Top 10 Best Raincoat Brands In India For Man and Woman

Who doesn’t like rain? Maybe everyone. But it’s annoying when you get wet when you run late for work. This can be very inconvenient for people as they have to do their important work but are not able to do so. Therefore, a good quality raincoat is very important. In this article, we take you through the best friend putt brands in India that will keep you from getting wet in bad weather. So keep reading.
Are you looking for the best raincoat brands in India in 2022? Then you are searching for the right place because we understand how important it is to buy a good raincoat whenever the monsoon arrives. Rain is very unpredictable, and all we can do is not be prepared to get wet in this atmosphere. Umbrellas are a must in this season; However, they cannot act as an umbrella for the whole body as a protective cover during harsh weather. You can ride a two-wheeler even wearing a raincoat. In addition, you can keep some of your belongings safe. That is why, in today’s article, we will be discussing about the top raincoat brands in India. This is a quintessential garment that simply cannot be ignored.

15 Best Raincoat Brands in India 2022- Best Rain Jacket Brands
The rainy season is the favorite season for many of us. Heavy rain outside and a cup of hot tea in hand are always the best combinations! But what about those who need to go out these days? You should wear a raincoat when you go out to protect yourself from illness. So here we are listing down some of the top raincoat brands available in India that will give you the best experience and will last for a long time.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a raincoat

Raincoats can be prized in an emergency, but they’re also great for day-to-day wear. They keep us warm, dry, and fashionable wherever we go. A raincoat is a part of every wardrobe, be it rain or snowy weather or for any emergency.

1. A raincoat will keep you dry.

2. Raincoats are easy to pack and lightweight, so they make a great travel accessory.

3. If it’s cold outside, wearing a raincoat as an outer layer will keep you warm.

4. There are waterproof coats for both men and women that can be used outside or while driving.

Where can you get the most attractive and stylish raincoats in India?

A good raincoat isn’t just a matter of convenience; It also conveys your personality and your sense of style. And when you’re shopping for one, look beyond the best raincoat brands to get the best raincoat for you. Consider these four factors before buying your next rainwear 1). Functionality 2). style 3). Budget 4). Durability.

List of Top 10 Raincoat Brands in India

1. Wildcraft

Raincoat brands

Wildcraft has become a truly sensational brand in India with its top-notch products. The brand was founded in the year 1998 by Siddharth Sood and Gaurav Dublish. It gained traction as it abandoned its dome tent and slowly entered jackets, sportswear, bags, and more. Today, Wildcraft supplies its products to over 4,000 stores and has 200+ different outlets in the country. You may also like to see the list of full sleeve t-shirts.

Key Features of the Wildcraft Rain Jacket:

This rain jacket from Wildcraft is as stylish as it is functional
Made with polyester and nylon lamination, this jacket perfectly protects you from rain or windy weather conditions
You also get an attached hoodie with a drawstring to tighten it at your convenience
Since it has Velcro pockets, you can easily keep your belongings safe even in heavy rains
Has an elastic hem and cuffs for full-proof protection
Breathable fabric up to 3000mvp and 5000mm. Offers to waterproof of


Nylon ripstop fabric provides full-proof protection
have a hoodie to cover your head
Mesh lining makes it super comfortable to wear

Why did we choose the Wildcraft Rain Jacket?

Wildcraft is known for making great bags and raincoats that provide complete protection from inclement weather. It has a soft mesh lining that keeps you dry and comfortable at all times. On top of that, the overall design, color scheme, and stitching are top-class so you can show it off without a doubt!

2. Adidas


Adidas is one of the best sportswear and textile brands in the world. It was founded in the year 1924 by Adolf Dassler, and its headquarter is located in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Over the years, Adidas has become one of the best-selling brands in Europe and has fans of many eminent sports personalities from all over the world.

