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Apart from ensuring the safety of your home during this season, you should also protect yourself from the rain when you step out of your house. While there are tons of umbrellas available on the market during this time of year, they generally do not provide as much protection from rainwater as raincoats.

If you are planning to buy a raincoat, here are some things you should keep in mind – the raincoat should not be too tight: Always choose raincoats that are not too tight for your body. In addition to being uncomfortable, they will also limit the flow of blood to your body, which is dangerous.

Choose a Breathable Raincoat

When buying a raincoat, choose one that resists sweat and doesn’t cause odor. Thus, choose a fabric that does not take days to dry.

Check for durability

It is always advisable to choose rainwear that can last for a long time. There are many types of rainwear that promise durability, but wear out easily after a rain or two.

Color and fabric

It may sound strange but colors also play an important role when choosing a raincoat. It is recommended to choose bright colors like yellow, blue, red, etc. These colors are generally recommended to be worn during the night, to make you stand out. Fabrics in raincoats are also important because of their durability. Choose from fabrics like Tyvek, coated nylons, and Gore-Tex.

So, with all this rain, you have decided to take the plunge and buy a raincoat. But which one do you buy? What are some things you should keep in mind before choosing one? We’ve compiled this handy checklist of 10 raincoats that you need when making a selection of options.

List of Top 10 Best Raincoats for women in India-Buyers Guide

1. AllExtreme EXRSO2A Raincoat

Allextreme offers a transparent raincoat. It is waterproof and stylish. It also has great prints. The size of this raincoat is universal and is available in a variety of colors.




very light
quality is low

2. Freesmily Women Raincoat

This women’s raincoat is one of the best available in the market. It has a zip and a hood. It should be washed by hand, not in the washing machine.


free size
high quality raincoat


quality degradation over time


3. Zees Ladies High Neck Raincoat

Zee offers a long raincoat with a high neck. This raincoat for women has a belt. The belt makes it stylish and comfortable. This is the best waterproof raincoat.


adjustable belt
extra pocket
long zip with flap


water can enter, through the neck
Might be tight for some buyers

4. The Clownfish Raincoats


Clownfish offers a reversible double-layered raincoat. This raincoat is good for rainy season. It has a long zip and an overlaying flap to cover it. It also has a waist adjustable buckle. It is available in different colors in the market.


available in different sizes
elastic sleeves
side and inside pockets


quality degradation over time
You may sometimes face lack of color

5. Rexburg Premium 2021

Rexburg’s premium raincoat for women is stylish and 100% waterproof. It has high quality polyester and is lightweight. A hood is also present with this raincoat. It is available in various colors and sizes.


affordable price
100% waterproof


iron can damage it
Useful only in light rain


6. Visions India Women’s Raincoat

Visions India offers a Full Sleeve Raincoat. This is a lightweight and comfortable raincoat for women. It comes in various sizes and colors. It comes with an attractive price of Rs 399.


Low Price
5 colors available


quality is low
possibility of breakage

7. Good luck Women’s Raincoat

Good luck raincoat for women has nylon material. You can only wash it by hand. The washing machine can damage the raincoat or degrade its quality. This is a long sleeve zippered raincoat. This


Best Zipper Raincoat
high-quality nylon material


you can only hand wash
price is a bit high

8. D Divine reason for a million smiles

This raincoat is durable and compact. It is available in a variety of colors. It has nylon material. This raincoat is stylish and has an adjustable waist belt. It is a long raincoat with long sleeves.


stylish and trendy
adjustable waist belt
full zip with button closure


Zipper quality is low
Not suitable for low budget


This raincoat for women is long and durable. It has nylon material. It keeps your clothes dry during the rainy season. It comes in a universal size. This raincoat is suitable for both women and girls. You can buy this raincoat at an affordable price of Rs.469.


waterproof and durable
Low Price
long raincoat with zipping


Washing machines can damage them
The quality of the zipper is not up to the mark.

10. Zacharias Women’s Raincoat

You can buy this raincoat with matching trousers. This raincoat also has a cap and cover. It is full sleeves and a 100% waterproof raincoat. The prices of these women’s raincoats vary according to their size. It ranges from INR 499 to INR 599.


trousers also available
Cap and cover included
Keeps you dry and comfortable


quality is low
Care is required when washing

Rain is not required by any law and no matter what you are aiming to do outside, it will continue to provide an obstacle in your way. However, the umbrellas of our favorite umbrella manufacturing company have been saving us from the worst rains since time immemorial.

Later, raincoats were invented and since then, it has been growing along with the trend and demand. Raincoats are fuller and more convenient for those who go for a walk outside in the rain. Plus, if you have to arrive at your office on time and the rain is putting against you in the grimmest face, with a raincoat on, you’ll comfortably run to get to your office on time.

However, when it comes to buying a raincoat, you can be completely speechless, especially when it comes to women’s raincoats. Thus, we are looking at some of the basics here on which you can make the most of the women’s raincoats for sale.

Rain jacket vs raincoat

There are many speculations about whether to buy a raincoat or a rain jacket. Let me tell you that raincoat is a perfect thing for you or your girlfriend/wife if she rarely travels on a bike/motorcycle. In any other case where she chooses to be a rider, she will need a rain jacket as well as trousers for herself.


It is extremely important to weigh the contents of your rainwear. Because if the material goes bad your regrets will pile up in a furious rage. There are mostly two types of material: water resistant and waterproof.

If you choose a water-resistant material, it will be nylon or polyester and will only hold up to moderate rain with drizzle. However, if you choose a waterproof raincoat, they’ll be layered with the likes of GORE-TEX, eVent, and theirs.

Hood size

You should be careful about the shape of your head and choose the length of your hood accordingly. Don’t forget to protect your scalp and hair first.

If you’re a fan of umbrellas, jump straight to a short overview on custom-printed umbrellas that will help you with a deeper insight into umbrellas.

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