10 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands In India 2022

The best kitchen appliances, such as the best fireplace, are essential for the best cooking experience. Kitchens are used extensively in Indian homes, and most of our meals and dishes use oil-based cooking. That is, dirt and oil will remain on the walls of the kitchen. In addition to destroying the walls, it also creates a chaotic environment in which to cook. With chimneys, you can solve our problems. This essay about the best chimneys in India can help you in this regard.

Kitchen chimneys are simple devices that collect and remove oil particles and other undesirable things during the cooking process. This saves time and protects the walls of the kitchen. It also makes cooking cleaner and more refreshing. It is one of the essential tools while cooking.

That’s why we bring you the best Chimneys in India. The Buying Guide provides detailed information to help you understand the product better and make the right decision.

Kitchen chimneys are an important part of the kitchen and they should be chosen carefully. Several factors should be considered before choosing a fireplace.

First of all, one must consider the look and shape of the kitchen fireplace. Some cooks prefer a traditional British design or even a metal version that looks more modern. Once this factor is selected, it should decide how much space the kitchen occupies. A low-profile style stove takes up less space, but it also has less cooking power than a faster design—meaning it will take longer to cook. Ultimately, one should decide whether they need an electric or gas-powered stove before making a decision about which type of fireplace to buy.

A kitchen chimney is a common cooking appliance used to remove heat and smoke from an oven, stovetop, or cooktop. It can also be used for ventilation purposes.

Are you looking for the best fireplace in India? Read through this article!

1. Elica Chimney

Give an elegant look to your kitchen interior with Elica Filterless Kitchen Chimney. It provides a hassle-free cooking experience by eliminating fumes and strong aromas that affect your health.


Air suction capacity = 1200CMH
speed level = adjustable
control panel = touch
power saving = moderate
Warranty = 1 year on product, 5 years on motor

Features to watch

Heat auto-clean technology
2 High Efficient LED Lamps
ergonomic heating pad
motor sensor technology


Stylish, elegant, and rust-free design
simple and easy to operate
Highly safe and low power consumption

2. Faber Kitchen Chimney

Experience a filterless chimney by buying from the Faber brand. This model helps trigger smoke, and fumes and keep the kitchen environment clean. With one-touch controls, it enables ease of operation with just one touch and makes your kitchen hood an easy and simple product to use.


Air Suction Capacity = 1200 CPH
speed level = 3
control panel = touch
power saving = yes
Warranty = 1 year

Features to watch

Motion sensor included
black tempered glass
Thermal auto-cleaning function
Comes with Filterless Technology


powerful motor suction power
Best for heavy frying and grilling
Suitable for small to medium-sized kitchens

3. Faber Auto- Clean Kitchen Chimney

This Faber Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney comes with an auto-cleaning function to make the cleaning process easier for housewives. The motor is placed inside the chimney making it easy to dissipate air and smoke effectively. Plus, the 3-speed settings allow you to control the device at your convenience.


Air Suction Capacity = 880CMH
filter type = cassette filter
Control Panel = Push Button Type
power saving = moderate
Warranty = 1 year, 5 years on motor

Features to watch

separate button for illumination
metal blower and high-capacity motor
Comes with the wall-mounting mechanism


Removes debris in the kitchen
strong suction power
low maintenance cost
provides the highest performance

4. Elica Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

This Elica Wall-Mount Kitchen Chimney is a great combination of aesthetics and performance. In addition, it has amazing features like LED lights that illuminate the cooking space, push buttons to control the device, and cassette filters to remove stains.


Air Suction Capacity = 880CMH
filter type = cassette filter
Control Panel = Push Button Type
power saving = moderate
Warranty = 1 year, 5 years on motor

Features to watch

Electric Type Chimney Model
made of stainless steel material
160 Watt Annual Power Consumption


great value for money
Suitable for 2-4 burner stoves
classic and attractive design
Provides unmatched illumination

5. GLEN Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Glen Curved Glass Chimney is a process to remove bad odor from kitchen interiors. It can be cleaned effectively with minimal manual effort. And the 150W motor ensures strong suction. Strong suction power spreads the smoke out of the pans and the LED lamp illuminates the cooking area.


