Top10 Best Post Pregnancy Belts

Ask any mom, what is the thing that was the hardest to deal with post-pregnancy and the most common answer you will get is ‘getting rid of stomach sac’. Although the concept of belly wrapping is centuries old in India, it has gained new popularity in recent years as women have become more aware of what they look like post-pregnancy. While a ‘sari’ or ‘dupatta’ was an obvious choice for a post-pregnancy belt in India, the whole concept has been given a whole new dimension by various companies that are now looking to boost your confidence and help you create amazing pregnancy outfits. Manufactures clothing of later sizes. Lose all that flab from the belly area.

Some moms-to-be struggle for years to get in shape after pregnancy, especially from the abdominal region. And it’s not clear – a new mother with a 24×7 job looking after a newborn hardly finds time to exercise. An expanded and flabby middle part with all its loose skin can be such an eye pain for some of us. Well, not anymore – as the idea of ​​abdominal belts was given a refreshing look by transforming post-pregnancy clothing belts into aesthetically designed, ergonomically shaped belts or post-pregnancy belts Is.                

List of 10 Best Post-Pregnancy Belts In India for Home

1. OBLIQ Abdomen Support Belt for Post Pregnancy

obliq abdomen support belt

The OBLIQ Belly Support Belt is good for women who suffer from chronic low back pain, have had abdominal surgery, or need to support their back. It works well to prevent excess belly fat and give a slimming effect. It has a relaxing warm effect on the muscles and gives relief from stiffness and pain.


The belt allows your skin to breathe, thanks to the cotton knit elastic fabric that allows for air circulation.
The OBLIQ Maternity Belt is made from neoprene material which makes it lightweight, comfortable, and does not smell due to sweat.
It is soft and smooth and does not cause any friction when it comes in contact with the skin. That’s why you don’t get rashes or irritation while wearing this post-pregnancy belt.
It can also be worn discreetly under your clothes.
The belt holds its position thanks to the non-slip neoprene inner layer.
599 online priced at Rs.


2. Tynor Tummy Trimmer

Tynor Tummy Trimmer

One of the best belly belts online, the Tynor Tummy Trimmer should be on your postpartum shopping list to reduce your waistline post-pregnancy or need abdominal support after abdominal surgeries like an umbilical cord and abdominal hernia. This tummy trimmer compresses the abdominal muscles making it much easier to get in shape after pregnancy.


The Tynor Tummy Trimmer is lightweight and made of thin material with Flexi nylon splints to ensure it stays in position.
It is designed to contract the bulge and tone up the abdominal muscles for a slimmer waist and a neater look
It provides superior ventilation and comfort, thanks to the highly porous orthopedic three-panel elastic webbing
You can control the level of compression by adjusting the hook loop closures that help provide the perfect fit.
Priced at Rs.439 (originally Rs.621) online, go for it after discussing it with your doctor.

3. Mee Mee PostNatal Magnetic Maternity Support Corset Belt

Mee Mee Post Natal Belt

Mee Mee’s Maternity Corset is perfect for women seeking relief from aches and pains in sensitive areas not only as postpartum abdominal support but also during the period of pregnancy. Mee Mee’s Abdominal Support Corset supports the abdomen, hips, and spine and also helps in maintaining proper posture during breastfeeding.


It provides superior comfort as it is made of premium quality breathable cotton fabric
Can be easily adjusted to suit your body shape and type without putting yourself under stress
It gently tones the stomach lining and gives you a firmer stomach.
Can be worn discreetly under your regular clothes for that curvy look
You can get the Mee Post Natal Magnetic Maternity Support Corset Belt in two colors, namely beige and pink.
511 worth Rs.

4. Wonder Care Abdominal Belt after Delivery Binder

Wonder Care Abdominal Belt

If you are looking to buy a post-delivery abdominal belt but don’t want to spend a lot of money initially, you can opt for the Wonder Care abdominal belt which provides better comfort at a budget-friendly price. Also, you can get this post maternity belt in different sizes so that you can choose the most comfortable belt for you.


It is made of thin, is lightweight, and can be worn discreetly under clothing – thanks to the pleasant aesthetics
Comes with additional porous webbing to improve ventilation and bring comfort to the person wearing it
Provides optimum compression of the abdominal muscles – strengthening and toning them for a firmer look.
It comes with a wide hook and loop tape panel for better grip.
You can choose from a variety of sizes – from 28″ to 48″
Price only Rs. 399.

5. Flamingo Abdominal Belt For Postpartum Tummy Trimming

Flamingo Abdominal Belt

Available in 5 sizes, the Flamingo Abdominal Belt is perfect for people recovering from abdominal surgery or post-delivery. It is intended more as a post-delivery belt and is generally not used for other medical purposes.


Works wonders to reduce pressure on the bladder, reduce varicosity and reduce swelling in the pelvic region
Tones the abdominal muscles and strengthens the back after delivery
Stretchable in nature so you feel comfortable wearing it for a long time
Improves circulation during workout sessions or while you are exercising
Comes at a very affordable price of Rs. 452.

6. Cling Post Maternity Corset


Cling Breath Corset

Cling Post Maternity Belts provide an additional width of 25cms while providing maximum support to the abdominal walls for maximum comfort. This is a corset-type maternity belt and is suitable for those who want to support all their tummy with a belly belt.


