Top10 Best Roti Makers

Who doesn’t like to serve hot, soft, and round chapati with a meal? I sure do! But making round, soft and delicious Rotis is not easy. Hours of labor go into the process, adding oppressive summer heat to the equation, and you have women who hate the idea of ​​making loaves. This is where a roti maker or chapati maker comes to your rescue- take out several round-shaped, soft, and hot rotis in a matter of minutes, sitting anywhere in your home. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, it really isn’t. The market is full of roti makers, but in order to help you choose the best roti maker, we’ve done all the research and hard work and listed the top chapati makers below.

One may wonder what exactly is a roti maker or a chapati maker? Who can use the equipment? How safe is it? Well, let’s answer your questions below.

Top 10 Roti Maker In India for 2021 with Machine Price

1. BAJAJ VACCO 900W “Go-Ezzee” Non-Stick Chapati Maker

Comes from the trusted house of Bajaj Waco, one of the most popular and reputed roti makers in India. Not only round and soft chapatis, but you can also use it to make chakras, parathas, papads, and even kulchas – it is a multi-purpose roti maker.

Benefits: Made of high-quality components, a shockproof body and handle that can withstand high temperatures, it is lightweight, easy to use and manage, comes with an LED power indicator and an auto shut-off feature. The non-stick coating on the Tawa and stainless steel body ensure that you use the chapati maker for a long time. It is a compact and portable chapati maker, and you can make warm and soft rotis from anywhere in your home

Cons: We could not find any disadvantages associated with this product.

Price: Priced at Rs. 1989 online, this is one of the best roti maker machines under Rs. 2500.

2. MOLO 900W Non-Stick Coated Roti Maker


Another multi-purpose and economical roti maker is the MOLO 900 Watt Roti Maker. The best possible features with equally attractive prices are the salient features of Molo Chapati Maker which can be used for making Chakras, Parathas, and Papads also. Some people have tried to make omelet and cheela also and they have got success too.

Benefits: The most attractive feature of Molo Roti Maker is the price point – it costs Rs. 1000 and is quite affordable for undergraduates and students. It has a stainless steel body, and the pan has a non-stick coating with a charcoal finish – it’s both safe and shockproof.

Cons: There have been a few complaints regarding the handle, so it’s better to use it delicately.

Price: Affordably priced at Rs. 1290 with a year of warranty on the product.

3. Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker

Another best-selling roti maker under Rs. 2000 is from reputed kitchen appliance brand Sunflame. Sunflame has been a part of Indian kitchens for decades, and with this RM1 900W roti maker, it is sure to be a part of bachelors’ kitchens as well.

Benefits The standard size roti maker heats up evenly and ensures that the roti gets cooked well from all sides. Features like LED power indicator and thermally insulated handle make it easy to use and safe. The pan is coated with a food-grade non-stick coating, which ensures that the dough does not stick to it. Easy to clean and maintain, it is also the perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts as you can make oil-free rotis with it.

Cons: The dough used for baking with Sunflame RM1 Chapati Maker should be soft and slightly moist to get soft and puffed chapatis. It doesn’t give good results with old flour, so make a fresh batch when using it.

Price: Sunflame RM1 Roti Maker machine is priced at Rs. 1417 and also carries one year warranty with it.

4. Eagle Electric Roti Maker

Save time, electricity, and your energy with Eagle’s super affordable chapati maker. Eagle Electric Roti Maker costs less than Rs 1000 and makes super soft Rotis super quick in less than a minute. No wonder it is one of the best-selling roti makers in India.

Benefits: It has a sturdy shockproof body and stainless steel exterior material, making it both durable and safe. The uniform heating of the Tawa ensures proper cooking of the rotis. With a sturdy handle, it is easy to use and has lightweight. The neon light indicator tells you when the bread is cooked. The dual heating feature heats both the top and bottom plates for even cooking.

Cons: The pan diameter is relatively small compared to other competitors. So you will not be able to make omelet or chakra in this roti maker.

Price: The roti maker machine is priced attractively at Rs. 999(originally Rs. 2499), making it very affordable for single people and students.

5. Baltra BTR-201 900-Watt Magicook Roti Maker

If you are looking for a roti maker from a brand that is renowned for its durability and advanced features, then the BTR 201 Magicook Roti Maker from Baltra would be a perfect choice. The brand has a reputation, and it strongly advocates its trust by its consumers with this innovative product.

Benefits: With the dual plate heating system, rotis are cooked faster and evenly from both sides. An automatic heat indicator light lets you know when it is hot and when the chapati is cooked. A sturdy stainless steel body ensures durability, and the non-stick coating is long-lasting. Thermostat control is another attractive feature that makes it the best bread maker. Brand trust attracts many people to the product.

Cons: Availability can be a problem, as it is with most Baltra products. You might have to specifically hunt it down!

Price: Online, it is priced at Rs. 1495 along with one year warranty on the product.

6. Jaipan JDRM-901 1000-Watt Jumbo Roti Maker

Another brand that is mostly found in Indian homes is Jaipur. The kitchen appliances of Jaipur have been at par with the quality, and this has made it one of the most trusted brands in the segment. Japan’s JDRM-901 is a 1000 W bread maker – unlike the 900 W operating bread makers by the competition. Make puffed, soft rotis in no time with this super durable chapati maker.

