Top 10 Best Leggings Brands For Every Woman

It is not wrong to say that the league of fashion in the fashion industry is dominated by 80% of the items and daily wear available for women. Every season there is something new trendy combo option for women which offers quality as well as an easy carry option to enhance their beauty. The world is changing slowly so the combination partner for suits and Kurtis for women, pajamas with different designs are now as trendy as an old fashion and different sets of combinations are available as leggings are the new casual way for women. The best-rated quality of these leggings is elastic-based fittings and a unique color combination with a stretchable wardrobe range. Pajamas need to be replaced with comfortable fitting ones or we have to buy another to match the designer Kurti or top. Leggings don’t follow the same trend as the stretchable garment fits best without getting too busy. Leggings can be paired with different kurtas and tops for the right use, choosing leggings is an efficient and smart choice.

You are in a hurry but after reading the quality of Kurtis combinations, check out the best available options in the form of leggings in the list and choose the best.

Here is a list of best-selling leggings brands available in India.


List of 10 Best Leggings Brands in India

1 Biba


BIBA is one of the finest women’s apparel brands that has garnered a lot of attention due to its amazing products. It was established in the year 1988 by Meena Bindra and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Biba is a popular choice among every woman in the country due to its beautiful and unique clothing range. The brand has around 150+ outlets across the country, making it easy for everyone to buy clothes from Biba with ease. It also earned revenue of Rs.600 crores in the year 2014-2015 and has seen huge growth with each passing year.

The Biba Churidar Leggings are made from super soft cotton fabric which keeps you at ease all day long. You can find many churidars and straight leggings that you can choose from. The brand also makes leggings in a range of colors so you can easily mix and match them with different uppers. Since these leggings come with an elasticated waistband, you won’t have to worry about fit or comfort.

2. Lyra Lux

Lyra Lux

Lyra is one of the most popular women’s clothing brands in India which was established in the year 2012. Its products are manufactured by Ebell Fashions Pvt. Ltd. which is a Lux Group company. The brand is now called Lux ​​Lyrae and manufactures loungewear such as leggings, trousers, T-shirts, pajamas, and Indo-Western bottoms. Today it has a loyal customer base with a 38% market share in India.

Lyra Women Leggings are made from a blend of Cotton and Spandex which makes them extremely comfortable. These have a slim-fit design that gives a more flattering look to your legs, perfect to wear with long shirts and kurtis. Since these are ankle-length leggings, you can style them with both Indian and Western outfits. Here, you can also browse about the popular saree brands in India.

3. Global Desi

Global Desi Leggings

Global Desi is an influential and attractive apparel brand based in India. It was founded by renowned fashion designer Anita Dongre, who has several other labels under her name. The brand currently has 210 outlets across India and was launched in Mauritius in the year 2013. Its boho and chic clothes are adorned by women all over the world. The company is currently headquartered in Mumbai and continues to operate globally.

Global Desi leggings come in a variety of fits and colors so you can choose whatever suits your outfit. They are crafted with a blend of cotton and spandex to make them stretchy and comfortable to wear all day. Solid colors are flexible and won’t discolor or stain other fabrics when washed. You can easily wash these with other clothes in your washing machine.

4. W For Women

W for Women

W for Women is a respected clothing brand in India with top products. The brand was launched by Mr. Trilok Chand and Mr. Narendra Singh in the year 1972 under the company TCNS Company Limited. It started with a store in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, and was one of the first brands to have 24*7 e-commerce. commerce shop in India. It has many stores in India and has been successful in making its mark internationally as well. If you are on the lookout for quality women’s apparel that is extremely stylish, then W is a brand that you should definitely browse through.

The W For Women leggings are made of cotton fabric and have a somewhat relaxed fit, which keeps you at ease all day long. A slightly loose fit and solid colors add flair to your overall outfit and elevate your look even more. These leggings are easily available online or at their stores.

5. Saundarya

Leggings for Women

Soundarya is a brand that strives to make Indian fashion more comfortable and accessible to every woman in the country. You can find leggings, trousers, palazzos, and other loungewear under this brand. Due to its superior quality and durability, it is counted among the best leggings brands in India.

Soundarya leggings are crafted from super combed and stretchable cotton which is bio-wash, which makes them really soft and comfortable. It has a 4-way stretch that keeps the leggings super easy to wear and you don’t have to worry about adjusting them as they come with an elasticated waistband.

6. Go Colors

Go Colors

Go Colors is a great brand to check out if you are looking for ethnic Indian bottom wear in India. It is a sub-brand of Go Fashion India Pvt Ltd. Ltd. and is currently headquartered in Chennai, India. You can find a variety of chic and stylish undergarments that will go well with various tops and Kurtis.