Cling Post Maternity Corset provides support to weak muscles by ensuring adequate compression through excellent elasticity of the product.
Made entirely of elastic material, it provides a snug and warm fit to your body and can be worn for long intervals
Skin-friendly materials are used to manufacture cling post-maternity corsets making them skin comfy
The belt retains its elasticity, even after prolonged use
Can also be worn discreetly under clothing
Comes at an attractive price of Rs. 499.

7. Farlin Breathable Postnatal Reshaping Abdominal Girdle Belt

Farlin Abdominal Girdle Belt

The furling girdle is designed to reshape the abdominal muscles and improve shape by contracting the abdomen and hips. Additionally, it also helps reduce stretch marks as it holds all the extra post-pregnancy flab together. Men can also use it to reduce the waist.


Made with smart maternity technology that allows free stretching and provides smooth adjustment
The material is 100% Dacron and natural rubber which makes it very lightweight
It supports and tones the muscles of the back and core
The fit is well suited and helps to improve posture while caring for the baby after delivery
You can easily wear it under your clothes and it will hide well.
Can be bought for around one lakh rupees. 1459 online.

8. JSB BS55 Premium LS Support Belt

JSB BS55 LS Support Belt

From the house of JSB Healthcare, the JBS BS555 Premium LS Support Belt is ideal for those looking for comfort from back pain, back spasms, sciatica pain, dislocated discs, or post-operative support. It is also a great option for women who want to tighten their tummy after delivery. One of the most recommended belts for women after childbirth it offers many features as below.


It provides back support targeting only the right muscles and is orthopedically proven
It comes with a metal bar to support the spine
To ensure that it stays in position and does not slip, it comes with a double lock feature which makes its grip strong.
Can be worn for hiatus without compromising on comfort due to its breathable design and soft texture
JBS BS 555 Premium LS Support Belt provides perfect elasticity and ideal compression
Can be purchased in various sizes from 28″ to 48″
Price of Rs 499

9. Baby Bucket Women’s Post Pregnancy Slimming Belt

Baby Bucket Slimming Belt


The Baby Bucket Women’s Post Pregnancy Slimming Belt is specially designed for postpartum use by women to relieve abdominal muscle tension and support the back. It took away the back fatigue that a new mother has to endure whether it is during the regular hours of feeding the baby or the discomfort of sitting.


Unique corset fit that tightens the abdomen, relieves waist fatigue, and shapes your belly
Provides a curve at the waist to suit the need of postpartum mothers and obese women
Comes with a unique trapezium design that provides much-needed support to the back muscles and supports the core abdominal muscles
Can be worn for long periods of time under your regular clothes
Made with elastic material with breathable properties so as not to irritate the skin
One of the popular belts after pregnancy after c section used by mothers in India
699 online priced at Rs.

10. Jern Breathable 3Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle

Jern Maternity Girdle Belt

Recommended for mothers recovering from childbirth and women with fitness and heavy lifting, the Journ Breathable Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle is one of the premium post-natal slimming belts in India.


Offers excellent elasticity and flexibility due to its high-quality nylon and rubber
It can be worn continuously for long periods of time, thanks to its mesh and breathable design that ensures you stay comfortable at all times
Can be adjusted as per the requirement with Velcro closure
Suitable for women who are also recovering from a C-section birth
Burn Breathable Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle costing Rs. 788.
The postpartum belt can significantly help new mothers in achieving their pre-pregnancy shape and also provides them with a lot of support. The in-shape belt makes you look slimmer, and you can easily carry yourself in the dress of your choice. However, it is only on the recommendation of your doctor that you should wear a post-pregnancy belt, so make sure you get his opinion. And remember, you don’t have to, and you shouldn’t compromise on your comfort when using postpartum belts, so don’t use them if you feel any discomfort.


Everything You Wanted to Know About the Post-Maternity Belt

But before you decide to buy the best post-pregnancy belts to tighten your abdominal muscles, you might be wondering if they help. Let’s answer these questions.

Do post-pregnancy belts help reduce belly?

Most women find that the post-pregnancy girdle helps in tightening the stomach to some extent. You still need to work out to get that flat stomach. Wearing a sash helps the enlarged uterus and other muscles to shrink in size and settle back into their respective places in your abdomen. Sometimes the tummy shrinks to its original size, giving you a nice tummy in no time.

The abdominal belt also helps in shrinking your hips and gives you a slimmer look. They support your abdominal muscles, aid in your posture, and prevent stretching and significantly, loose skin. It supports your back that requires extra support and prevents conditions such as back pain, scoliosis, and spinal curvature.

Most importantly, wearing a post-pregnancy belly belt also boosts the confidence of a new mom who is struggling with her new roles and her body.

Is it necessary to wear a belt after c section?

If you have had a C-section delivery, wearing a slimming belt after pregnancy can help limit the movement of sensitive tissues, hold stitches, and relieve swelling of the entire abdomen, allowing it to heal faster. Is.

So when is the right time to invest in a slimming belt after pregnancy?

By the way, some people believe that if you have had a normal delivery, then you can wear a maternity belt after just one day.

However, if you have had a C-section, the general advice is to wait 6-8 weeks or until the incision has healed. This reduces the risk of complications due to the tightening of the abdomen.

Your doctor will be the best person to help you in this regard – he or she can suggest when to start wearing a maternity belt considering your health, childbirth, and any other condition.


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