Best Kitchen Trolley in India

A kitchen trolley, which is made of good quality ingredients, is a serving and storage cart. Kitchen trolleys usually have two sections in which food or other kitchen jars are stored. The kitchen trolley has wheel casters which makes it easy to move the trolley around. A portable kitchen trolley can also be moved to different parts of the house, such as the dining room and patio.

Kitchen Trolleys provide extra space in the kitchen with their wide and luxurious design of trolleys. These are used for vegetable trolleys as well as serving trays for guests. There are many different ways you can use it. You can use the trolley as a wine bar, nightstand, bathroom accessories trolley, etc.

Features of Kitchen Trolley

It has a distinct feature that enhances its functionality and benefits.

It has more than one section in which you can store additional accessories.

Each joint of the trolley is welded to perfection so that it does not hurt or damage anything or anyone.

Sharp edges can bite us, which is why some trolley parts have a high-quality coating and finishing.

It can also turn into a guest-serving tray in which you can decorate snacks and brunch items.

It consists of good quality stainless steel material,
Which is strong, durable, and powerful. It also has caster wheels which make it portable.

types of kitchen trolley

There are different types of kitchen trolleys based on their material.
These types include stainless steel kitchen trolleys and wooden kitchen trolleys.

These are also divided according to their classes.

It usually consists of more than one section.

Two- and three-layer trolleys are in great use.

There are also four layered trolleys which prove to be very useful for the owner.

These trolleys can also be used for various purposes like wine bars, bathroom accessories holders, small libraries, etc.

How to use a kitchen trolley

It is quite easy to use as the trolley is fitted with caster wheels.
You can place it in any corner you want.
To store vegetables and fruits you have to put paper first and then put vegetables and fruits on it.
You can also store other kitchen accessories like spice jars, pasta packets, cereal packets, utensils, etc in the kitchen trolley.

List of Top 10 Best Kitchen Trolleys in India

1. RAJ CREATION 5 Layer Plastic Multi-Purpose Kitchen Trolley

RAJ CREATION 5 Layer Modular Kitchen Trolley

Raj Creations here is one of the best products that you can get in the market. It is amazing to see the stylish lookout and the various layers it provides to keep things in check. In India, people often struggle a lot with their disorganized kitchen.

On the other hand, a country is a place of fast working people, and the kitchen has to be efficient and productive with high rates to provide maximum output. This 5-Layer Plastic Kitchen Trolley is all you want to increase your speed in the kitchen.


The main dimensions of the trolley are .5″ L x 5″ W x 40″ H inches.
It comes with a special design and is of white color.
The racks are great at lifting weights up to 20kg.
There are five such shelves available in the trolley.
This modular kitchen trolley can be moved through areas with rolling wheels.


It saves you a lot of space.
The product design is very versatile.
You can use the trolley in places with minimal effort.


It is not resistant to dust.
The white color fades away easily.
Why do we recommend it?

This is a great-looking trolley with amazing durability. It can easily withstand tough stress and force. If you don’t need all the sections, you also have the option of opening them into pieces and storing them.

2. Kurtzy Metal 4 Layer Space Saving Storage Organizer Rack Shelf

Next on our list is one of the simplest-looking kitchen trolleys you can own. If you are looking for something classic, that can help you, and on the other hand, it can save you a lot of money.

You can choose this trolley which goes for one of those expensive and fancy trolleys. The body of this product is made of high-quality anti-corrosion steel. With this, you also get a set of four wheels.

The wheel is also made of hard plastic material and has excellent durability.


The dimensions of the trolley are 82 x 30 x 12 cm; 4.31 kg
You get steel as the main backbone of this trolley.
Anyone can install it without any tools.
You also get the facility to remove the baskets as per the usage.
It comes in white color with a net-like appearance.


The two wheels are lockable.
You can clean it easily.
Kitchen trolley wheels have 360-degree rotation.


Although they say that an installation is easy, it can be difficult to assemble.
Why do we recommend it?

The rollers are very free to use. You can easily move the trolley and move it to the place you want to take it. The two wheels are lockable at your will, which gives you added benefits.

3. Everex Stainless Steel Fruits & Vegetable Trolley For Kitchen

EverEx Stainless Steel Fruits Vegetable Kitchen Trolley

The special trolley seen here is made of a special design which is made of stainless steel.

