Top 5 Best Mixer Grinders For India

Which major kitchen appliance do you need to prepare Idli batter, Dosa batter, Spices, and Chutneys?

This is a mixer grinder (mixie, grinding stone).

This is the age of the Internet. Today you get everything online. The mixer grinder is no different in any way. There are e-commerce websites like Amazon where you get great options.

Best Mixer Grinders in India For 2021

1. Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder 1000 Watt

International quality grinding with 1000W motor, ideally suited for making batter and other Indian dishes, but you have to bear the noise generated by it.

I still remember the days when my grandmother used to grind our favorite spices on a grinding stone. Though it was a back-breaking job, the taste of the chutney was incomparable.

Key Features

  • Poundingblade technology with rough edges to replicate the pounding effect of the proverbial grinding stone
  • High quality and sharp stainless steel blades to enhance wet grinding performance
  • hands-free operation
  • Powerful motor with a motor rating of 30 minutes for up to six cycles
  • Overload protector to increase protection levels

Why do we recommend Bosch Mixer Grinder?

The patented PoundingBlade technology has attracted us to this machine. Our Indian dishes containing spices require a sharp effect rather than a bite as it helps in maintaining the coarse texture of the spices and helps in retaining the authentic flavor.

You must have tasted the idli and dosa prepared by grinding the ingredients on a grinding stone. This Bosch machine tries to match the effect by introducing Active Flow Breaker technology which ensures proper mixing of ingredients and inflates the batter.

Another benefit of the Bosch TruMix Pro Mixer Grinder is that you get the juice you’ve been craving. Max Juice Extractor feature makes your smoothies creamy and milkshakes delicious.


  • We love this mixer-grinder because it adds flavor to ground spices and chutneys. It reproduces the same effect as grinding these pastes on a grinding stone. Blunt blades go a long way in recreating the effect of a grinding stone.
  • Another factor that should prove attractive is the hidden bronze bushing which does not allow any contamination. Thus, it enhances the purity level and improves the overall taste and taste.
  • Maximum extraction of juice ensures 100% utilization. However, this feature is not available on all Bosch Trimix Pro Mixer Grinder models.
  • The stability of this machine is also one of the important advantages. The suction feet enable the mixer-grinder to stand firmly on the kitchen platform. Thus, it prevents leakage and unnecessary accidents.
  • Typically, all mixer-grinders have sturdy lid-locks that prevent food from exiting the machine. Bosch mixer-grinders have this feature to enable hands-free use.
  • The Bosch motor is the talking point of the mixer-grinder. There are five different models available with different motor capacities ranging from 500W to 1000W. Based on your needs, you can make the ideal choice.


  • The Bosch Trimix Pro makes more noise when compared to similarly priced mixers like the Preethi MG 218. Sound is one aspect I hate the most. However, in terms of performance, Bosch should rank better because of its versatility.

If you’re looking for a multipurpose mixer-grinder, the Bosch Trimix Pro (1000W motor) should fit the bill. However, if you look for expertise, you have better options, such as Preeti Rashi.

2. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder

India’s first mixer grinder with RoHS compliant, food-grade components and high-endurance 750W motor, but a word of caution as replacement jars are not readily available on the market

The performance of any mixer-grinder depends on its motor. One aspect that we found attractive about this Preeti Rashi MG 218 machine is its 750W powerful motor which is capable of giving models like Bosch Trimix Pro (1000W motor) a run for its money.

Turmeric is an essential component of our diet. Preeti Rashi MG 218 proves its usefulness in our kitchen by demonstrating its ability to grind turmeric into a fine powder within two minutes.

Key Features

  • Powerful 750W motor capable of handling the most demanding of grinding tasks with ease
    Five jars including Master Chef jars with food processing capabilities
  • 3-in-1 Insta juicer jar for centrifugal juicing that ensures comfortable extraction of coconut milk and tamarind juice
  • The five-year warranty on the motor is a welcome feature as it is a clear indication of its quality.
  • The overload indicator proves beneficial as it ensures the tripping of the engine to prevent unnecessary damage. The reset button on the base helps in restarting the machine after reducing the load.