Key Features of the Adidas Golf Climatestorm Essentials Packable Rain Jacket:

It is made of polyester which provides protection from rain and stormy weather
Its properly sealed seams don’t let any moisture in and keep you dry at all times.
Apart from protecting you, this jacket also has two different color tones to give a sporty and stylish look
Has waterproof zippers and cuffs with Velcro closure


Climb-proof fabric provides protection from wind and rain
Back ventilation to keep moisture out
stretch fabric


can run a size bigger

Why we chose the Adidas Golf Climstorm Essentials Packable Rain Jacket:

The Adidas Climatestorm Rain Jacket is your best friend the next time you head out on a rainy day. It is made of high-quality polyester which prevents any water from seeping in. It also has articulated cuffs with Velcro closure so you can get a customizable fit on the go.

3. Nike


When we think of rain jackets and activewear, Nike is one of the first names that come to mind. This American multinational company is the largest seller of sportswear in the world. It was launched in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight and quickly gained momentum to become a giant in the sports arena. From the best soccer players to the new workout enthusiast, everyone loves Nike products. The brand makes shoes, bags, rain jackets, accessories, and more.

Key Features of Nike Repel Jacket:

It is designed with Dri-FIT technology to keep you dry and comfortable in light rain conditions
The polyester fabric wicks away moisture and is super lightweight as well
It has mesh lining in the pocket so that you can easily carry your essentials
The simple but classic design looks really stylish too


lightweight but protective clothing
Has side pockets with mesh lining
Shoulder piping looks stylish


small size can run

Why did we choose the Nike Repel Jacket?

One of the best rain jackets on the market, the Nike Repel features a Dri-Fit technology that keeps you dry in the rain and prevents sweat accumulation. It is made of polyester which is lightweight and comfortable so that you can wear it for a long time.

4. Puma


Puma is one of the most respected sports brands in the world. With a massive turnover every year, Puma continues to lead the charts in terms of sporting goods and clothing. It was initially founded by Rudolf Dassler and Adolf Dassler (owner of Adidas) but later split into two separate entities. The company is based in Herzogenaurach, Germany, and operates smoothly around the world with multiple outlets and multi-brand stores.

Key Features of the Puma Rain Jacket

This Puma rain jacket is crafted from high-quality polyester
Nylon lining to keep you fresh and comfortable
It comes with an attachable hoodie to protect your ears and head from inclement weather
You can easily wash it with your regular clothes in the washing machine, so it requires little or no maintenance
Has thermoregulation technology that efficiently manages moisture, keeping you dry and fresh


Has underarm ventilation zip
Zipped pockets to protect your belongings
reflective logo for night vision


a bit expensive

Why did we choose the Puma Rain Jacket?

This premium quality rain jacket from Puma is built for weather protection. It is very stylish and functional, protecting you from heavy rain and winds. The jacket has a reflective logo that glows in the dark and looks great.

5. Columbia


Founded in 1938, Columbia is one of America’s leading apparel companies. It has gradually carved a niche for itself in the Indian market as well and has garnered many loyal customers here. Colombia is popular for its top-class sportswear and shoes that are highly durable and made from high-quality materials. If you love sporty looks, then you will find a lot for yourself under this brand.

Key Features of Colombia Men’s Jacket:

This Is One of the Brand’s Best Rain Jackets
It is designed with Omni-Tech technology which has multi-layers of the membrane to make this jacket waterproof
The jacket is made from lightweight and breathable fabric so you can relax while enjoying the rain
The material has quick-wicking properties, which will help with the easy excretion of moisture


Omni-Tech technology helps increase airflow without any moisture
ultra-lightweight jacket
Sporty Colombia branding logo on chest


The zipper may be a bit flimsy, use with caution

Why did we choose the Columbia Men’s Jacket?

Colombia’s Omni-Tech Jacket is ideal for tackling adverse weather conditions with ease. It provides maximum protection from rain and strong winds, no matter where you are. It is also very light so you can pack it and take it anywhere.