It also has a great chrome finish. This trolley is the best if you need a normal size and a fancy look at the same time. It can be used for various purposes and is basically made up of 3 shelves.

All the baskets seen here are very dark in regards to the contents. This is a great feature that makes it better than all other trolleys for the kitchen. This deep space allows you to store heavier and larger materials on the shelf.


Product dimensions are 38 x 25 x 54 cm.
It comes in 3 levels.
The trolley has special finishing.
You can use it to hold pots, fruit, and even jars.
You get a strong grip on the bottom.


The finish of the product is very good.
You have deep baskets.
Water does not collect on the shelves.


The trolley is not movable.
You cannot store particles of very small size.
Why do we recommend it?

The luster of the metal is amazing to behold. It comes with a sleek design that does not allow water to accumulate and hence you can be sure that your food items will not spoil.

This kitchen trolley is also good with a firm grip on the ground and can be an advantage if you want it for support in the kitchen.

4. Radoost® Stainless Steel Mesh Multipurpose Storage Perforated Trolley

If you are looking for strength in some roles, then this is the best option for you. Strong stainless steel bars are very efficient in providing you with strength.

It can be used for purposes like storing fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, the color is metallic or silver, so it gives your kitchen a good overall look.


The dimensions of the trolley are 11 x 12 x 16 cm.
Made of 100% stainless steel.
It’s easy to install, and you can collapse it wherever you want.
You get three-layer stands.
You have wheels with this kitchen trolley.


It is very wide.
The storage capacity of this product is very good.
The sticks are very thick.


It comes in medium height.
The shelves are not easy to remove.
Why do we recommend it?

The rods used for support are very nice and strong, and this makes it the best kitchen trolley with stability. It is very efficient with its space and can help provide you with

the extra storage that you might need.

5. Haus Alchemy Alloy Steel Storage Rack

You cannot get a better-looking and attractive kitchen trolley than this. Most likely, this is the most luxurious-looking trolley, and it is perfect for modern homes.

There is a rear body made of two stainless steel rods which can give you extra durability.

The other three themselves are plain, white, and glossy. All of these are attached to the body and give extra stability. This is a great storage option when you don’t have enough space in the kitchen.


Sleek design with a special look.
Large weight handling capacity up to 90 kg.
43 x 34 x 85 cm in dimensions.
Comes with rollers for movement.
It has three levels that can be customized as an overview.


This product takes up less space.
It has a unique design.
You can also use it as a side stand in your room.


It was a bit expensive.
If you are looking for a large trolley for the kitchen, this is not ideal.
Why do we recommend it?

The design of this product is unique. It is absolutely out of the box, which makes it very special. Even it takes very little place to stay. On the other hand, it looks so cool that you can even use it in your room. It is a modern-looking trolley to be precise.

6. Kruvad Kitchen Trolley Portable Modern Storage Rack Design Fruits & Vegetables

An amazing kitchen trolley from Indian manufacturers. You can get premium-quality content from the company along with good customer service.

The kitchen trolley is made of stainless steel and has 4 different layers. If you want an average size to hold things like potatoes and onions, this might be a perfect choice for you.

It is completely free of rust and corrosion, so you can rest easy and trust the product with durability.


Dimensions 38.1 x 21.59 x 73.66 cm.
Comes with rollers for easy movement.
4 layers of shelves.
Metallic gray in color.
Attractive design with rust-free material.


easy to install.
The distance between the two layers is good.
Provides easy solutions for placing things.


The main rod can be easily damaged.
Why do we recommend it?

The main highlighting feature seen with this trolley is the space between the layers. This means you can store even larger-sized jars, and there is no problem with taking them out.

On the other hand, it’s eBay to set up and process you with a good amount of space in your kitchen.

7. SEVVY 3 Tier Metal Mesh Rolling Cart Storage Shelving Kitchen Trolley

Here’s something out of the ordinary and something with eye-catching color. You get this trolley in Royal Black color.

The sturdy metal frame can easily support a weight of up to 20 KG. There is also something special with its strength and grip. You get a special grip to hold onto the main stand.

It is completely water resistant; So you can be sure of using it in difficult situations. The bottom caster wheel on the stand makes it an easy-to-use device. You get three deep baskets for use.


