fans, ceiling fans are the best as they are powered by an unreliable engine that powers them to turn at different rates and they are evenly spaced in every part of your room. can carry air.

Buying a ceiling fan may sound simple but you will be surprised to know that some ceiling fan companies in India are not trustworthy. This implies that if you’re not careful, you could end up spending your money on a gadget that won’t work as you believe.

A ceiling fan is a perfect answer for all seasons. A ceiling fan is one such device that you will find in many households in India, irrespective of the district. It is one of those unusual tools that are used for more than ten months in a year.

Thus, choosing the best ceiling fan in India can be somewhat interesting. That is why we have included in this article the 10 best ceiling fans on the market to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Following are the best and most stylish ceiling fans in India which are available in online as well as offline markets.

Here is the list of the best Indian ceiling fans, we have done the research so you don’t have to.

1. Atomberg Fan

One of the best ceiling fans under Rs. The Atomberg Aficio Ceiling Fan with 4000, Remote Control, and BLDC Motor saves on both your monthly electricity bill and budget. A product designed and manufactured by the alumni of IIT Bombay, it is the result of engineering with efficiency. However, if you’re still not sold on it, here are some Atomberg coupons and offers.


With zero humming noise and a BLDC motor, this fan runs like butter.

Very low power consumption even when working at full speed.

The blades are made of aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about rust.
Additionally, the 1200 mm blades circulate cool air throughout the room (144 sq. ft. room).

There’s also a remote that can be used to set a timer, control the speed, and put the fan on sleep mode or boost mode.

2. Orient Electric Aeroquiet

As far as I remember, Orient fans have been around. This high-speed ceiling fan from the brand is of premium quality and makes for a stunning decorative piece with a powerful motor for superior performance and great aerodynamics.


A great design to start with, this fan has a perfect combination of a high-efficiency motor resulting in maximum airflow.

The aerodynamically designed blades are quite advanced as they ensure silent operation with maximum air throw.

The blades are also rust-free.

The fan comes with an 8-pole heavy motor with double ball bearings for a smooth and silent operation even at high speeds.

It is very energy efficient, the fan will save you 40% energy consumption compared to other fans.

3. Havells Nicola

If the look can kill, so can a fan of Havells’ Nicola. It’s rare to match an aesthetically pleasing design and performance, but Havells has made it happen. It scores equally well on durability, reliability, and longevity. The color combinations will complement the interior of your room, and it is impossible not to go unnoticed. To add a cherry on the top here are some Havells offers and discounts.


A highly efficient motor ensures a steady and effective airflow, and you can feel the air circulation in every corner of your room.

It has a unique canopy design and uses 68 watts of power.

Even at low voltage, the fan performs quite well.

The design is contemporary and fits into any modern interior.
The blades are sturdy and made of stainless steel, so rust isn’t a problem.

You can get this three-blade fan in various configurations such as 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, and 1400mm to suit the size of your room.

4. Crompton Uranus

A prolific fan of the trusted brand Crompton will add a touch of royalty to your home. Aesthetics and utility along with performance come into play balanced with fans of the Crompton Uranus range.


Committed to muted, efficient performance without compromising on the elegance factor, the Crompton Uranus consistently throws air throughout the room.

With four blades, the sweep of this fan is quite wide, and you get cool air even in the corners.

The three lampshades are a work of fine artistry and have a 320 rpm motor that works efficiently in air circulation.

There is a 4-speed setting option with a sturdy hanging rod. Power consumption is 72 watts.

5. Usha Diplomat

Usha has gained the reputation of being the most popular and best ceiling fan brand in India. A household name in India, Usha has been a leader in the industry and is unquestionably one of the most affordable and sustainable brands in India. Usha Diplomat is an affordable product without compromising on performance.


Usha Diplomat stands for Simpleton – this is a fan with classic three-blade design that is powder coated for that dazzling and eye-catching look.

The blades are mounted at a high lift angle and provide a consistent and wide air throw.

It can perform quite well even at low voltages and has four-speed settings.

Usha products are reliable and durable, so there is nothing to worry about. It consumes 74 watts of power with 1200 mm sweep.

