Top 5 Budget Under Rs 3000 Mechanical Keyboards

We all know that the keyboard is one of the most important parts of our gaming PC, without a keyboard you can hardly do anything on your PC. If you have heard about mechanical keyboards then you surely know that these types of keyboards are really expensive and help in improving your typing speed.

But what exactly is the difference between a normal keyboard vs a mechanical keyboard?
Most people don’t even know what is the main difference between a membrane/normal keyboard and a mechanical keyboard, so I decided to tell you a little about it first.

A mechanical keyboard actually uses physical switches under the keycaps. So, when the user has pushed a key he is pressing a physical switch at the bottom. The press of the switch sends a signal to your computer that you have pressed that key.

At first, the idea of ​​a mechanical keyboard doesn’t seem doable. After all, with the keyboard you have, you can easily tell that you’ve pressed the key and it even gives you a simple sound when you push it down.

So, what is the main reason mechanical keyboards have physical switches?

If we talk in technical terms, a simple keyboard is much more economical and does not make much noise which we call tactile feedback.

Writer lover The tactile feedback that physical keys produce when any key is pressed on a mechanical keyboard. In a mechanical keyboard, you have a lot of switch options like Blue Switch, Red Switch, Gray Switch, and Black, each key has its own characteristics and sound.


In this blog, we are going to talk about the best gaming keyboards under 3000.

A budget of 3000 is considered good for a budget gamer.

We get to see many keyboards in this price range, in which the given features are enough for a budget gamer.

Earlier, I had compiled a list of best gaming keyboards under 2000 for low-budget gamers.

After which I received a few requests to provide me a list of the best gaming keyboards within the 3000 price range.

To compile this list, I tested about 18 keyboards and included those that met my expectations in this blog.

Now without wasting any time let’s take a look at these keyboards that come in the 3k price range.


Here are the Top 5 Best Mechanical Keyboards under 3000

1. Quantum QHM9800


This is one of the cheapest hot-swappable mechanical keyboards you can get on Amazon right now. Hot-swappable means you can take individual keys out of the PCB and replace them with other compatible switches. It is a full-size keyboard and you don’t need to compromise on any keys here. It comes with blue switches that offer great tactile feedback at the cost of being loud and you can definitely check out this keyboard if you don’t mind. It is value for money and comes with a 1-year warranty.

2. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Neon Rainbow 



The Cosmic Byte GK12 is a full-size keyboard with blue switches. You also get the prices of a brown switch variant around the same and you can find them here on their website. This keyboard isn’t a hot-swappable board, but it has great built quality with a braided cable. This is a great option if you want that tactile percussion but don’t want to wake up people in your home while you’re working or playing. The gray switches are tactile and silent, the best of both worlds.

3. Cosmic Byte GK 16/18 

GK 16

The Cosmic Byte Firefly GK16 is a ten-keyless keyboard with clicky blue switches. The compact size ditches the number pad and makes this a great compact keyboard with 87 switches. The same board with a red linear switch is called GK18. It is a great board and comes with a per-key RGB and is a great addition as it adds to the overall aesthetic of the board. It has excellent build quality with an aluminum plate and braided cable.

4. Ant Esports MK1200 Mini


Mechanical keyboards are as small as they get and this is the first board with a 60% layout that comes in such a budget price range. Equipped with a blue switch, it’s aimed at gamers and is a great buy if you like the small layout. You can use the arrow keys by using the function keys and by using many other keys. It’s a compact board and can be especially useful if you have a small desk or want more space to move your mouse.

5. TVS Gold –


Tvs Gold


If you don’t like the gamer aesthetic and want something a little more formal, the famous TVS Gold Keyboard has got you covered. It comes in various switches and the ones connected here are red. You can check on Amazon for your switch type of choice. This keyboard is being used for a long time in many offices in India. It is also known for its clean look and durability.

In this blog, I have told about the best mechanical keyboard under 3k then

If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard in the Rs 3000 price range, then keep in mind that you are going for the budget segment.

In which you will get to see all the basic features.

And in my opinion, this is the best segment for a gaming keyboard for the average gamer.

That was our list of some good keyboards under Rs 3000.

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