Benefits: High-quality stainless steel is used for the outer plates, and the inner plates are coated with a German technology non-stick coating. The product is easy to clean. The body is durable, so is the housing, and you get a flexible knob to lift the top plate. There is a cool-touch handle to press the dough, and it spreads evenly on the pan. A power indicator lamp lets you know when it is working. The 10-inch diameter of the tawa is also quite an attractive feature.

Cons: It takes about 6-7 minutes to heat up. If the dough is not fresh, the loaves sometimes become thick.

Price: Own your Jaipan JDRM-901 Jumbo Roti Maker for Rs. 2250. The product comes with a one-year warranty as well.

7. Hilton Roti Maker (Multi-Utility) With Stainless Steel Lid

It takes about 6-7 minutes to heat up. If the dough is not fresh, the rotis sometimes become thick. A versatile roti maker that can be used to prepare dosa, omelet, papad, khakhra, and cheela. You can also use it to roast vegetables or prepare some yourself.

Benefits: The best part of buying this roti maker is that it does not have flat edges but rather has a curved edge that prevents liquids like egg batter from falling through. This makes it perfect for singles and singles who are looking for something that can do more than just make chapatis. In addition, it has a power indicator and a green indicator to let you know when the roti maker is ready to use. Also easy to clean – thanks to the non-stick coating. You can wipe the chapati maker with a clean cloth. The body is durable and shockproof, and the lid is another attractive feature.

Cons: We could garner from Hilton roti maker reviews that it takes more time to heat than other brands. Nevertheless, once it gets heated up, it maintains the heat and cooks evenly.

Price: Priced at Rs. 2490 online, buy it if you are looking to get something that does multi jobs as a chapatti maker.

8. Pigeon by Stove Kraft 12376 900-Watt Roti Maker

Pigeon is the flagship brand of leading kitchen appliances and cookware brand Stove Craft, offering a wide range of modern and innovative kitchen products. Pigeon’s 12376 900 Watt Roti Maker is another must-have product in your kitchen that will make your life easier, especially if you are a bachelor and want to make Rotis without the hassle.

Benefits: With a brushed stainless steel housing, power indicator, and ready-to-use indicator, a closer look, and easy-to-use features, this is one of the best bread makers you’ll find at an attractive price point. The plates are non-stick coated and can be easily cleaned with a cloth after use. The cord wraps up quickly for storage. It can also be easily stored vertically, taking up very little space in your kitchen.

Cons: The diameter of the tawa is 8 inches – which may be small for people used to having large, round rotis. It needs the soft, sticky dough to prepare just the right roti for you.

Price: Affordably priced at Rs. 1430, it comes with a one-year warranty and makes a good buy.

9. Eveready RM1001 900-Watt Roti Maker

The list of best-selling roti makers in India has Eveready RM1001 900 with amazing features and great price points. A versatile roti maker under Rs. With over 2000 features and good reviews, you can incorporate it into your kitchen for both ease and comfort of cooking.

Benefits: It has a non-stick coated plate for a healthy and hassle-free cooking experience. A user-friendly lever, comfortable lift handle, a power indicator along with in-built thermostat for safety are some of the features of this roti maker. The base is wide and is suitable for making theplas, chakras, and uttapam. The dual heating element speeds up the cooking process, and you’ve got perfectly cooked, puffed, and fluffy loaves in no time.


Cons: It takes time to heat up, and you need to place new and soft dough balls for getting perfect chapattis. Patience, as they say, is a virtue.

Price: It will cost you Rs. 1800 with a 24-month warranty on the product.

10. Libra Athena Roti Maker

Last but one of the popular bread makers in the market is Libres Athena, the bread maker. From a start-up, this roti maker has garnered a loyal customer base due to its good texture and attractive features, even at a good price.

Benefits: Make chapatis, parathas, khakis, or cheetahs in this multi-utility roti maker, and don’t worry about the effort. Not only for housewives, but it is also a perfect product for bachelors and older adults as well. Safe and convenient to use without any hassle of storage, energy-efficient, and a non-stick surface that can be cleaned easily are some of the other features. Secure Bakelite handles make it easy to use.

Cons: As with any other bread maker, a good bread dough’s softness and how well the ball holds depends on whether the bread maker is hot enough. Follow the directions to get perfect loaves in minutes.

Price: At Rs. 1499, you can bring home this versatile and best roti maker and make your life easier.

What Is A Roti Maker/Chapatti Maker?

An electronic mini kitchen appliance, a roti maker, or a chapati maker does exactly what it’s supposed to – it makes instant hot Rotis without spending hours in the kitchen. Pressure and heat are the two principles that make it work. It helps to give an excellent round shape if you place the dough patty in the middle and press gently with the top lid. The bottom plate acts as a non-stick tava, and you have perfectly round chapatis in minutes.

Baking Rotis in roti maker is not only a mess-free, hassle-free, sweat-free, and stress-free experience, it is also an excellent option for those who love rotis but cannot stand and roll them. Undergraduates may also find it particularly useful.


So here was our carefully curated list of the best roti makers in India. If you are unable to make Rotis for any reason, then buy one. Not only singles, housewives, and older adults can also benefit from this innovative product. This comes in handy when you have many people and you have to make a lot of rotis. We suggest you choose any one of the above famous roti makers and making chapatis is a tedious task.










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