Top 10 Electric Shaver with good battery life In India In India For Men

Gone are the days when people used razor blades to trim hair follicles. This is a time-consuming process and can be prone to damage and injury to the skin when you are in a hurry.

Everything has become automated to meet the accelerated pace of life we ​​lead today. An electric shaver is what you need for an efficient shaving experience without causing skin irritation. It is very easy to use, maintain and also portable. Unlike traditional models, an electric shaver can be used for men and takes 3-5 minutes to trim the hair on different parts of the body.

With the availability of so many brands online, choosing the right brand for your skin type is challenging. Hence, you need to consider certain parameters such as type, power source, wet and dry mode, waterproof nature, smart choice – indicator, LCD, timer, price, and warranty details.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of Best Electric Shaver in India 2022 by researching and conducting online reviews and interacting with customers.

Let’s dive into the products now!


1. Havells RS7130 Shaver for Men


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