Go Colors leggings come in a trendy, slim-fit design that matches perfectly with a variety of outfits. They are made of soft cotton fabric which is very breathable. The leggings have a mid-rise waistline that properly covers your back and creates a well-shaped silhouette. You can find many different fits under this brand.

7. BlissClub


A relatively new band, BlissClub has made a huge impact in the Indian fitness industry today! It is a women’s activewear brand that promotes an active lifestyle among people of all ages. The brand was founded by Minoo Margaret in the year 2020, when she felt frustrated by the lack of good quality activewear for every woman, regardless of their size. Its products are made to ensure that no woman feels uncomfortable while working out.

The BlissClub Ultimate Leggings are made with non-transparent, cloud-like fabric that feels super soft and comfortable. It comes with 3 pockets and 1 zipped pocket, which keeps your phone and wallet safe while exercising. The blend of 27% spandex adds more stretch to work as freely as you want. The high waist doesn’t roll down and gives you a more feminine silhouette at all times.

8. Dixcy Scott

Dixcy Scott


Dixie is a prominent name in the Indian market and we all have seen its advertisement on television or banner at least once in our life. It is known to produce high-quality hosiery products at very reasonable prices, making it accessible to every Indian. This brand is one of the most famous innerwear brands in India.

Dixie Scott churidar leggings are a great accompaniment to Kurtis or long shirts. They come with an elastic waistband that provides a snug fit around your waist. Since they come in free sizes, you don’t have to worry about them not fitting you.

9. Rupa


Roopa is an Indian innerwear and casual wear brand founded in 1985 by PR Agarwal, GP Agarwal, and KB Agarwal. It is one of the largest producers of innerwear, casual wear, and thermal wear in India. The brand has several projects like Softline, Euro, Macroman, John, Thermocoat, and Tornado.

Roopa Leggings are crafted from premium quality cotton and are quite thick to avoid any unwanted translucence. They come in 99 different colors to make sure you find something that complements your outfit. The leggings also feature 4D Stretch technology which makes them super stretchy and comfortable for performing various activities.

10. Globus



Globus Stores Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian retail company established in the year 1998 under the Rajan Raheja Group. The brand has a strong reputation in the market for its top-notch products and unmatched quality. It is currently headquartered in Mumbai, India, and operates smoothly throughout the country.

The Globus Embellished Leggings come with embellished beads on the sides to add a stylish edge. They have a slim-fit design to make your body appear in greater shape and make you feel more confident. Since they have a cropped length, you can style them with your favorite top to create a whole new outfit.

Difference Between Leggings and Jeggings

Some of the distinctive differences between leggings and jeggings are given below. Hope these facts help one to choose the right leggings and jeggings and identify the difference between them.

The difference in fittings between leggings and jeggings

Leggings are articles of clothing that are skin tight and spread the legs. Men just as ladies regularly wear them. Already, there would be a couple of leggings. One for every leg, although now there is only one piece of clothing that is to some degree joint pair.

Conversely, jeggings are essential for two kinds. One of these sorts is like legging material make and looks like denim. They have counterfeit pockets and even waistbands. The other class, be that as it may, is to a greater extent a combination of legging material and denim.

The ‘denim leggings’ are made of up denim texture yet have the flexibility of leggings. It is progressively similar to a superior blend. Leggings ended up celebrated when thin pants were sought after toward the start of the 21st century, .and after that individuals needed significantly more tight pants.

The difference in designs between leggings and jeggings

Jeggings had a denim/spandex mix and were worn under a skirt or sometimes under a dress. Moving on, the leggings are moved around so that they have pockets in the front. Others, in any case, are versatile belts and need pockets.

Leggings are thick and dark-colored hosiery that can be worn with jeans and dresses. They usually come in dark shading, and fall shades, and in some cases have similar finished examples. Stockings are thick tights and additionally often have a darker shade. They are intended to be worn in such a way that skin-tight jeans should be worn. Leggings are again structured in such a way that they take after tight pants. stitching is such that

The difference in material between leggings and jeggings

Moving on, jeggings are usually made of lightweight materials when contrasted with leggings, which are skin-tight stretchy denim. The leggings look like pants and have a button, a zip, and sometime real pockets as well. The front is designed to be elastic.


leggings come in a variety of colors as well as textures. They can be of polyester, lycra, nylon, cotton, etc. In winter, some people generally prefer acrylic stockings, while others prefer wool stockings. There are also people who would prefer to have cowhide stockings.

Leggings also come in different colors, but since they are stockings that are similar to skin-tight pants, they usually come in a variety of paint colors and schemes, for example, smoky, blue, dark, Torn, and so forth. They are totally as popular and totally agreed upon because of their tight-fitting.

There are very few differences between leggings and jeggings. But both make the look very beautiful. There is a need to choose the right brand and quality of leggings and jeggings and carry it properly.











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