Top 8 best tripods in ndia for taking better photos

The best tripod can help you improve your game when it comes to producing quality photos and videos. A strong and sturdy set of feet and ball head opens up technical possibilities that would be difficult or impossible to achieve otherwise, including long exposures, low light shots, traffic trails, panoramas, and panoramic shots.

With so many brands and models out there, what’s the best tripod to choose? A good place to start is to consider the hardware. Some of the best tripods are made from carbon fiber, which is stronger and lighter than aluminum or magnesium alloy, but it’s also more expensive.

After deciding on your budget, you’ll also want to consider what type of camera you own (check out our guide to the best cameras if you’re looking to upgrade) and how you plan to use your tripod. For more help with decision-making, skip to the bottom of this article for a guide on choosing the right tripod.

Read on for our pick of the best tripods, including options for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, and top smartphones.

01. Benro Go Plus Travel

A superbly designed tripod that works anywhere and everywhere

Main material: Aluminium | Folded height (leg inversion): 49cm (yes) | Weight: 2.3kg | Max operating height: 179cm | Max load (legs, head): 14kg | Sections per leg: 4 sections | Locking leg angles: 3 angles



We think the best tripod right now is the Benro Go Plus Travel. It’s light and compact enough to be carried on the go and offers an impressive maximum operating height of 179cm. The legs have four sections, and one can easily be unscrewed to be used as a monopod with the removable center column.

The center column itself can be rotated vertically through a full 180-degree arc, with multiple locking angles. The pivot system is fluid and every feature is well designed. Benro offers carbon fiber models or a cheaper aluminum version. The legs and head are sold separately, which means it may cost more, but it gives you the flexibility to match them however you want. We suggest that the Benro B1 Double Action Ball Head is the best tripod head for this model.

02. 3 Legged Thing PUNKS Travis Tripod

This sturdy, versatile tripod is a good all-rounder

Main material: Magnesium alloy |Folded height (leg inversion): 45cm (yes) |Weight: 1.6kg |Max operating height: 165cm |Max load: 18kg |Sections per leg: 4 sections |Locking leg angles: 3


The PUNKS TRAVIS MAGNESIUM ALLOY SYSTEM 3 Legged Thing Tripod System WITH AIRHEAD NEO is a sturdy and sturdy 3 Legged Thing option that stands up to all conditions. This set of legs can hold even the heaviest professional setups, supporting up to 18kg.

This reliable tripod’s detachable rubber feet, endearingly nicknamed “Bootz,” and the unique Tri-Mount plate allows for easy attachment of accessories. This makes the Travis a highly customizable option that you can tailor to the way you work.

Although it is not advertised as a travel tripod, it measures less than 45cm when folded, so it can be used for traveling with little hassle. It also fits quickly into a monopod, making it a versatile all-rounder. Aluminum Travis has a carbon fiber sibling named Billy, but the cost is a bit higher.

03. Manfrotto 055CXPRO3

This Manfrotto tripod is your best option if you need height

Main material: Carbon fibre | Folded height (leg inversion): 72cm (no) | Weight: 2.54kg | Max operating height: 182cm | Max load (legs, head): 9kg, 10kg | Sections per leg: 3 sections | Locking leg angles: 4

One of the best tripods for those who need to shoot at high angles, the Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 three-section carbon option reaches a height of 182cm with the Manfrotto XPRO ball head with 200PL plate installed.

This sturdy combination is sold separately rather than as a complete kit, with the legs available in several aluminum and carbon fiber options. The three-section option measures long enough when folded, but the 4-section version is smaller if you need a more compact option for traveling.

Either way, both are quick to set up as the legs don’t lift up for storage. Unusually, the leg section locks have a rocking action rather than a twisting mechanism, but they do the job well. The center column’s 90-degree swivel function is also easy to use.

When it comes to the head, the XPRO Ball is one of the best tripod heads and comes with a Manfrotto quick release plate with 1/4 inch screw or a Manfrotto Arca-Swiss quick release plate.

04. MeFOTO GlobeTrotter

This tripod’s small but strong and reaches a reasonable height

Main material: Aluminium | Folded height (leg inversion): 41cm (yes) | Weight: 2.10kg | Max operating height: 165cm | Max load (legs, head): 12kg, 12kg | Sections per leg: 5 sections | Locking leg angles: 2


Weighing in at over 2kg, the MeFoto GlobeTrotter Aluminum A2350Q2 is a bit heavier than we would like for a travel tripod, but it folds up to just 41cm long. The weight pays off in the form of a maximum load capacity of 12 kg for the legs and kneecap, which is provided. And despite their small size, the five-section legs give you a maximum operating height of 165cm. This makes for an impressive set for its size.

The legs lift up to reduce transport length, and one can be detached to act as a monopod. Interchangeable rubber pads and metal spikes are provided as well as a padded bag. Now, all that’s missing is a pivot function for the center column, and there are only two lockable leg angles instead of the more usual three. A more expensive carbon fiber edition is also available, reducing the total weight by 400g.

