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Do you sometimes itch for rich tandoori food, but you don’t want to go to the restaurant after a long, tiring day? Now, satiate your cravings completely and enjoy the magical taste and tenderness of a restaurant like your home-cooked tandoori food with the new Electric Tandoor.A traditional tandoor is a clay oven placed outside the home or in an open space that uses clay and a wood fire to assemble the fire, which in turn grills the food.However, modern electric tandoor without using clay and wood fire gives your food the right touch and aroma of charcoal and wood in your food. These electric tandoors are sleek, compact, and elegant in design which will align right in your modern kitchen décor.Apart from grilling, these tandoors also come in handy for cooking other types of dishes. You can even cook your own Italian dishes in it, such as pizza and pasta. You can even lightly toast your food in them. So, if you are a cooking fanatic and love to eat tandoori, enjoy scrumptious tandoori food in the comfort of your home, and delight your guests with rich flavors.We will provide you a comprehensive guide on how to buy the best electric tandoor and its availability in the market as well as on e-commerce websites. We’ll take you through the features of the best portable electric tandoor for home, types of cooking equipment, mini electric tandoor buyers’ guide as well as the top 5 electric tandoors when buying an electric tandoor. Read on to find out the full scope of the electric tandoor.

Electric Tandoor Buyer’s Guide

While buying an electric tandoor, it can get obscure as a wide variety of options engulfs the market. So, before you start scratching your head at a retail outlet, go through this comprehensive buyer’s guide that has answers to all your questions.



you first need to analyze your needs. After analyzing your needs, you need to see which product meets almost all your needs out of the amount you are planning to spend. Some of the important features include thermostat, non-stick grilling, glass grill, non-stick coating, oil collection groove, shockproof cooking, recipe book, etc.


An important aspect of an electric tandoor is how it opens. Some of them will have a 180-degree opening, which will allow you to easily access the interior so that you can easily place and remove your food from the tandoor. It also simplifies cleaning the tandoor after use. It is better to look for a tandoor that has a floating hinge. This allows for longer cooking, especially thicker foods.


There are many brands available in the market. It is advisable to go for a brand which is popular as it will provide easy customer service after you buy it instead of relying on new brands in the market.

Affordable price 

The best electric tandoors come in the price range of 3000 to 5000. Do not be misled in the markets as the market is full of frauds who are constantly on the lookout to burn a hole in your pocket.

Power Consumption 

Different electric tandoors come with different power ranges. Most of them start at 800 W and go up to 1200 W. An electric tandoor with a higher power range will ensure faster cooking, but will also incur a longer electricity bill. You need to find the one that meets all your needs and with optimum efficiency.


The capacity of an electric tandoor depends on the amount of food you want to cook on average. It also depends on the size of your family. So, analyze your need and buy the one that best suits your preference as the market is flooded with different sizes of tandoors to suit your need.


This aspect is essential and should be considered while buying an electric tandoor. You need to look for a product that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for at least one year. Buy a product from a trusted brand with a reasonable warranty, so if you accidentally buy a defective product, you don’t have regrets after buying.


You need to look for an electric tandoor which is light in weight and can be carried wherever you want. It should also take up minimum space on your work-top as you do not want to cram your work-top with different products  


Mini Chef Electric Tandoor

This electric tandoor is designed to align perfectly with your kitchen setting. The convenient and easy-to-use device provides you with many features not only for preparing tandoori food. This neat appliance is ideal for cooking and grilling all kinds of dishes.

Despite looking like a tandoor, it offers several features that make it highly exceptional and out of the box. This product is robust in design and is power-packed with excellent features.

Mini Chef is a brand that can be trusted without any rethinking. Getting your hands on this multipurpose tool is highly recommended. Making tandoori dishes served in big restaurants is now as fast as lightning.

