Top10 Best Wireless Mouse In India

A mouse is an essential computer accessory that you need to run your computer system, and a wireless mouse offers so much portability and ease of use along with additional features that you should have. If you are looking for the best wireless mouse then we have simplified the whole process for you. No matter whether you have a laptop or desktop, a wireless mouse will aid in better productivity, be convenient to use, and be good for your hand and fingers too. Although most of us think of upgrading our system and its programs, we hardly think about the mouse. It is time, indeed, that you should buy the best wireless mouse for you and see what a difference it makes.

Top 10 Wireless Mice In 2021 With Prices

The following list of top 10 wireless mice in India with prices will help you decide to buy the best wireless mouse for yourself based on your budget, requirement, and computer compatibility.

1. Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse for Windows and Mac

A pioneer in mice technology, Logitech is credited with having some of the best wireless mice in the Indian market. Your system must have Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7; Mac OS X version 10.5 or later or Linux 2.6+ and a USB port must be compatible with the Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse.

Benefits: Apart from being compact and looking fashionable, it is also designed ergonomically so that your hands and fingers remain comfortable. It will be at least a year until you need new AA batteries, so that’s another good reason. The optical tracking feature enables precise clicking and pointing on the screen with a resolution of up to 1000 Hz. It offers integrated supported 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity and the approximate distance is 10 meters. Weighing just 84 grams, it is quite lightweight and fits easily in your bag giving you complete portability.

Price: One of the best wireless mice in India, you can get it for Rs. 649 against the MRP of Rs. 995 on amazon. i

2. Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse (Black)

Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse Timeless Black is the best budget wireless mouse in India in 2019. Lightweight, weighing just 70.5 grams with battery, it offers 12 months of battery life and reliable connectivity with modern features.

Benefits: To use the Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse, your system configuration must be Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later; Mac OS X 10.8 or later; Chrome OS; Linux kernel 2.6+ and a USB port. It offers a wireless range of around 10 meters with 1000 dpi. Pairing it with your system is easy because all you have to do is plug the small wireless receiver into the USB port. It also features advanced optical tracking and makes it efficient to work with. The plastic used is durable, has no barriers to motion, and the optical light hidden on the back of the mouse is designed to save battery.

Price: It is priced at Rs. 579 online against an MRP of Rs. 895.

3. HP X3500 Wireless Mouse (Black)



HP’s world-class computer products and accessories have won the hearts of many of us. This HP wireless mouse keeps the same premium HP standard offering you world-class features and advanced technical features to give you a seamless experience.

Benefits: The HP X3500 is lightweight and ergonomically designed to improve the way you browse on your computer or laptop. It operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz so you can use it wirelessly within a range of 10 meters. Scrolling is smooth, to the point navigation and an adjustable optical scanner allows you the freedom of choice. It uses a nano receiver that connects the mouse to the computer via a USB port. Bluetooth enabled, this stylish wireless mouse from HP supports various operating systems like Microsoft Windows 7/8/XP/Vista.

Price: Affordable price Rs. 749 online, it makes for a great buy. However, you can get up to 63% off on HP accessories when you use the HP Coupons. So don’t forget to check these offers before buying.

4. Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse (Black)




Lenovo has been an iconic computer brand for decades and many people are quite loyal to it. Lenovo N100 is for those who like to use computer accessories without getting into too much technicality. In addition, it is economical on the pocket.

Advantages: Designed in a teardrop shape, this wireless mouse looks and feels delicate, though it allows for comfortable navigation. You can install it simply by plugging it into a USB receiver. The anti-slip feature is ideal for seamless browsing. Although it’s heavier than some of the top wireless mice, weighing in at 59 grams, it can comfortably be used continuously for hours without your hands feeling strained. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, although some updated Mac versions do not support it.

Price: Only Rs. Own your Lenovo N100 wireless mouse for precise navigation in the world. 649. To avail discounts on this mouse and other similar products from the brand, you can use Lenovo coupons. This will help you save up to 35% on various laptop accessories.

5. Dell WM126 Wireless Optical Mouse (Black)



Dell has quite a reputation for churning out the most desirable and technologically advanced computers and its accessories at competitive prices. This wireless mouse from Dell also lives up to its reputation and doesn’t disappoint.

Pros: Although the Dell WM126 Wireless Mouse weighs 136 grams, it doesn’t feel bulky or bulky. In fact, it’s ideal for both home and office use with a simple plug-and-play installation via the receiver included in the package. The battery lasts up to a year and is compatible with Windows 7, Linux Android, and Chrome. With 3 buttons, this contoured mouse can be paired with up to 6 compatible devices using a single receiver. With laser movement detection technology, precise navigation comes naturally. It provides 1000 dpi movement resolution.