Air Suction Capacity = 1050CMH
speed level = 3
Control Panel = Touch with Motion Sensor
power saving = yes
Warranty = 1 year

Features to watch

Made of durable stainless steel material
smart motion sensor technology
curved toughened glass
stainless steel oil collector


makes little noise
Comes in premium black color
Makes the kitchen space odorless

6. Whirlpool Kitchen Chimney

Whirlpool kitchen chimney is a great addition to your kitchen space that will enhance the design. It is designed to meet your needs as your health is affected by constant exposure to smoke and strong odors. Moreover, it offers a power-packed performance with the integration of smart features like touch function, motion sensor, and more.

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Air Suction Capacity = 1100CMH
Speed ​​Level: Right=On, Left-Off
filter type = baffle
control panel = touch
power saving = moderate
Warranty = 1 year, 10 years on motor

Features to watch

Advanced auto-clean function
Comes with a LED Lamp
motion sensor technology


high-efficiency kitchen fireplace
Keeps kitchen interior smoke and oil-free
hassle-free cooking experience

7. Hindware Kitchen Chimney

Give a premium look to your kitchen space with Hindware’s Chimney. They are made of high-quality material to withstand high temperatures and also provide best-in-class ventilation. This device allows you to cook without smoke, thanks to its unique blend of futuristic design and cutting-edge technology.


Air suction capacity = 1200CMH
speed level = 3
Control Panel = Smart Feather Touch
power saving = yes
Warranty = 1 year, 5 years on motor

Features to watch

stainless steel oil collector
motion sensing technology
made of durable metal
Filterless technology with LED lamps


high suction power
produces little or no noise
easy to operate by hand
Suitable for frying and roasting


8. Eurodomo Chimney

Eurodomo Chimneys are one of the best kitchen chimneys in India due to their maximum suction feature. Chimney speed, LED lights and auto-clean features are all easily controlled with these push buttons. In addition, oil and residue are pushed to collect inside the baffle filter.


Air Suction Capacity = 1050CMH
Speed ​​Level = Adjustable 3 Settings
filter type = baffle
control panel = push button
power saving = moderate
Warranty = 1 year, 5 years on motor

Features to watch

Equipped with 2 LED lights
black color glass material
front push button
user-friendly touch panel


stylish and elegant body
smoke and dust-free cooking
removes odor instantly
tempered glass chamber

9. Inalsa Filterless Chimney

This Inalsa fireplace adds a contemporary touch to your kitchen by simplifying the cleaning task with auto-clean technology. The sticky oil particles deposited inside are kept in the oil collector, which can be easily cleaned. This further minimizes human contact while cleaning the equipment. Overall it is one of the best kitchen chimneys under 10000 due to its premium features that come at an affordable price.


Air suction capacity=1250CMH
speed level = 3
Control Panel = Digital Touch
power saving = yes
Warranty = 2 years, 7 years on motor

Features to watch

Thermal auto-clean function
Digital LED Display Unit
expandable pipe and hood
bee filter with oil collector


Wall Mounting Kitchen Chimney
curved glass design
Ideal for medium and heavy frying, grilling

10. BlowHot Kitchen Chimney

Enjoy the ultimate home cooking experience with Blowhot Chimney. By directing the smoke to the outlet, a high-quality baffle filter lifts away from the kitchen space. With the push of a button, Auto Clean Technology fixes your chimney cleaning problem. Use this feature to get rid of sticky oil particles.


Air suction capacity = 1200CMH
speed level = 3
Filter Type = Baffle, Cassette
control panel = touch
power saving = moderate
Warranty = 1 year, 12 years on motor

Features to watch

advanced motion sensing technology
high-efficiency copper motor
2 built-in LED lights


Provides smooth performance throughout use
Attractive design suitable for modern kitchen

Moving to a new home or just renovating your kitchen? Stepping into the market or online platform to buy the best kitchen chimney in India? If yes, hold on for a second because you are a consumer, and before you pay money for anything, especially electronic items, it should be your main responsibility that the product you are going to buy Well, inspect closely.

When you are going to buy the best kitchen chimney brand for your kitchen, here are 7 essential points to consider. So, why waste time doing second thoughts? Let’s get started, and see what 7 points to consider when searching for a kitchen fireplace.

It’s believed that eventually, you’ll know what you really need to make your kitchen smarter than ever. Let’s start:

1) It doesn’t make noise

There are many fireplaces that make a lot of noise and because of this, you can not hear what the people around you are talking about. So, in order to miss any chatter, make sure your fireplace is soundproof and doesn’t make any unnecessary noise.