6. New Era

 New Era

New Era is creating revolutionary rain jackets that are super light in weight and extremely comfortable for all. You can easily find brands online on websites like Amazon and find something suitable for you.

Key Feature of New Era Rain Coat:

This synthetic raincoat from New Era features Spark Dry technology for efficient moisture management
It has properly sealed seams that do not allow water to enter your jacket
Adjustable drawcord offers you snug and customized fit for better comfort
Here, you can also check the list of best men’s jeans brands in India


100% waterproof and windproof
DWR is Finnish
Drawcord offers a customizable fit


the quality may not be so great

Why did we choose the new age raincoat?

This lightweight raincoat from New Era features top-class SparkDry technology for superior moisture management. Stitch-free seams give it a nice and smooth finish. Its lightweight fabric will keep you comfortable all day long.

7. Zacharias


Zakaria is a highly preferred choice when it comes to rain jackets in India. The brand creates exceptional quality clothing that is highly comfortable and functional. You can also find a wide variety of colors and styles under this brand at very affordable prices.

Key Features of Zacharias Rain Coat:

This nylon raincoat is a complete set of trousers as well as rain-protective
It is made of highly durable and lightweight nylon that keeps you dry and comfortable
Since it comes with a cover, you can easily dry your raincoat and store it inside


lightweight semi-nylon material
durable water repellent finish
comes with a cap and cover


poor quality sewing

8. Goodluck


Goodluck is a brand that deals primarily in rainwear and is one of the top manufacturers of weather-resistant clothing in India. You can find a plethora of different raincoat options under this brand that is highly durable and made from high-quality materials.

Key Features of Goodluck Women’s Raincoat:

Crafted with top-grade nylon that resists any moisture
This is a midi-length coat so you can easily stay protected without worrying about ruining your clothes
It comes with two pockets and attractive color options to look stylish at all times
The raincoat is also very easy to maintain


Made with lightweight and durable PVC
Comes with a free pouch for easy carrying
hooded neckline


Might not be the most comfortable option for summer

9. Duckback


Duckback is a name that every Indian has heard at least once in their life. It was founded in 1920 by Surendra Mohan Bose and is the top producer of rain boots and coats in the country. You can find rubber boots and high quality raincoats under Duckback.

Key Features of Duckback Raincoat:

This amazing raincoat from Duckback is crafted with lightweight and comfortable polyester
DWR finish resists moisture and mild staining overall
It is completely sealed to prevent any unwanted leakage
Clap closure provides a snug and convenient fit


Inner PVC Lining
100% water repellent
premium quality material


color may vary

10. Zeel

Raincoat brands

Zeel was founded by Dinesh Trivedi in the year 1995, with the goal of making outerwear accessible to every India. Over the years, it has become one of the largest producers of raincoats in the country with a loyal customer base. The brand has units in Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Key Features of Zeel Raincoat:

This raincoat from Zeel comes with a hood to keep you completely safe in inclement weather
It is made of nylon and has a rubberized coating on the cuff to ensure that no moisture seeps into it
Since it looks super stylish, you can pair it with your casual outfit as well in light rain or chilly weather


lightweight and durable nylon
heavy duty zipper
100% water resistance


User complaints about water seeping through the zip

last word

With monsoon approaching soon, raincoats have become a necessity. To make sure you stay dry and comfortable during the rains, we have compiled a new list of the best raincoats in India. Our personal favorites are from brands like Wildcraft, Nike, and Puma. However, don’t forget to check out the full list before making a purchase.

questions to ask

1. Which brands make the best raincoats for men in India?

Wildcraft, Puma, Nike, Decathlon, and Columbia are some of the best raincoat brands in India. Their products are made from high-quality materials and are worth every penny you spend on them. These brands sell their raincoats online through Amazon and their official websites.

2. How much do raincoats cost in India?

You can get raincoats starting from Rs 499 to Rs 10,000 in India.

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