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Gone are the days of suitcases and briefcases and the difficulties of carrying them in your hands while traveling. The trend of the 21st century is the backpack, a hands-free option for a lightweight and hassle-free day out. A backpack has become a go-to option for school, trek, travel bag, laptop bag, and many other activities in everyday life. However, due to the many types of backpacks and the plethora of options available for each type, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. We present to you a short list of the best-selling backpacks in India. We have classified these on the basis of price ranges, features, usage, and features to help you make an informed decision to suit your needs.

Check out the top 10 backpacks in India. This list has been compiled as per the latest online trends and our detailed research. Browse through these products: Compare prices, read specifications and reviews, view photos, and share the best prices with your friends. The top 10 product list is a great way to know the popular products in the Indian market. Most Trending College Backpack Backpacks in India Abstra Black King Laptop Backpack

                                The 10 Best Backpacks In India

1. American Tourister Backpacks


American Tourister Backpacks, the world’s most preferred luggage brand, offers affordable backpacks that are stylish, high quality, travel friendly, and durable.

You get multiple compartments and side pockets to fit all your basic needs

If you want the backpack to be laptop friendly, you can check out the American Tourister 27 Liter Gray Casual Backpack which comes with a separate laptop compartment.

You can look for features like water resistance, gunmetal finish pullers, and zipper closure style

They are quite lightweight and come with great shoulder padding which makes them a breeze

American Tourister Backpacks are generally smaller, and their graphics design has made them popular as a school bag brand.

2. Skybags Backpacks

Among the most popular backpack companies, Skybags is a renowned international brand from the house of VIP Industries of India. Lightweight, durable and stylish, Skybags range of bags and backpacks falls in the affordable range for most people.

Skybags offer durability at an affordable cost and hence are preferred by school-going and college-going youth
It comes in both zipper and drawstring compartment closure types
There are many designs available to choose from, including geometric, graphic, solid, and textured

You can get waterproof and semi-waterproof variants of the backpacks as per the requirement

Skybags are designed to be used as luggage bags, while Wildcraft backpacks are more of an outdoor necessity. In addition, Wildcraft backpacks cost less than Skybags and offer more rugged use. Hence, it is always a better option for those who do not want to bother about its usage.

3. Wildcraft Backpacks

Wildcraft, an Indian brand, offers a wide range of spacious and comfortable carry backpacks for school. College, official and recreational purposes. They are more durable with simple designs, making them a favorite college bag brand. Wildcraft backpacks come in a variety of popping colors that will easily take you from work to casual get-togethers or weekend rides.

They are compact, offer a variety of compartments, and are well padded with adjustable shoulder straps. The arms don’t hurt even if you take them for a long time.

One of the most popular bag companies in India, Wildcraft is known for its durable and long-lasting products

There is a side fabric pocket for carrying a water bottle and a quick-grab hall loop to hold it on the go.

Between American Tourister and Wildcraft Backpacks, if the price is the deciding factor, put your money on AT Backpacks. However, for more extended and varied use with just one bag, place your bet on the Wildcraft range of backpacks.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Backpacks

Tommy Hilfiger Backpacks are for those who love solid or print designs with classy style. The bags are carefully designed keeping in mind the functional utility and providing utmost comfort to the user. Color combinations are generally not so vivid.

Thick shoulder straps combined with a padded back cushion provide excellent comfort

Tommy Hilfiger backpacks are colorful yet classy and have a professional appeal

Compartment closure with durable zip to the drawstring
The brand claims that their backpacks are designed for rugged and rough use, so they are preferred by men who travel on a daily basis
Very durable material, so each Tommy Hilfiger backpack lasts longer

5. F Gear Casual Backpacks

F-Gear offers some amazing backpacks for men – which are not only stylish and trendy but can be used interchangeably for various purposes. You can keep your files and folders and even carry a laptop in the F Gear Backpacks.

You can choose between a casual backpack and a laptop bag, though most casual backpacks from the F Gear have laptop compartments as well.

F Gear backpacks are water resistant
Attractive color combinations and designs such as graphics, color blocking, and textures

Adjustable well-padded shoulder strap with flap, zip, or drawstring compartment closure

Come with a mesh pocket to hold a water bottle or umbrella
They mostly feature a single compartment with small pockets to keep other things

F-Gear Backpacks come with the promise of quality at affordable prices

6. Nike Backpacks

Nike backpacks are hard to ignore, given the fact that the brand logo is always flashy and hard to miss. A lot of Nike designs are inspired by the football gaming industry, so many football lovers will automatically be drawn to Nike Backpacks for Men.

