Top 10 Best Popular Sunglasses Barand in India

Ever tried to set a trend but felt like your outfit was incomplete? Well, that missing accessory was a pair of subtle yet sparkly sunglasses.

Sunglasses aren’t just a way to protect your eyes from the sun—they can be a personal fashion statement and a fun accessory that complements your outfit.

The best sunglasses brands on the market are the ones that combine quality and style. Think Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples, and Prada, just to name a few.

Each of these top sunglasses brands produces first-class sunglasses that highlight hallmark designs, impeccable craftsmanship, durable materials, and high-quality lenses that give you 100% protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. provide.

So, whether you’re looking for a unique statement piece or a more classic look, you’re sure to find the right pair for your personality from one of the sunglasses brands listed below.

As far as fashionable eyewear is concerned, here is a list of the top 10 sunglasses to choose from.

1. Ray-Ban


Ray-Ban’s eyewear lineage speaks for itself. After nearly a century in business, the brand’s famed roster of sunglasses needs little introduction: Dylan’s Wayfarers, Maverick’s Aviators, Malcolm X’s Clubmasters. If you haven’t owned a pair of Ray-Ban’s always-in-style frames at some point in your life, now’s the time to correct that mistake, stat.

2. Persol

There’s a reason Persol’s frames have long been a favorite for pilots, Formula One drivers, and Hollywood royalty: The brand’s instantly recognizable design positively evokes old-school Italian elegance, compromising on the type of durability. without calls for a race track – or a red carpet -.

3. Oakley


Oakley is not an official sponsor of MLB, but it may be. Its performance-minded sunglasses have long been a favorite of the league’s most stylish stars, who have always lauded men’s clothing that is now only cotton: the brand’s distinctive, sports-inspired silhouette on anyone, anywhere. Looks great—whether you’re shugaring fly balls at the park or rolling your stuff down the street.

4. Carrera

Since its introduction in the ’50s, Carrera’s signature oversized shades have graced famous faces; The brand helped make Tony Montana a legend in Scarface and has been a perennial go-to for Tinseltown’s A-list ever since. Today, Carrera sells sunglasses designed to help you avoid the paparazzi (or look like someone who might have to).

5. Oliver Peoples



Oliver Peoples started life as a small boutique on Hollywood Boulevard, featuring vintage American shades. Since setting up shop in the late ’80s, the brand has grown into a serious contender in the eyewear space, churning out beautiful sunnies inspired by retro frames crafted from some of the highest quality materials in the world.

6. Moscot

LEMTOSH SUN Flesh side

For over five generations, Moscot has outfitted discerning New Yorkers—along with an increasingly global customer base—with eyewear that’d make its founder, the Belarusian immigrant Hyman Moscot, proud. The family-run NYC institution makes some of the best sunglasses in the game, and thanks to its expansive online presence you don’t have to be an expert on Lower Manhattan subway lines to get in on the action.

7. Warby Parker

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A little over a decade ago, Warby Parker sent Big Glasses into a panic with its promise of middleman-less, affordable eyewear made with the same standards as its luxury counterparts. In the years since, the DTC eyewear giant made good on its promise to upend the industry by expanding into sunglasses too, causing rival executives no small amount of headache and giving customers across the country plenty of reason to celebrate.

8. Randolph Engineering


Randolph Engineering has been the prime aviator plug for the Department of Defense since the ’80s. The company is still based in the small Massachusetts town it’s named for, and its sunglasses are still manufactured with the type of military-grade precision that’ll help your eyes withstand the everyday rigors of civilian life—and then some.

9. Jacques Marie Mage

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If the recent Jeff Goldblum cosigns didn’t quite convince you, allow us to: GQ has been touting Jacques Marie Mage’s bona fides for years now, gracing the temples of Keanu, Brad Pitt, and others with its top-end frames. Eyewear obsessive Jerome Mage founded the cult-loved label in 2014, and it’s racked up an impressive roster of high-profile clients since. (Loki scene-stealer Jonathan Majors is also a devoted fan.) Yes, these small-batch, primo-quality shades will cost you a pretty penny, but copping a pair of sunglasses that no one else at the beach/party/beach party will have? Priceless.

10. Lexxola

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Lexxola makes retro-inflected shades for the extremely online set, the type of tinted sunglasses algorithmically guaranteed to give you a serious bump in followers. The brand’s unisex eyewear became ubiquitous on Instagram last year shortly after it introduced its now-signature silhouette, a pair of square-frame sunnies that hearken back to the best of ’60s style.

Questions to ask

Which brand of sunglasses is best?

The top sunglasses brands are Gucci, Prada, and Versace. Each of these high fashion houses consistently produces stylish, quality eyewear for the style-conscious wearer. Bold designs, luxury materials, and timeless appeal make them a suitable investment.

What to look for when buying sunglasses?

Sunglasses should be practical and protect your eyes from UV rays and damage. If they look great too, that’s a bonus. As such, the first thing to look for is that they filter out 100% of UV light. Ideally, the bigger, the better, as it keeps more rays from reaching your eyes and skin. Polarization helps reduce glare, but it isn’t necessary unless you spend a lot of time outdoors or on the water. Lastly, when it comes to styling, you’ll want to choose a pair that suits your face shape and complements your aesthetic.

What’s the Latest Trend in Sunglasses?

The latest sunglasses trends include small frames, white designs, retro shapes like cat-eyes and rounds, and thick oversized styles. Of course, some classics never go off-trend, like aviators.

How do I know what brand my sunglasses are?

Most companies will have the brand name or logo engraved on the lenses or written on the inside of the arms. If you check there, it should tell you what brand they are. In some cases, it may not have a brand name, but it will have a manufacturing code that you can see.

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