6. Luminous Dhoom

Another great high-speed ceiling fan on this list is the Luminous Dhoom 1200mm. At an affordable price with modest designer touches, the Luminous Dhoom scores equally on the parameters of price, looks, and performance.


Your search for a fan with a clean and straightforward design with a dramatic touch at an affordable price will end with a Luminous Dump.

The blades are aerodynamically designed to provide maximum airflow and are non-corrosive.
You also don’t have to worry about the performance of the fan when the voltage is low.

The motor is powerful and can generate 380 rpm even at low voltage.

The airflow is extensive, and you feel the cool air in all corners of the room. Moreover, it is arguably the best ceiling fan under Rs 2000.

7. Crompton Aura

Crompton isn’t a designer brand, but it has a wonderful fan following for the minimalist lover, too. Another affordable fan in this segment that is both reliable and durable, you will love this if you are a fan of simple things and high performance. The price tag is also quite affordable as the ceiling fan is under Rs.2000.


With a powerful 370 RPM double ball-bearing motor, you get cool air widely distributed throughout the room at a uniform speed.

It has three smooth-ended aluminum blades that offer a sweep of 1200mm.

The design is simple, and the power consumption is 75 watts.

Easy to clean, lightweight, and with a durable hanging rod, this is the perfect fan if you are looking for a fan on a budget.

8. Bajaj New Bahar

Ceiling fans from Bajaj stand out with their superior style, performance, durability, and affordability. People will buy Bajaj products without blinking an eye, and that is the reputation of the brand. Not only does it offer the product in an affordable range, but it also has a variety of premium designers. Here are some additional Bajaj discounts on this product.


Air distribution and speed are two factors that the fan is famous for.

The blades are ribbed and bent at the ends to emit maximum air and the motor works on a quick start torque mechanism, making it powerful.

The blades are rust-free and powder-coated for a shiny and classy look.

It consumes 73 watts of power. Also as per the reviews, it is one of the best ceiling fans under Rs.2000.

9. Crompton HS Plus

If power saving is on your list but you don’t want to burden your pocket either, then the HS Plus from Crompton is the best ceiling fan under Rs 3000. It comes with BEE 5-star rating. A minimalistic design and simple look complement this power-saving fan, saving you both when buying a fan and on future electricity bills.


This fan has a sturdy and durable structure with rust-free blades.

It provides better air circulation, and a double ball-bearing motor with 320 RPM power makes this fan the obvious choice.

It operates on 53 watts of power. Even at low voltage, the fan performs well and makes no noise.

It also comes with five-speed settings to deliver the cool breeze you need. The blades are ribbed and work at 1200mm.

10. Orient Electric 

A ceiling fan is considered the best in the range of Rs. The 4000, with its highly stylish looks and outstanding performance, is the eye-time from Orient.


The aerodynamically designed fan with a superbly powerful BLDC motor delivers excellent performance even when running continuously.

With a power consumption of just 32 watts, this fan will reduce your electricity bill. Good news, isn’t it?

It comes with remote control as well to make controlling speed easy.

It has a five-year warranty, so investing in this premium fan has its benefits.

Last word

Ceiling fans are used on a daily basis, so you should choose a fan wisely. It is advisable to avoid going for cheap options as they may not be very durable, resulting in loss of money and comfort. While we really love Usha and Orpat fans, you are free to choose any of the fans mentioned above as they all are excellent in terms of quality and durability.

questions to ask

Which is the best brand for a ceiling fan?

Some of the best brands for ceiling fans are Usha, Havells, Orient, Atomberg, and Crompton. Apart from cooling, these fans also give a wonderful look to your room.

Which is the most reliable ceiling fan?

In countries like India, where temperatures are moderate, hot, and cold, the best thing a person can do is rely on a fan for some comfort. The most trusted ceiling fan brands are Usha, Havells, Crompton, Orpat, and Bajaj.

Which ceiling fan is best for cooling?

The ceiling fan models that provide the best cooling and comfort are:

Usha Bloom Magnolia Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Shiny Jaipur Tamra Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan

atomberg energy-saving 1200mm ceiling fan

Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan

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