Why do we recommend Preethi Zodiac MG 218?

The efficiency of the motor is an important aspect that attracts people to this device. Efficient grinding requires razor-sharp stainless-steel blades in the mixer. Preeti Rashi models score high on this aspect.

You have no shortage of jars when you have Preeti Rashi MG 218 at home. The device is available with five jars which are useful for various purposes like kneading dough, chopping vegetables, making juice, and the traditional grinding process. However, it has a drawback as it is not easy to get replacement jars in the market.

Preeti Rashi MG 218 doubles up as an Insta Fresh juicer to extract juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Another friendly feature is the elegant design with forefront speed control knobs. My friends find this aspect extremely user-friendly as it comes with three-speed options and an inch.

If you search for a machine capable of doing tough grinding jobs, then you can try out this Preeti Rashi MG 218 with a 750W Motor. Preeti Rashi MG 235 is a viable option, but it is available with four jars instead of five.


  • This tool is ideal for kneading, slicing, and cutting due to its sharp stainless-steel blade.
  • The powerful motor is the icing on the cake.
  • The jar is easy to clean.
  • It offers excellent value for the flour you spend


  • The noise factor is an important deterrent. However, it makes less noise than the Bosch Trimix Pro. Preeti Rashi is noisy, mainly when acting at its fastest speed.
  • Another downside is the non-availability of replacement jars.

If you are a true chapati lover, you would love to have Preeti Rashi MG 218 assisting you in the kitchen. However, it is not as efficient as a juicer despite being a multi-purpose machine.

3. Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder

A compact mixer-grinder is available at attractive prices. However, the low price restricts its versatility, making this appliance a basic kitchen appliance.

Budget is an important aspect of any buying decision. Multi-utility mixer-grinders can be a bit pricey. The Philips HL7756/00, with its three jars and simple looks, should be the perfect machine available within the budget of the layman.

This mixer-grinder emits a burning smell, especially the first time you use it. However, this is not due to the motor. The varnish coating on the engine is mainly responsible for this smell. The smell wears off after the first few usage cycles.

Key Features

  • 750W powerful motor with 3-speed controls and pulse settings to make your work more comfortable
  • Three jars of different sizes, Wet Jar (1.5 L), Multipurpose Jar (1.0 L), Chutney Jar (0.3 L)
  • Specialized blades to meet your every grinding need
  • Advanced air ventilation allows you to do heavy-duty grinding with ease

Why do we recommend the Philips HL7756/00 mixer-grinder?

If you are looking for a simple mixer-grinder, you need to look no further than the Philips HL7756/00 as it has all the qualities you would expect in a mixer-grinder. This mixer can complement your traditional recipes like dal crushing, chutney, masala, and coconut grater.

It is also helpful in grinding dosa batter. However, the longer time taken to prepare the dosa batter may cause the jar to heat up.

You should note that the 750W motor doesn’t overheat, but the friction inside the jar heats up the jar during the wet grinding process. Still, we have used the machine continuously for 25 minutes, especially while grinding hard ingredients like black gram dal.

This machine has three jars of different sizes to meet your every need. The 0.3-liter capacity mini jar is perfect for grinding red chilies, coconut, and other pulses to prepare your different chutneys. 3-speed control plus pulse enables you to use it for a variety of purposes.

A word of caution should prove beneficial to all users. To get the most out of this device one must allow the motor to cool down between uses of the product.


  • The device’s small size makes it the perfect purchase for a small family. It is best to prepare food in small quantities. I personally find this mixer-grinder ideal for gifting during weddings.
  • The highlight of this machine is that the powerful 750W motor can continuously run for 25 minutes to grind the toughest materials. I find it to be one of the best tools to prepare my favorite dish, Milagai Podi (Dosa Chilli Powder).
  • The motor is sturdy, Philips is giving a 5-year warranty on it. With a 2-year product warranty, this machine is the perfect addition to your kitchen.
  • Compared to its competitors Preethi Platinum and Bajaj Mixer Grinder, the Philips HL7756/00 is a good buy.