05. Vanguard ALTA PRO 2+

The best tripod for ultra low-level shooting

Main material: Carbon fibre | Folded height (leg inversion): 71cm (no) | Weight: 2.1kg | Max operating height: 172cm | Max load (legs, head): 7kg, 10kg | Sections per leg: 3 sections | Locking leg angles: 4


The Vanguard ALTA PRO 2+ 263AB 100 tripod favors a quick and easy setup rather than minimizing the folded size. The three-section legs have four selectable locking angles, and the center column has a 180-degree swivel function, making it easy to shoot at super-low levels.

Like the newer Manfrotto tripods, such as the current versions of the 055 and 190, this Vanguard tripod features a 3/8 inch threaded socket for accessories such as an LED light. The build quality is solid throughout. The only downside is that since the legs don’t fully pivot for storage, the folded size is rather large.

06. Manfrotto 190go!

This twist on Manfrotto’s longstanding 190 series is a solid compact tripod

Main material: Carbon fibre | Folded height (leg inversion): 54cm (no) | Weight: 1.94kg | Max operating height: 159cm | Max load (legs, head): 6kg, 10kg | Sections per leg: 4 sections | Locking leg angles: 4


The best tripod in terms of compact and conventional options, the Manfrotto 190 Go! builds on the popularity of the Manfrotto 190 series. There are several kits on the market, which are distinguished by their twist clamps instead of clip locks. They come with four-section aluminum or carbon fiber legs and with three-way or ball-and-socket heads. The best options include Manfrotto’s exceptional XPRO head, which also comes in three-way or ball versions.

The convenient swivel ease allows the center column to act as a horizontal boom, adding to the ease of use of the tripod. The legs do not lift for storage, but the folded length still reaches a modest 54cm. The maximum operating height of 159cm is not the most generous, and the maximum load of 6kg for the legs is a little less than that of the XPRO ball head.

07. Manfrotto Befree

One of the smallest and most lightweight aluminum tripods out there

Main material: Aluminium | Folded height (leg inversion): 41cm (yes) | Weight: 1.5kg | Max operating height: 144cm | Max load (legs, head): 4kg, 4kg | Sections per leg: 4 sections | Locking leg angles: 2


There are several newer editions of the Manfrotto Befree on the market, but it’s hard to beat the simplicity of the original. It weighs just 1.5kg and folds down to just 41cm, making it a perfect choice for travel photography.

The four-section legs provide a maximum operating height of 144cm and the load capacity is 4kg. Both are rather modest but should suffice for most photographers who do not have special requirements. Due to their lightweight construction, the tripod and head are strong and sturdy, and the clip clamps work smoothly and efficiently. As a basic tripod that won’t weigh you down on the road, the Befree is a solid travel companion.

08. Joby GorillaPod 1K

Take your camera to new, uncharted vantage points

Main material: ABS plastic, stainless steel | Folded height (leg inversion): N/A | Weight: 196g | Max operating height: 25.5cm | Max load: 1kg | Sections per leg: Multiple | Locking leg angles: N/A

We couldn’t finish a list of the best tripods without mentioning the legendary Joby GorillaPod 1K. This mini tripod has legs that can bend in any direction, allowing it to grab all kinds of objects in all kinds of places. Yes, the 1kg payload will limit your setup, but as long as you’re not using a professional DSLR and telephoto lens, the GorillaPod allows you to keep your camera steady in places where it wouldn’t otherwise be possible, by opening up a range of creative options.

If you are using mirrorless cameras or a smartphone (with an adapter), this is a good additional accessory to add to your kit. Its flexibility means it stores well and adds very little extra weight to your travel gear. As an added bonus, you can group the legs together to convert the GorillaPod into a grip for video shooting or on-the-spot selfies. A great tip.

How to pick the best tripod

When it comes to choosing the best tripod for you, it helps to understand the different options on the market. Many recent models have legs that swivel vertically for storage so that the legs encompass the head when the center column is fully extended. This can reduce their folded length by about 8cm but has the downside of making these tripods more complicated to set up.

Another factor is the number of sections in the legs. Four or five telescoping sections rather than the more conventional three can help increase maximum height while reducing storage size. This saves space and is particularly convenient for travel, but again means more setup time due to the extra clamps.

Some current tripods also have a pivoting center column, which in most cases allows you to use it as a horizontal boom, as well as vertically. This can be a big advantage for macro photography, as well as for shooting with an ultra-wide-angle or fisheye lens.

It also allows for very low-level shooting, as most tripods now have legs that can be pulled apart to lock at several wider angles from vertical. Some swivel tripods go further and allow you to lock the center column at multiple angles for a full 180-degree arc.

The lightest tripods are usually made from carbon fiber, which can reduce the weight of a full-size tripod kit by about 20% compared to an aluminum option. The material is more expensive, but if you have the budget and weight is a big factor, then a carbon fiber option may be the best tripod for you.

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