Top 10 Moral Stories in Hindi For Kids

Reading is a good habit. You should adopt it at an early age. It raises our conscious level and our mind is sharp. It is a great habit to spend your time effectively. We learn different things from this habit.

Hindi moral stories are also written to achieve this goal. These are specially written for kids with great life lessons. His daily reading can make your kids morally strong. Let’s look at these moral stories in Hindi from different aspects.

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Buyer’s Guide to Moral Stories in Hindi

You should be very clear about buying these books.

You must be aware of the different themes of these stories.

You should shop according to your need.

Whether you want motivational, religious, or moral stories, they should be clear in your mind.

You will also have to go through different products to find the right book for you.

How to use moral stories?

Using them is as simple as in normal books.

If you have young children who are unable to read.

You should read it as a story for them.

Children should be interested in your way.

It must be a fun thing for them.

If you have small children.

You should give them some moral story books and urge them to read them on daily basis.

Features of moral stories

As we know that kids and toddlers love colored pictures.

Therefore, to develop their interest in moral stories, we should depict them with colorful pictures.

With this in mind, each book is well written with unique illustrations.

Each story is easy to read and understand. Every moral story also has a motivational or life lesson.

Types of moral stories in Hindi

There are different types of moral stories for Hindi. Writers give a good message to our children and develop better qualities.

One of the important types of moral stories is persuasion. In this type, the author writes to encourage our children to face difficult situations in their lives in a better way.

Ancient stories are also present in these books.

In which lessons are learned from a past incident. Here are some Hindi moral stories to develop religious and spiritual characteristics in our children. There are also moral stories through which our children can learn morals.

                        List of Top 10 Best Hindi Moral Stories in India 2022

1. The Ramayana and the great Mahabharata

This is a group of 2 books with simple language and attractive illustrations. This book contains very good Hindi moral stories for kids. This develops their character and they will be able to learn about history. This is a wonderful set of books for your kids.


amazing colorful pictures
Poetry Presents Are Available
teaches ancient history


price is high
Children get bored with long stories

2. Wonder house books moral stories

The dedicated team of Wonder House Books brings to you an amazing moral storybook. This is a wonderful book for children to guide them on the right path and stop them from the wrong path.


best for personality development
color pictures
Stories to build good character


children should handle them with care
possibility of breakage

3. Maple press mythological tales

Maple Press presents the best stories for babies and toddlers. These are 5 books with 85 moral stories. Each story has a good moral message to develop the character of the children. These books have colorful illustrations, which are best for children’s illustrations.


best epic stories
high-quality material
best for reading and learning


need proofreading
need upgrade

4. Shubha Vilas moral stories in Hindi

This brand offers an amazing book for kids. The name of this book is Panchatantra of Shubha Vishnu Sharma. This book has great visuals to make kids love this book. This book contains many moral and character-building stories for children. These stories develop their characters and help them become better human beings.


best moral stories
color pictures
interesting stories


price is high
some stories are violent

5. Shanti publications moral stories in Hindi

Shanti Prakashan comes with a package of 20 books. These books contain moral stories for the story of Panchatantra. His colorful pictures make him popular among children. Children love to read and listen to such books.


It develops reading habits
interesting stories
easy to read the language


need editing
quality improvement needed

6. Maple press Hindi moral stories

Maple Press offers character-building stories for babies and toddlers. This book contains 8 moral stories in Hindi. These moral stories are best for kids. Every story has a good message for kids. You must buy this book for the betterment of children.


Low Price
nice collection of stories
8 moral stories in this book


The brand must improve its quality
fragile material

7. Maple press witty tales

Maple Press provides 5 funny stories with 90 interesting Hindi moral stories. This book contains stories of animals, kings, traders, and many more with good moral messages. This book is wonderful for children to develop their moral character and make them good human beings in the future.


cute pictures
the illustration makes it suitable for kids
best moral stories in Hindi


possibility of breakage
quality degradation over time

8. Panchatantra Moral stories in Hindi

This is also one of the best Hindi moral stories books. It has very interesting stories. His central characters are mostly birds and animals. Through their stories, they give a wonderful life lesson. It helps in the development of a good character among the children.


stories of animals and birds
easy to read
Best for kids over 8 years old


not for kids
children should handle them with care

9. Kids’ story books in Hindi

This brand is distributing this product with 4 moral stories. These are great books with illustrations of various pictures. These books are specially meant to develop the interest of children. It is easy to read and understand.


Low Price
Contains 4 books
Best for 3 to 7-year-olds


Not for children over 7 years old
fragile material

10. Bal Natik Kahaniyan

Hina Chaturvedi provides short interesting moral stories in Hindi. It contains 10 books with colorful illustrations. This is a wonderful book to teach life lessons. Children can learn many moral lessons for the betterment of their future.


affordable price
10 books with 160 pages
Best for 3 to 8-year-olds


need upgrade
possibility of breakage

Which is the best moral story?

The best moral story is the one that gives the message to make our child a good person. Its message should be for character development and good habits. He should show the reader the right path and stop them from the wrong path.

What are some examples of morality in stories?

Moral in stories is a life lesson for a better future. Children should obey them. some examples are:

Never lie or else no one will trust you.

We should remain calm in difficulties.

Never act before thinking.


After reading the entire article and looking at the Top 10 Moral Stories in Hindi, we are able to choose our favorite book. We should buy such books for our children. We should tell them at least one story daily. If our children are young, then we should gift them such books, so that they can develop the habit of reading and teach them life lessons.

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