  • Although the machine is good at doing small grinding jobs, one still has to be mindful of the noise factor. Although Bosch Trimix makes a lot of noise, we find this Philips HL7756/00 to be noisier, especially when spinning at high speeds.
  • The sauce is small at 0.3L. Also, it has no handle. After grinding, the jar gets hot.

Despite the limitations, this Philips HL7756/00 is a good buy. The machine is excellent for small families. Prestige IRIS Plus with better features is available at the same price.

4. Prestige Iris Plus 750-Watt Mixer Grinder, Black

The Prestige Iris Plus 750W mixer-grinder is available in two colors, a decent machine for grinding dry masalas like turmeric, and wet grinding, like idli batter. However, you should be ready to bear a lot of noise, primarily when this machine works at top speed.

Like the Philips HL7756/00, the Prestige IRIS Plus is a budget mixer-grinder. It is an elegant-looking machine with four jars, including a transparent juicer jar with blades. The centrifugal juicer lets you extract high-quality juices from your favorite fruits.

Indian cuisine involves grinding hard ingredients like turmeric. This Prestige IRIS Plus is a perfect machine for such assignments and preparation of idli batter.

We noticed that the motor initially emits a burning smell. However, this is due to the burning of the varnish coating on the motor. It subsides after a few usage cycles.

Key Features

  • Four jars including three stainless steel jars for dry and wet grinding and one juicer jar with blade and strainer.
  • Powerful 750W motor with copper components.
  • efficient stainless steel blade.
  • Two-year warranty on the product.

Why do we recommend this Prestige Iris Plus mixer-grinder?

This mixer-grinder has an attractive design with the control knobs placed at a right angle which makes your operation easy. 3-speed controls and whipper options make this a convenient tool to use.

Like the Philips HL7756/00, this device also has three stainless-steel jars, a 1.5L wet grinding jar, a 1L dry grinding jar, and a 300ml sauce jar. In addition, this machine also has a transparent juicer jar with blades and a strainer to strain your juices.

The powerful 750W motor with copper components is also one of the major reasons why housewives prefer to invest in this machine. It can handle even the toughest of dry grinding tasks like grinding turmeric. Also, it helps in grinding idli and dosa batter. Although it has a separate juicer jar, the juicing performance is not good.


  • The 750W motor is better at saving power than the 1000W engine.
  • Three stainless-steel jars and one poly-carbonate jar for use as a juicer
  • This mixer-grinder has an overload protection feature that automatically shuts down the engine in case of overheating.
  • Excellent ventilation system to prevent overheating.
  • Pricing is an attractive feature.


  • Similar to the Philips HL7756/00, the Prestige Iris Plus has a 0.3-liter jar for grinding chutneys. This jar does not have handles, making it challenging to use. The jar can get hot as the blades spin at an incredible speed.
  • The performance of the juicer is not up to the expected standards.
  • The noise generated by this mixer-grinder is a source of significant concern.

The Prestige IRIS Plus qualifies as a better option than the Philips HL7756/00 due to the additional juicer arrangement. However, you should also note that there is no warranty available on the motor as compared to the Philips model.

5. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder 750W

A stylish-looking mixer-grinder that overcomes the shortcomings of both the Philips HL7756/00 and Prestige Iris Plus machines. On the pricing aspect, this Pretty Blue Leaf Diamond tool should prove popular.

Preeti is a reputed Indian brand that is slowly climbing the popularity charts. Preeti offers a range of mixer-grinder combo with juicer and dough kneaders. However, the specific model we are discussing today is a simple mixer-grinder without any additional attachments. Despite being a simple machine, it is a valuable tool for wet grinding and liquefaction.

Generally, a 750W motor should suffice for a mixer-grinder. Although heavy-duty appliances like the Bosch Trimix Pro come with 1000W options, popular opinion is that a 750W engine can do an even better job by saving power.

The performance of this machine is satisfactory, but one has to bear the noise, especially when dry grinding spices at high spin speed. This is understandable because the equipment’s low price doesn’t allow manufacturers to include soundproofing features like some more expensive machines.