Nike offers both the works and sports backpack in a single variant, without compromising on style and comfort

Spacious backpacks let you go for almost anything – carry everything you want in Nike Backbacks without worry

The brand offers eye-catching colorful backpacks ranging from solid, geometric, and color-blocked designs

Nike backpacks are lightweight, come with back padding and a top tote loop provides optional carrying options

Attractive colors and stylish look make it a top brand of bestselling backpacks in India

7. Fastrack Backpacks

Fastrack is a household name for college-going men and women and youth who look for value for money while enhancing their style quotient. Fastrack offers a good range of affordable backpacks with multiple features and attractive designs that appeal to the younger generation.

Fastrack backpacks are generally unisex so you can use them interchangeably

They specialize in school and college backpacks and are perfect for carrying books.

Some types come with laptop compartments, but many users have felt that the padding is light and unsuitable for laptops.
The provision for carrying the little gritty with mesh pockets inside and on both sides is a plus of Fastrack Backpacks

Fastrack Backpacks Aren’t Waterproof But Are Water Resistant

8. Gear Backpacks for Men

Another popular brand of backpacks for men, Gear has a wide array of functional backpacks to choose from. They come in various designs and appeal to different users at the utility level.

Gear backpacks are more vibrant and colorful with trendy motifs and designs that appeal to men who want to add a bit of style to an otherwise normal regular commute

Grab handles, and a dual adjustable back strap with anti-sweat fabric padding are some of the key features of Gear Backpacks.

You can choose from an array of designs with or without laptop compatibility and other utility pockets and features.

The price range is affordable, and they are reliable as well as durable

9. Puma Backpacks

Be it an adventure, gym, casual, or sports – Puma Backpacks has it covered for you. Puma as a brand has been associated with various sports, and sports gear is its specialty. No wonder puma backpacks for men are also sporty looking, chic, tough, and resistant.

They are designed with the vision that anything and everything can be stored in a backpack – so they provide ample space

Puma Backpacks are the perfect mix of space yet look compact and are easy to carry

Safety is a huge criterion for Puma. Backpacks for men are designed to be used reliably and without straps at all times when carrying heavy objects.

They come in popping colors and a variety of graphic and geometric designs

10. Harissons Backpacks

Harrison focuses on utility with style. You will find bags that look fashionable and also have abundant features which make them functional for today’s youth. The Harrison bag packs a USB port, headphone jack, inbuilt rain protector, and more. With a bag like this, rain or shine, you’ll always be ready.

Range of bags available from duffles, messengers, and even vintage models.

Good quality material should be strong as your daily companion.
Ample storage space and compartments for all your essentials so you never leave anything home.

Plus, you can buy bags online at a discounted price using Harrison’s Offers.

How To Choose The Best Backpacks In India

Choosing the right backpack can be of utmost importance as it will help you spend your day hands-free. Segmenting different backpacks based on your needs will help you find the right backpack for you!

Usage- There are many different backpacks available these days depending on your usage, from office backpacks to hiking backpacks for mountaineering with a dedicated section for your laptop and iPad.

Comfort = Keeping your comfort in mind, always choose a backpack that allows for ease of carrying with features like adjustable and padded shoulder straps, a padded hip belt, and general ease of use.

Space = The best backpack allows enough space for all the essentials that you need to carry on a daily basis without making the bag look bulky.

Durability = The durability of a backpack plays an important role in buying a good backpack. The backpack should last you a while and hence the material should be of good quality polyester which is most durable and will last through rough wear and tear.

Waterproof = Backpacks must be at least semi-proof waterproof to provide at least partial protection from water damage to the contents inside.

Style = Backpacks can add flair to your look if chosen well. Choosing colors and designs that are eye-catching will help make a style statement.

                            Frequently Asked Questions


Which is the most durable backpack brand?

American Tourister Backpacks, Skybags Backpacks, Wildcraft Backpacks
And Tommy Hilfiger Backpacks offer some of the most durable backpacks around.

What types of backpacks are in trend?

Backpacks come in a variety of styles for different age groups and purposes. Kids can find trendy backpacks with cartoon characters, while young adults can choose bold colors or classic ones according to their needs and occasion.

What are Smart Backpacks?

Smart backpacks allow you to charge your smartphone or laptop on the go. Some even include features like anti-theft zippers, built-in speakers, etc.

Which backpack is best for travel?

Backpacks from brands like Safari, Killer, American Tourister, Puma, Fastrack, etc. are best for travel.

What are the qualities of a good backpack?

The first and foremost quality of a good backpack is that it provides enough comfort to the wearer. Here are a few more that you should keep in mind when buying:

Must have adjustable shoulder straps

It should have a padded layer on the back to ensure maximum comfort

Must be made with high-grade material

Must be water resistant or at least have a rain cover

Must have utility pocket

Should rest at torso length or hip length

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