The main dimensions are 8 x 62 x 28 cm.
It comes in deep black color with a glossy finish.
You have two bars to hold the baskets.
Comes with 3 shelves.
All the shelves have a mesh-like design that allows air to pass through easily.


The metal mesh is amazing.
It supports heavy weight.
The black color on the trolley looks good.


Not as good with the depth of the baskets.
Separating is a difficult task.
Why do we recommend it?

Trolley gets its recommendation because of the royal color. It looks amazing with its glossy black color. In total you get three shelves; So it’s not a bad option to go for. Also, the durability is good according to the customer regarding the product.

8. Living Bamboo 3 Layer Storage Organizer Rack with Wheels

A fan of natural things? Here is the perfect trolley for you. The trolley mentioned here has a buildup that is made of bamboo wood.

There are very limited such products in the market which go for products other than steel and iron, and this is one of them. It is an eco-friendly product made from bamboo and can provide a touch of natural beauty to your kitchen.

Bamboo Trolley for Kitchen is a miracle of nature with amazing features.


The basic dimensions are 40 x 15 x 82 cm.
You get a designed bamboo wooden trolley.
This product has three layers.
The height of the shelves is adjustable.
Easy to assemble and comes with rollers.


Completely eco-friendly.
height adjustable.
Odorless and water resistant.


They don’t carry a lot of weight.
Why do we recommend it?

A product that is completely eco-friendly should be appreciated. We would recommend it for two reasons. The first is its physical quality, and the second is its vintage natural classy look. It can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen.

9. LiMETRO STEEL Stainless Steel 4 Layer Kitchen Trolley

A small compact device for use here. Not only in the kitchen, but you can also use the trolley in the bathroom and other such places.

The main attraction is the compact size. You get deep baskets with a firm attachment. Suppose you are concerned about the limited space in your kitchen and want a nice extended space for your stuff, then this space is suitable for you.

There are four shelves, so you have plenty of room to store your stuff. It is made of durable stainless steel.


The dimensions of the product are 30 x 30 x 20 cm.
The main material is durable steel.
It has 4 shelves to give you more room for your perishables.
You have options to remove sleeves according to your need.
Comes with rollers and is ideal for multiple uses.


compact design.
It has a good number of shelves.
It can be adjusted in a limited space.


Not good with stability.
The main support is fragile.
Why do we recommend it?

It is actually very compact in design. Plus, you get four different baskets, and that’s more than any of the listed kitchen trolleys. You can easily place it in limited space, and multiple layers help you to store it easily, making more space available for you.

10. Swadhin 3 Layer Fruit and Vegetable Kitchen Trolley

A great trolley with great looks is present here. Rod is cool with its heavy metal-plated baskets.

You can easily store vegetables and other items in this kitchen trolley. It is made of stainless steel and is very good with durability. The metal stands are shiny and look very pleasing.

Even the steel used is of premium-grade quality metal. You can even find it useful in storing daily use crockery and other such items. When you don’t need it, it can be easily folded and set aside for further use.

There are many other features, such as the price range, that make the product more attractive.


The dimensions are 16 x 9 x 22 cm.
This modular kitchen trolley has 3 shelves.
All the shelves have small holes to stop the water.
Made of premium quality stainless steel.
Comes with additional polishing to make it shine.


The product has sturdy manufactured material.
Nice design with holes.
It looks very shiny.


Not good with rollers.
This kitchen trolley is a bit heavy.
Why do we recommend it?

Seeing the kitchen trolley, you will be attracted to it. It shines due to the metallic finish. On the other hand, the product is durable.

If you are looking to have a trolley in the average price range with a good design, this might be what you are looking for.


The kitchen trolley is a useful addition to your kitchen, providing extra storage for your kitchen accessories. Kitchen trolleys are durable, lightweight, portable, and sturdy. They can withstand a large amount of weight without breaking. There are 2 layered, 3 layered, and 4 layered kitchen trolleys. You can choose the trolley size that fits you well.

Questions to ask

How do you maintain the kitchen trolley?

The best maintenance technique is to wipe the kitchen trolley with a dry or damp cloth. You should also keep it in a dry and ventilated place so that it does not rust.

Which material is good for a modular kitchen?

Stainless steel is the best material.

What is the price range of steel trolleys?

The average price range of stainless steel trolleys is 1000 INR to 1600 INR.

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