2) It’s not extra-large

Examine the size of the fireplace you are buying and envision your kitchen space. If your fireplace is too big then it will not give a classy look to your kitchen. So, if you don’t want to disrupt the luxurious structure of your kitchen, check the size of the fireplace you are going to pay for.

3) Indicator or buzzer

The indicator or buzzer reminds you about the service that the filter needs after a gap of a few months. You can check the time period of the product yourself, it will tell you how many months you need to approach the cleaning process.

4) Detachable oil collector

There are many chimneys that do not have an oil collector and due to this oil gets deposited in the form of stains on the walls of your kitchen. The oil collector is detachable, and you can clean it very easily. So, take a look around the chimney, and ask the person if it includes a detachable oil collector. If not then you should think about your decision once again.

5) Suction Power

One of the most important factors that you should consider when you are out to buy a kitchen chimney is the suction power of the chimney.

6) Auto-clean chimney

Would you like to have a fireplace in your kitchen that you need to clean from time to time? no right? Technology has been kind to us, and hence smart chimneys come with an auto-clean functionality that has a self-cleaning functionality. During the cleaning process, it cleans all the oil particles and smoke particles from the kitchen, and with the help of the suction power, it ultimately gives you a clean kitchen as well. The included oil tray fills with oil, and the grease and filter drain them out.

Hence, it is good to choose a fireplace with the auto-cleaning feature as you or your family members or guests would hate to see a dirty kitchen.

7) Chimney Price

Another most important factor is the price. Because if you will spend a good amount, and you will not get a good chimney then it will be completely your loss. So, before you make any transaction to buy a chimney, make sure that you are buying the right one.

types of kitchen chimneys

1) wall-mounted kitchen fireplace

Kitchen chimneys that are installed, and fit against the ceiling of the kitchen and the wall of your kitchen, are considered wall-mounted chimneys. These chimneys are attached to the wall and do not require any additional support.

2) Auto-clean Chimney

The Auto-Clean Chimney, as its name implies, cleans itself, taking away all the oil particles present on it.

3) In-built Chimney

Built-in or in-built chimneys are integrated inside the kitchen. They are highly economical and can be said to be fit at the time of refurbishment.

4) Island Chimney

Kitchen island chimneys are used in kitchens where the cooking platform is centrally located. They are simply hung on the ceiling of the wall.

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands

 1. Elika

When it comes to buying a chimney brand, Elica is one of the best. Elica kitchen appliances are most popular across the country and have been providing excellent services for an era.

2. Hindware

Hindware Chimneys never fail to keep their customers satisfied, the quality of their chimneys, their products, the features in the chimneys everything is amazing.

3. Faber

Faber Chimneys are again one of the oldest kitchen chimney manufacturing brands which have been in the industry for an era now. If you want to buy the most quality-proven fireplace, you should go with this.

4. Eurodomo

Eurodomo was not so popular in the kitchen appliances industry before, but ever since people started using its products, they are using it a lot because the chimneys are advanced, and integrated with the best features.

4. kandra

If you are looking for a fireplace that has super noise cancellation power, go with the Glen Kitchen Chimney.

FAQs about Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

Is it okay to use a fireplace inside the kitchen?

Yes, if you do not want to see a smoky or oily atmosphere in your kitchen, then you must use a chimney. If you do not have a good quality chimney inside your kitchen, then you will face many problems like cleaning oil stains, smoky particles, etc.

Are kitchen chimneys too expensive?

No. If you are going to buy a chimney from the most popular brands like Elica, then it might charge you a bit as it has some advanced features which can also be an interesting factor for you. So, it completely depends on your preference.

Are built-in kitchen chimneys beneficial?

If you’re not planning on shifting your home in the future, then yes, they are. Built-in kitchens are best for those who don’t want to clean or replace the chimney frequently. They can simply get a built-in chimney that includes an auto-cleaning feature.

Which Chimney Brand is Best?

It depends on what features you are looking for under which budget. There are many popular brands like Elica, Glen, Euorodomo, and more.

Which is the best type of kitchen chimney?

Wall-mounted chimneys are best because they don’t take up much space in your kitchen, and hang over the burners. It is easy to disassemble, and the oil collectors can be easily cleaned.


Mentioned above is the complete guide on the best kitchen chimney in India. Now you would know which one is best for you. We hope that you will choose the right one.

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