Main Features

This electric tandoor is economical in cost and cooks your food faster as compared to microwave ovens and ovens.
It includes non-magnetic imported heating elements and has a toughened glass window, which helps you analyze your food to avoid over-cooking.
It can be used to defrost your food without cooking it.
It can heat and reheat your food instantly.
Shockproof channels ensure your safety by avoiding any unwanted situation.
There is no need to preheat the tandoor. You can make your own food in a jiffy.
It can be used for cooking 1 kg biscuit, 1 kg tandoori chicken, grilling fish, meat, tomato, bacon, mushroom, barbecuing meat, shashlik, kebabs, toasting bread, baking rolls, eclairs, sponge cake, coconut cookies. Nankhatai.
The power measures up to 2000 watts and operates on 240 volts with a frequency of 50 Hz.
The compact design of the tandoor requires very little space on your worktop-top.
It can be taken anywhere inside your home and can even be taken outside if you love outdoor cooking.
This appliance comes with a magic cloth to facilitate easy cleanup with a drying rack.


It has a hard glass window, which allows you to view your food.
It is ideal for tandoori and grilled dishes.
It is easy to use, highly portable, and durable.
A shockproof mechanism ensures your safety.


The light indicator is not present.

Vibro Master Chef 103-4 Electric Tandoor
Vibro Master Chef 103-4 Electric Tandoor requires a 2500 watt power supply, which ensures faster cooking than any other brand. It comes with a heavy gauge CRC outer body and an enamel coating on its aluminum tray, making it the most durable option to consider. You can cook any tandoori dish on this front opening electric tandoor including paneer tikka, chicken tikka, tandoori roti, flatbread, etc. Heat selection switches will help you cook them to perfection.

Main Features

Comes with an enamel-coated aluminum tray, fixed main lead, a grill, and a manual.
Dimensions of enamel tray: 10.5 x 14.5 inches.
Power supply: 2500 watts.
It consists of a strong and powerful main wire made of copper wire.
The metal body comes with a shockproof powder coating.
Features a toughened glass top.


High power consumption ensures fast cooking.
Heavy gauge CRC outer body ensures the durability of the product.
It comes with a heat selection button for convenience.
Easy to use and clean.


No negative points noticed about the product so far

Hygiene Future Home Electric Tandoor

Future Home brings you the best electric tandoor, designed to make your job easier than ever. Now forget going to restaurants and enjoy that delicious food in your comfort zone.

It is optimized for many dishes like Pizza, Tikka, Cake, Tandoori Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Fish. Organize a house party and delight your guests with the heavenly tastes of tandoori and non-tandoori food.

This electric tandoor is humongous, which helps you to cook huge quantities of food in very little time. So, strap around this super-affordable electric tandoor and satisfy your hunger with scrumptious meals every single day. Investing in this tandoor is highly recommended.

Main Features

Future Home Big XXL Electric Tandoor offers 3 years warranty.
The sturdy and sturdy design gives you the ease of cleaning. To stain the tandoor, just take a damp cloth and make it shine like new.
This electric tandoor is equipped with heat control which works in 3 modes to ensure that the food is cooked completely.
This electric tandoor has a unique feature of time control which ensures that your food gets cooked automatically. So, now you don’t have to worry about your food getting burnt or overcooked. When your food is cooked, the tandoor shuts down and notifies you by ringing the bell so that you can enjoy your fiery meal.
This electric tandoor is equipped with stainless steel elements that have a life of 10 years and are designed for long-term use. These elements are blast-proof and rust-proof.
The power range scales up to 2300 watts.
You can bake a cake weighing up to 1.5 kg in this huge and spacious electric tandoor. All you need to do is use an aluminum bowl and an aluminum foil for baking.


This electric tandoor is non-stick from the inside.
It offers features like an automatic timer and heat controller, which makes it unique among other electric tandoors.


It is quite expensive as compared to other devices offering similar features.

Smart Life Cast Iron Electric Tandoor

This smart product offered by Smart Life is worth your consideration. It is highly affordable and will not disappoint you post-purchase. It is ideal to be used like a tandoor as well as a griller.

With this electric tandoor, you can grill paneer, chicken, vegetables, bake pizza, make chapati. Enjoy the goodness of tandoori food in the heart of your home. With this wonderful tandoor, you can cook to perfection and enjoy the divinity of rich flavors.

