Top 10 Brands To Bay Western Kurtis

It is the desire of every woman to look beautiful in Kurtis. But, don’t know where to buy it? This article is for you.

India is the homeland of elegant Kurtis available from Bridal Red to Millennial Pink color and much more. They are considered the pride of Indian fashion and have always been a staple of women’s wardrobe.

Whether you are planning to wear Kurti for college, office, parties, or other events, prefer lightweight and versatile models that bring out the best in you. The classic colors and design patterns make it a perfect match with your favorite jhumkas, bangles, necklaces, and other jewelery items.

With a great selection of styles for your body type and shape – from daring and sexy options for the party to classic models for the office. Are you excited to shop online? Check out our round-up article on top Kurti brands and make an informed decision.

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Curating the Best Kurti Brands for Women
Buying Kurtis just got easier with the plethora of e-stores available at your fingertips. They have come up with great features like customer reviews, catalogs, etc. to improve your shopping experience. No matter the reason, you have to look at the images that customers post along with the reviews and then decide whether you want to buy the Kurti or not. These practices can certainly help you have a better experience when shopping online.


1. Biba


Biba is one of the most popular Kurti brands that have stylish Kurti. The brand has a great collection of ethnic wear be it Kurti, suit set, or just dupatta. You will look gorgeous wearing one of the Kurtis from BIBA. You can team your Kurtis with anything at Biba.

You can buy Biba Kurtis online from sites like Jabong, Amazon, Myntra, and many more. This is one of the best brands to get girl Kurtis online and offline as well. This brand tops the list of Kurti brand names due to its high demand and technology. It is an Indian brand which not only gives you Kurtis but also allows wide suit sets covering upper, bottom along with dupatta. The brand has a beautiful ethnic collection and has offerings that suit women in their old age. You will look impressive wearing one of these BIBA Kurtis. You can buy Biba kurta online from sites like Jabong, Amazon, Myntra, and many more.

The Biba brand tops the list because of its great reputation and fashion. Ethnicity has always been dearest among women, hence having Biba branded Kurtis has become quite a must. The advent of the new Kurti offers a variety that fits all budgets and fashions and matches all types. Biba is one of the top ethnic brands that you can find online with their complete collection and price.

Biba Sarees offers unique styles like kurta, cape kurta, toga kurta, and more with quirky combinations and color varieties. If you are looking to buy a Kurti for a party or just for a casual meeting, Biba should be your next destination.

The starting price of Biba Kurtis is Rs. 1,000 onwards.


2. Libas


Libas is mostly famous in India for its stylish Kurtis. Libas is purely an Indian brand that offers a lot of designer Kurtis. She has Kurti and Anarkali in straight style. The styling of both these types of Kurtis is splendid and it gives you a signature look.

Fall in love with Kurtis all over again then choose the branded Kurti assembly of Libas which gives women everything they have luxuriated in. This label gives you a great way to keep your love for them. To all the ladies who love classical indie, your love.

Libas Kurti offers a complete range to choose from in simple straight kurtas, A-line, pathani and Anarkali styles. You can choose a simple Aztec kurta for your office wear or a beautiful red fabric block print line kurta for a lunch date.

The prints and patterns are excellent. There are printed, embroidery, thread work, and checkered Kurtis in veneers. If you start looking for it then the Libas Kurti brand can be your absolute favorite. Libas Kurtis is available on Amazon, Myntra, and Jabong. Libas Palazzo Kurta Set is trendy and makes it the top Kurti brand in India. You have pure cotton Kurtis to buy online and offline,

Libas is one of the best Kurti brands in India. The completely Indian brand has a lot to offer. They have both straight styles and anarkalis, and the ways are amazing which can give you that trademark look. The print patterns are excellent with the slit style. They have printed, embroidery, thread work, checkered Kurtis. The Libas Kurti brand could be the most ideal one for you once you start exploring it. The veneer brands of Kurtis are easily available on Amazon, Myntra, and Jabong. Libas Palazzo Kurta Set is trendy and makes it the top Kurti brand in India.

The starting price of Libas Kurti is Rs. 500 onwards.


3. Lakshita

Lakshita is also one of the good brands for Kurti as it has all types of Kurtis available and in every size, be it small or XXL. It has short Kurtis to long Kurtis. The designs of the Kurtis are original. If you are looking for some basic Kurti, then Lakshya is for all of you.

Lakshita was not so popular in India but with time, it has gained a lot of popularity due to its latest and amazing designs of Kurtis. They have some great palazzos, skirts, jeans, and more to make a perfect pair. Lakshita has some amazing shades on Kurtis too, which is just as perfect for summers as we want it to be.