Key Features

  • An Efficient 750W motor for grinding your ingredients as well as saving power
  • Shockproof ABS plastic body with heat-sensitive cut-off system
  • 3-speed operation and one pulse function for grinding at your convenience
  • Three stainless steel jars with ergonomically placed plastic handle for smooth operation
  • Flexi lid attachment to increase dry grinding jar capacity
  • Stainless steel blade for a good grinding performance

Why should you invest in this Preethi Blue Diamond Mixer Grinder?

If you are a fan of Idli and Dosa like many South Indians, this Preethi Blue Diamond Mixer-Grinder is the perfect choice as it is suitable for wet grinding and liquifying.

Models such as the Philips HL7756/00 and Prestige Iris Plus are similar machines, but they have one significant drawback. The chutney grinding jar has a low capacity and does not come with a handle. The Pretty Blue Diamond Mixer-Grinder corrects this discrepancy by including a comparatively large jar with a separate handle to hold it.

In addition, this device has an additional attachment for chutney jars in the form of a Flexi lid. This increases the overall capacity of the jar and facilitates the grinding of more spice powders. The stainless steel blades are strong enough to withstand the tough demands of drying hard materials like turmeric.

Preethi Blue Diamond Mixer-Grinder model has a heat-sensitive cut-off system that protects the motor from overloading and voltage fluctuations. You have the option of reducing the load and resetting the overload circuit breaker to resume work.


  • Voltage cut-off technology prevents damage to the motor.
  • The presence of handles on all jars allows for easy operation. Some of its competitors, such as the Prestige IRIS Plus, do not have handles on dry grinding jars.
  • The 750W motor is ideal for your home culinary needs.


  • Some users have complained about the jar leaking. It could be a strange manufacturing defect.
  • The noise (about 80db) generated by this machine is high enough to cause disturbance in the home environment.
  • The gasket needs improvement.

Despite these minor issues, you can invest in this Preethi Blue Diamond Mixer Grinder as it gives a decent performance. Good buy for the budget.

Best Mixer Grinder – Buying guide

We have looked at the best mixer grinders in India right now. Now, we will have a look at the techniques used in the mixer grinder i.e. buying guide.

Ask any woman born in the 1940s and 1950s who would swear by a grinding stone.

It was the most common appliance you would find in every kitchen. We use the word ‘earlier’ because these stones are now ancient.

Sumeet will take the female name of the 1960s and 1970s.

What is Sumeet?

Sumeet is a synonym for mixer and grinder. It is the leading Indian brand of mixers and grinders. At that time no Indian kitchen was complete without this appliance.

Sumeet is the perfect example of a kitchen appliance manufactured without any kind of consumer survey or research.

It was built entirely based on the engineering genius of its inventor, Satyaprakash, and user experience inputs provided by his wife Madhuri.

Today this brand is not available in the market, but still, whenever mixers and grinders are discussed, the first name that comes to mind is ‘Sumeet’.

Indians have a fetish for having short names for everything in life. Whenever we love someone, we give that person a nickname.

For example, Sunil becomes Sonu. Likewise, the only kitchen appliance to bear the nickname is the humble mixer and grinder. Indian women refer to it as mixed.

Next, we’ll use the same word throughout the article.

Sumeet Mixi was a different machine. There are many mixers and grinders available in the market today.

The juicer-mixer-grinder (JMG) concept near you is becoming very popular today.

Before setting out to buy your mixi or JMG, you should have a clear idea about the different types of equipment available in the Indian market. Next, we’ll go into the specifications.

Different types of mixier Grinders

The mixer

The basic responsibility of a mixer is to mix different cooking ingredients, usually in a semi-liquid state. Examples are puree, vegetable paste for making curry, and batter for cooking. There are broadly two types of mixers.

Hand blenders

It is a hand-held device used for mixing and mixing cooking ingredients to a semi-liquid state. It has a motor and can be used with any type of bowl. You have examples of egg beaters and buttermilk softeners that fall into this category.

Stand Mixer

It is a powerful machine used for mixing hard ingredients. You use the mixer to cream, knead the dough and make a batter.

The Grinder

A grinder is a relatively robust machine used to grind substances into a powder form. You can use it to grind both wet and dry materials. Common uses are for grinding grains, pulses, and spices. Here are two types of grinders that have specific uses.