Price: Rs. 799 is what you need to pay for the Dell WM126 Wireless Mouse and experience comfortable accurate navigation. But hello! Have you checked Dell Coupons yet? You might be surprised by the extra savings on products like this and more.

6. HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse (Black)

Having a wireless mouse is not only about having a clutter-free workstation, but it’s also about looking cool. If you have a mouse that is elegant and chic and also provides you with ease of use, then without any doubt go for the HPZ3700 Wireless Mouse.

Benefits: Not only is it attractive and stylish to look at, but it is also compact and weighs just 49.9 grams. Battery life is longer than many others – 16 months at a stretch. Easy to set up with the Wireless Nano receiver, it comes with a reliable 2.4Hz wireless connection. It comes with Blue LED technology that gives you the freedom to work from a variety of surfaces. Thanks to the 1200 dpi optical sensor, it boasts superb speed with matching accuracy. The HPZ3700 is compatible with Windows 7 and above, Mac OS 10.3 and later, and Chrome.

Price: Looking at its looks and features, it is priced at Rs. 1099 online against an MRP of Rs. 1499


7. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse



Let us introduce you to Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse designed for those who are always on more, working more on more computers. Holding it once in your hand will make you feel as if it is perfectly sculpted just for your hands.

Benefits: Specifically designed for those who manage multiple workflows at the same time, with the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse they can be more efficient and productive than ever. Navigate and control up to 3 computer devices at once, share files, cut, copy-paste, and do it all with a single mouse. You need Logitech Options software to give you the ultimate cross-computer control experience. You can use it on any surface and it performs well on glass too. Logitech MX operates at hyper-fast speeds with precise click-on-click navigation. You can charge the battery and a fully charged battery lasts for about 70 days. You can connect to it either via an integrated receiver or wirelessly. Compatible with Windows 7 or later or Mac OS 10.10 and later versions.

Price: With so many amazing benefits, this cross-computer wireless mouse is priced at Rs. 8995 at MRP.

8. Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver (Black)

The Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse is another quality wireless mouse that works flawlessly and also gives you a clutter-free work desk. So-called because it makes no ‘click’ sound when used, you can work even if your baby is asleep!

Advantages: Besides the fact that this mouse lets you work without disturbing anyone, Logitech advanced optical tracking for very precise movements. Plus, it works anywhere, on any surface. Being wireless, all you need to do is plug the Nano receiver in to set it up and operate on a 2.4GHz wireless connection range with a range of 10 meters. The battery lasts for about 2 years, providing a minimum and maximum DPI of 1000±. The required system configuration is Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 7 Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Chrome OSTM Linux Kernel.

Price: It is priced at Rs. Online after 1085 discount.

9. HP 200 Wireless Mouse (Black)

Compact, portable, easy-to-use, and economical – this is how the HP 200 wireless mouse can be defined. HP’s wireless mice are quite popular due to their affordable price and high quality.

Benefits: Weighing in at 109 grams, it is quite compact and will fit easily in your bag if you are carrying it with you. It also comes with an AOC LED monitor to save you power, although the colors are far from perfect. It can display approximately 16.7 million colors with the help of FRC 8-bit panel functionality. Fulfill your multiple viewing options by adjusting the hotkeys – it offers 5 display settings. The design is ergonomic and fits snugly in the hand. Plus, you can play games or work with it for hours without hurting your fingers.

Price: The HP 200 Wireless Mouse is priced at Rs. 715 on MRP.

10. TeckNet Raptor Prime SM268AG Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you’re specifically looking for a gaming mouse that’s also wireless and you thought we missed it, we haven’t. For a truly ultimate gaming experience, we have chosen a brand that is renowned for producing quality wireless gaming mice.

Benefits: For maximum efficiency, while playing games, the TechNet Raptor comes with 8 programmable buttons. For certain games, you can save up to 3 profiles. It also offers 6 default DPI levels (800/1200/1600/2400/3200/4800) along with other programmable features. It can act on multiple surfaces, thanks to True-Wave technology that provides precise and smart cursor control. With the auto power-off function, it saves you battery life which is 12 months. And what’s more, the mouse gives you an indicator of the battery level so you’ll never go unnoticed! The transmission speed between the mouse and the system runs up to a 500Hz return rate so that you can enjoy your gaming fluently and freely. The plug-and-play feature also saves unnecessary installation hassles.

Price: For a great gaming experience, get this stylish wireless gaming mouse at Rs. 1199 online.

So this was our complete list of wireless mice available at various price points in India. Whether you are a professional or an amateur computer user, or a gamer, you are likely to choose the best from the list. Save this as your ultimate wireless mouse buying guide and you can thank us later.


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