You will also find winter wear Kurtis at Lakshya, which are stylish and easily available in all sizes, colors, and designs. The rest depends on the preference, but this brand has everything for you in their store.

Lakshita has online and offline stores from where you can buy your Kurtis. At Lakshita, you can also find Kurtis for your winter collection. Matching leggings and jeans are also available at Lakshya.

The starting price of Lakshita Kurtis is Rs. 1,400 onwards.


4. Rangriti


Rangreeti is one of the top listed brands for Kurtis in India. Since the Kurtis available in Rangreeti are very affordable to buy, their style is very different and outstanding. The colors are vibrant, so are the designs.

Rangreeti has rapidly become one of the top kurta brands in India over the years. His ideas show the original use of many colors on the rainbow in the form of daily and festive kurtas. That too at affordable prices. What more could a ‘desi girl need?

If you are looking for affordability with the right style, Rangreeti will top the list of the best Kurtis in India. The patterns are vibrant, and so is the richness of colors. There are brilliant and intricate colors when decorating. Kurtis can be used for special occasions and parties.

They also have cool shades for normal wear. Middle-aged ladies also have a good collection. You can also visit the outlets of Rangriti Stores, but to be honest, online shopping for their stuff will give you more discounts and options.

In Rangriti, there are bright and subtle colors that you can wear on special occasions and parties. If you are looking for some regular wear Kurtis then yes, Rangreeti is it. It has daily wear sober color, Kurti

Rangreeti has all kinds of Kurtis available for women. Rangreeti will be on top of the best Kurtis in India if you combine affordability with the most appropriate fashion. The patterns are vibrant, and so are the colors. When decorating have bright and elaborate colors. Kurtis can be used for specific occasions and parties. They also have cool shades for normal wear. Even older women have a good combination. You can also visit the outlets of the Rangriti store, but to be fair, shopping online for their stuff will give you more discounts and opportunities.

The starting price of Rangreeti Kurtis is Rs. 499 onwards.


5. W For Women


Another famous and popular brand in India for Kurti is W for Women. It is an age-old brand from India with unconventional designs, prints, and patterns. The brand is primarily known for its classical and fusion work to wear kurtas. W is your most reliable bet when you are drawn to alternatives that are convenient replacements for OfficeOffice.

However, her festive Indian outfit is also worth stopping by. Check out their trendy prints, embroidery, and silhouettes on their website.

W for Women is a well-known and successful Kurti brand in India with original designs, prints, and patterns. W for Women is a well-known and successful Kurti brand in India with unique designs, prints, and embellishments. The price of W Kurtis starts at Rs.450 and is quite affordable. Ideal fit Kurtis is suitable for office-going ladies who want to feel both desi and trendy. Unique and stylish patterns with just the right touch of culture are the original ideas they play with. Ideal fit Kurtis is suitable for office-going ladies who want to feel both desi and stylish. Unique and stylish patterns with the right impression of ritual are the original ideas they play with.

The Kurtis at W for women are very affordable as the starting price of the Kurti starts from Rs. 450. Here you can buy Kurti for your office wear, regular wear or for any party. The Kurtis here is very desi and at the same time, very different.

The starting price of W For Women Kurtis is Rs. 750 onwards.

6. Global DesiFor sure, 


Global Desi I is the best Kurti brand in India as it has fresh bohemian and traditional vibes. Global desi Kurti cuts are made in such a way that it gives a classic as well as a modern look.

The pattern and hemline are very stylish and exquisite. The global desi designs are fabulous, and the prints of the Kurtis can lift your mood. Global Desi is definitely one of the best women Kurti brands in India with this youthful bohemian and classical vibes. The design and hemline are awesome and trendy. Trendy design with great prints can make you excited. They have plus sizes too, so, even you are a bit healthy you can go to their work.

Global Desi is also one of those brands which have plus-size clothes which are very trendy. So all the ladies who think that they cannot get designer Kurtis at any store because they are a little too healthy, then Global Desi is perfect for you.

The global desi brand has a fusion of classical and contemporary wear that gives any woman the courage she has looked for. This is one of the most suitable Kurti brands available in India. The combination of modern and traditional approaches can be seen in the types of outfits they sell. Anita Dongre has been revamping ethnic designs for a long time, giving them a unique look. The brand also offers plus sizes, so, even if you are a bit healthy, you can still go for their Global Desi production.

The starting price of Global Desi Kurtis is Rs. 1,500 onwards.