Coffee grinder

One uses this grinder for grinding roasted coffee seeds.

Meat grinder

It is a powerful tool as it has a heavy load to accomplish. This grinder is used for grinding different types of meat, poultry, mutton, and other non-vegetarian food.

The Mixie – (Mixer cum Grinder)

This equipment is a combination of a mixer and grinder. You have separate jars for dry and wet grinding. Wet grinding jars are usually large in size. Made from stainless steel, these jars come with fixed or detachable blades.

This is the most ideal companion for an Indian woman in the kitchen.

The Juicer-Mixer-Grinder (JMG)

  • Check Out: Best Juicer in India

As the name suggests, JMG is a combination of a mixer and juicer. Naturally, these are large devices with an additional jar for making vegetable and fruit juices. This device is becoming quite popular in the Indian market today.

How do you choose a mixie / JMG?

Technical Specifications

Here are some technical specifications that every home should know. You’ll find these specifications listed on every mixer you see. Having knowledge about this can help you make the right choice.


In simple words, wattage defines the power of the motor. The higher the wattage, the heavier the load it can bear. A typical Indian kitchen mixer can operate with a motor of 550 to 750 watts. Anything above this figure could be noise.

However, you can go for higher wattages if you have to grind larger quantities. In order to grind 2 kg of Urad dal batter in one go, you need a motor with a minimum wattage of 1000 watts.


RPM is an abbreviation for ‘rotations per minute’. The higher the RPM, the more powerful the motor. This reduces the time required to process the material. There is a disadvantage to having higher RPMs.

Your device may overheat and be noisy. Typically, you have blades rotating at 15000 pm.

Rating in minutes

This factor is the recommended continuous operation time for any mixer. Under normal conditions, this is 30 minutes – with a running time of 5 minutes and a cooling period of 3 minutes. Following this ratio ensures that your motor serves you well.

If you run the appliance continuously for too long, it can overheat the motor and cause internal damage.

Brand / Service provided

Why do you think Sumeet ruled the Indian market for a long time?

This is due to the brand reputation and the service it provides to the consumers. You have many brands available in the market.

It is better to do your local research before purchasing your product. We use the term ‘local research’ because the service provided in Delhi may be different from that provided in Mumbai or any other small city in India.

Availability of spare parts and prompt servicing by service engineers are some of the aspects to consider.

The rubber gasket is the one that gets worn out most often. The availability of replacement blades is also important.

Product Design

Power is important when choosing a mixer for your kitchen. Also, a slim/sleek design should also be foremost in your mind.

You have the tower design or the L-shaped design that is popular today. The tower design has its strengths in the fact that it is easy to clean.

Safety aspects

This device is frequently exposed to water. Therefore security is a matter of concern. Watch out for aspects like earthing, power cable, etc.

Make sure the mixer has a strong and balanced base to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The mixer should have a locking system so that the machine will not start unless you fit the jar properly. They have modern mixes. Indian mixers have rotary switches while piano switches are of international preference.

Overloading protection feature

It is possible that you may have misjudged the capacity of the mixer. This may cause overloading. The ideal mixer should be one that has an overloading protection feature like a circuit breaker to stop the equipment immediately.

You can remove some of the load and reset the switch. The absence of such a safety factor can lead to an early burnout of the motor.

Check out the quality of accessories

You have a lot of accessories that come with a mixer like jars, blades, lids, and so on. The quality of accessories is important. It is advisable to opt for a reputed brand as they do not compromise on the quality aspect.

Final thoughts

You have just seen the features of the best mixie brands available in India. Let us now end the article with some tips on how to use the mixer efficiently.

  • Avoid using hot ingredients as you may damage the walls of the jar.
  • Make sure to add enough water while making idli, dosa batter, and puree
  • It is important to have a proper earthing system to avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Allow the air inside the jar to escape before using the mixer

This guide will come in handy when you are looking to buy the best mixer grinder for your home. Husbands should note that they cannot get food without a mixer. Therefore, you see that many homes have a spare mixer in case one develops a problem.





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