Main Features

This electric tandoor is sturdy in design and is forged with cast iron.
It offers a toughened glass window, which lets you check on your food so you can prevent it from overcooking and burning.
This electric tandoor is perfect for tandoor and grilling items.
It is light in weight so you can easily carry it to different places. It is suitable for those who like to cook outdoors.
This electric tandoor is elegantly designed and highly durable.
It has an aluminum tray that prevents food from sticking to the tray.
This electric tandoor is equipped with extra safe heating elements that allow you to cook food on the go.
It is intelligently designed with shockproof machinery to avoid shock and hazards.
In this electric tandoor, you can prepare 750 grams of tandoori chicken on an average in just 12 minutes.
It has a heavy-duty plastic handle, which ensures your safety.
It consumes a power of 1500 watts and a voltage of 230 volts with a frequency of 50 Hz.
This electric tandoor will cook food faster than microwave and oven.
The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on the product.


This electric tandoor is easy to use and carry.
It is extremely economical.
The powerful design comes with a shockproof mechanism.
It cooks your food instantly.



It doesn’t have a temperature controller, so you can’t adjust the temperature at which your food is being cooked.
The design is very poor due to its small size.
The outer body gets very hot during the usage of the product.
The quality of the pizza cutter is poor.

Glen reigns with the best kitchen and home appliances for the ages. They have emerged as a supreme force in offering products with great features and outstanding performance. The elegant design of this electric tandoor is all set to compliment your modern kitchen decor.

It works just like a traditional earthen tandoor, providing you with great food in the healthiest way possible. This electric tandoor is eco-friendly, which makes it highly exceptional. So, without thinking twice grab this super-affordable electric tandoor and get lost in the delicious flavors of tandoori and grilled food.

Main Features

This modern elegant looking electric tandoor is designed to match well with your kitchen layout.
It is equipped with energy-efficient elements that allow for instant cooking without radiating any heat to the surroundings.
It includes a sliding tray made of aluminum and a wire rack.
It has a matte finish stainless steel body which is easy to clean. Just take a damp cloth and wipe off all the stubborn stains in seconds. The inner part of the tandoor can also be cleaned in the same way after closing it. And remember to turn it on only when the interior is dry.
It consumes 1400 watts of power with a voltage of 220-240 volts.
In this, you can bake more than 1.5 dozen biscuits.
It is more efficient than microwave ovens and ovens and cooks your food in a better and healthier way.
It includes a user manual and a recipe book it. The user manual is extremely helpful in understanding the features of this device. A recipe book helps you to cook a variety of dishes in it.
You can prepare biscuits, Grilled Fish and Chicken, Cakes, Naan, Stuffed Kulcha, Chicken Kebab, and many more dishes in this amazing Electric Tandoor.


It has a see-through window that helps you analyze your food to prevent overcooking it.
This thermally insulated electric tandoor saves a lot of energy.
modern elegant look
This electric tandoor comes with thermal insulation, which helps in saving a lot of energy.


Upper steel slowly becomes brownish and is difficult to clean.

1. Is electric tandoor good for health?

Electric Tandoor ensures fat and oil-free cooking of your favorite Chicken, Fish, Mushroom, and Vegetable Tandoori dishes. Thus, low smoke and time-saving electric tandoor provide delicious dishes in a very healthy way, making it good for health.

2. Can aluminum foil be used in an electric tandoor?

You can use aluminum foil in an electric tandoor. However, it is advised not to use it for cooking purposes as it forms an aluminum oxide which is harmful to the human body.

3. How to maintain electric tandoor?

An electric tandoor is maintained by cleaning its grill and internal components, including trays, by removing any liquid or oil left over after the cooking process. Remove the grills and wash them thoroughly using water and dishwashing detergent. To keep the tandoor clean, its exterior should also be wiped.

4. How often should you clean it?

Electric tandoors should be cleaned frequently after each use so that residue is removed before cooking the next one. Any residue that remains will burn the tray, which hinders the cooking process, and also makes it difficult to maintain.


In this busy life, these cooking tools are optimized to cook your food instantly without any mess. Don’t worry as these appliances will fold up perfectly in your modern kitchen decor.

From the above list, you will get to know which electric tandoors are floating in the market to avoid being misled on a retail outlet. Thoroughly go through the comprehensive buying guide and find the one that suits you best.

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