7. Aurelia


Aurelia’s name goes on to define what a great brand it is for Kurti in India. Aurelia is the most famous Kurti brand in the Indian market. Aurelia is known for its ethnic wear clothing for women. You can go to a party wearing a Kurti as well as a casual wear Kurti.

Aurelia has been the most popular Kurti brand in India. They have everything in store for you, from casual to party wear or from solid kurtas to kurtas with intricate patterns. With its quirky patterns and designs, this Kurti brand has everything you have looked for.

These trendy yet elegant kurtas can be teamed up with plain palazzo pants or long skirts to give a chic look to your outfit. You can buy Aurelia branded Kurtis online with various designs like Anarkali, wool-lined Kurtis, collar regular kurtas, shirt neckband kurtas, and much more.

You only pay Rs. Get stylish Kurti from 399 onwards. Just how awesome is that! Aurelia Kurti is a designer with bold prints and a beautiful perfect fit. High-low patterns are trendy, and so are color-blocked designs.

The starting price of Aurelia Kurtis is Rs. 750 onwards.


8. FabIndia

FabIndia is a well-known brand for women’s Kurtis as well as men’s Kurtis. They sell Fabindia Kurti online and offline as they are available for you all the time and everywhere. It is the most popular brand for Kurtis in India.

Kurtis is usually in silk, or now you know where you can buy khadi, so if you are looking for silk or you can buy.

They use traditional techniques with skill along with various artistic forms of weaving cloth in India.

Fabindia is one of the most comprehensive and most trusted Kurti brands in India with these youthful and genuine vibes. Their Kurti selection of ethnic wear is sure to make you fall in love with ethnicity. From new Kurti designs like the one from Fabindia to a throwback to the past, they are a great way to style yourself in a traditional way.

The brand offers you a wide variety to choose from such as cotton plain silk Kurti, Anarkali, compact Kurti, Long Kurti, knitted long kurta, and much more to help you finish off your ethnic look.

The starting price of FabIndia Kurtis is Rs. 1,000 onwards.


9.  Soch

The top Kurtis brand that offers a blend of bo ethnic and contemporary is none other than Thinking. It also adds a modern vibe to the designer Kurtis. All the girls can try this brand on budget as the prices of Kurtis are very affordable.

If you are looking for some floral Kurtis and some freshly printed Kurtis, then you must pick this one. The prices are low, but its materials and design are not at all low; He has taken full care of it.

To make the Kurti look traditional and modern, Soch kept the chosen designs of the fabric along with the designed cuts. Such is one of the top Kurtis brands that allows ethnic and modern to be mixed with cool vibes. It is affordable, and even girls who can spend money can try this brand of Kurtis.

The thinking is ethnic and trendy combined with today’s vibes. It is appropriate, and even trendy ladies on business plans can try this brand of Kurtis. In case that you are in for some modest prints and designs, at that point, this brand should be the object of your subsequent purchase.

Soch Printed Kurti collection is huge with exclusive schemes and patterns which will undoubtedly make you a style diva follow. Such Kurti, one of the best Kurti brands in India available in modern times, has a fashion experience that is perfect for all women; Whether you wear a long Kurti with palazzo or an Anarkali Kurti, Soch Kurtis can give you the most convincing look from the rest.

These beautiful designs of Soch can be bought online with their entire collection available from Kurti suits, casual Kurtis and party wear Kurtis. These printed Kurti designs are a must-have in your living room this season

Floral patterns and new summer prints may be your favorites for this spring-summer. The chosen fabric patterns, along with the uniquely designed cuts, can make you look popular and contemporary at the same time. The brand’s Kurtis can be used for everyday wear or also for exceptional circumstances.

Don’t go by the prices; The designs are unique and different, also very stylish for this top brand women kurtas, and Kurtis. You can wear Kurti anywhere in the office or party.

The starting price of Soch Kurtis is Rs. 500 onwards.


10.  Rain & Rainbow


Rain and Rainbow are not a big name for Kurti brands, but they have a perfect collection of stylish Kurtis for you to buy on Myntra, Amazon, and more.

You can enhance your fashion result by wearing Kurti from rain and rainbow. The brand has Kurtis with savvy, and inspired boho-chic, which is very trendy now!!

Kurtis from top kurta and Kurti brands in India for women under Rain & Rainbow have floral, embroidered, and gold foil prints.

Rain and Rainbow have a truly magical Kurti style as they use cotton, Chambre, chanderi, and many other fabrics in designer Kurtis.

The price of Rain and Rainbow Kurtis starts from Rs. 500 onwards. Below is the top Kurtis from Rain & Rainbow:





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