Top10 Single Door Refrigerator in India

Refrigerators are a daily essential. Right now, refrigerators are included in the minimum criteria for stable living. It comes highly recommended, not only because of the food preservation but also because of the way it tackles monetary issues and budget-saving options.A few years back, when the options were limited, people could not really meet their needs due to budget constraints, which made the manufacturers aware of the demand. Also, you can view our list of Top 10 Best Refrigerators Under 15000

Best Single Door Refrigerator

1) Samsung 198L Single Door Refrigerator


This direct cool device has brought a lot of benefits for the users. The user’s bucket list is supposed to be loaded with all the exciting features. Firstly, this device runs entirely on an inverter. The power cut for such a long time cannot really affect the original, proper condition of the food, and protect it from bacteria and other pests. The inverter is basically digital in nature, so digitally, it controls the internal temperature flow and adjusts it with the outside world.

Due to the reduction in power consumption level in the evening, it works on the SPCU. The product includes a separate drawer, which has room. temperature, the user can stock all the fresh items, especially when it is cold outside. Next comes a large, wide veggie box, which holds all kinds of vegetables and keeps them fresh longer.


  • Safe, clean back ensures a safe, smooth, sleek furnish of the product, so that dust and other external particles can be wiped off easily.
  • Antibacterial gasket keeps the door cleaner clean and does not allow any fungal development at the back of the door.
  • It decreases the generic possibilities of bad smell.
  • Horizontal handle positioning seems to be easily accessible for the user.


The manual frost-free option is only available

2) Godrej 19L Single Door Refrigerator


Price-wise this product seems to be one of the best products ever. It has come with all modern amenities and low commodity rates. First, the advanced inverter protection operates on power cuts and provides longevity to the device’s compressor. Then comes the additional useful feature of soft spacing drawers, especially for vegetables, which cannot be stored in a low-temperature area.


  • It has a low electricity consumption rate, mainly because of its modern features.
  • It has a very durable, user-friendly compressor, with easily accessible features.
  • Two designs are available in blue colors. So user preference can be made.
  • No need to install a separate stabilizer, an inbuilt stabilizer is available.


  • Area-wise deliveries get restricted.

3) LG 190L Single Door Refrigerator


The LG 190 L is one of the budget-friendly products that LG has ever come up with. Budget-wise performance rate is usually high. There cannot be any compromise. Advanced inverter protection is the brownie point for the device as it provides adequate protection to the device even during power cuts and voltage fluctuations.

The low power consumption rate, as per the star rating, makes it more comfortable for the user to understand how well the product can work.


  • The freshness and moisture of the kept food items remain intact.
  • Well, preservation of medicines and other medical products.
  • No stabilizer is needed inbuilt stabilizer protection.
  • Quick customer care response.


  • It does not come with a base stand.

4) Whirlpool 200L Single Door Refrigerator


The direct cooling protection of this product ensures better cooling and better protection of the device. Smart inverter support establishes uninterrupted service even during power cuts. The low power consumption rate makes the job work perfectly, and the star rating ensures durability.

Honeycomb moisture lock available in a drawer, retains the freshness of vegetables, no quality compromise with the products. Mocrolock ensures no bacterial or germ growth after that. Freshness prevails in the gardening for seven consecutive days. There is no problem with smell. The order of toughened glass doors ensures better weighting of the products placed.


  • The freshness of the products remains intact for the upcoming one week.
  • No stabilizer is required; an inbuilt stabilizer is available.
  • 200 L capacity ensures product availability for at least 5-6 people.
  • Unique color option.


  • It does not have a child lock.

5) Haier 195L Single Door Refrigerator


It is also a direct cooling device. Especially the design of the device attracts a lot of buyers, the innovation that is within its size, shape, and color is commendable anyway and it can be placed anywhere in the house, unlike other products. It comes with new round-the-clock cooling technology, which ensures that the buyer does not have to wait long for cooling.

It will not take more than 60 minutes. The product has very low power-consuming features and is completely run through an inverter.


  • 20 CFDS protection makes ice cubes in no time, very fast cooling service.
  • Ideal for house parties.
  • Low energy saves a lot of money.
  • Can run low on electricity, the stabilizer option is inbuilt, no need for separately using it.


  • It does not have an antibacterial gasket.

6) Godrej 190L Single Door Refrigerator


Godrej has always come up with better cooling products. And it has tried to fulfill all the wishes of the customers ever since, irrespective of their budget constraint. This model is also a budget-based model, where the technical specifications were not compromised. It has everything a refrigerator can do.

The product also incorporates the fastest cooling technology where the user does not have to wait long for the exact level of cooling. The presence of a large vegetable box ensures the storage of vegetables and fruits in sufficient quantity.


  • Antibacterial gaskets protect germs and every kind of material from the doors.
  • It runs on the inverter.
  • There is no need to separately use a stabilizer.
  • Adjustable wire shelves can be used according to the user’s convenience.


  • The backside of the device is not covered.

7) Croma Single Door Refrigerator


This is another perfect budget-friendly product on the bucket list. Not only does it meet reasonable budgeting behavior, but it also does not make a compromise when it comes to product features. It is perfect in terms of space. It has a humidity controlling button, so whenever the user feels the need for an adjustment, they can press the button and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Toughened glass cabinet shelves not only keep bottles and other utensils accurately but also assure falling out is being set up by the structure of the cabinet itself. There is also antibacterial protection. No smell or bad sensation problem remains. The overall structure of the refrigerator is very suitable for urban home decoration, especially if we can clearly see the color. It is very organic and goes with all types of wall colors.


  • A very convenient choice for a small family consists of 6-7 members.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • They have a certified energy star rating.
  • External condensers increase durability.


  • The limited offer period

8) Whirlpool 215L Single Door Refrigerator


This is another best of lost material, which comes with an inverter protection option. It runs on the inverter, and no need to be worried about power cuts; It provides uninterrupted service even during power cuts. It can run very well at low voltage and does not cause difficulties to the machine.

Toughened glass shelves ensure all-around protection even under load. Therefore, the limit on load now needs to be closed. Micro lock protection keeps vegetables and fruits safe for at least seven days. Antibacterial protection ensures zero smelling issues within the device.


  • It offers twelve hours of intact milk preservation, with no compromise with the quality.
  • Honeycomb facility ensures better quality management.
  • Its inbuilt stabilizer function has no need for external service.
  • Automatically connects to the inverter; another hassle is not required.


  • It lacks the normal temperature drawer.

9) Haier 195L Single Door Refrigerator


This is again a budget-based device, where the buyer is getting everything in one package. Unlike other products, this product does not compromise on features at all. Hourly cooling is the best thing about this device; Within an hour, the best form of chilling comes. Only the concern of proper cooling does not bother the user.

Next comes the option of defrosting. There is no problem of water draining here according to the convenience of the buyer. The only way is how and when the user wants to run it. In addition to these factors, height, load capacity and color are all great, especially when a single or semi-nuclear family is a concern.


  • It consumes significantly less electricity and saves a lot of money.
  • It has an inbuilt stabilizer facility.
  • Automatic connection to the home inverter; no extra effort is needed.
  • PUF insulation presence ensures the better protection of the kept food items.


  • The product does not always remain available.

10) Haier 220L Single Door Refrigerator


This model of Haier is one of those best products from this company so far. The color, the texture, and the overall ambiance of this product seem to be marvelous. The craftsmanship it has within the texture is also highly recommendable. Next coming to its details, it has come up with a large vegetable box along with a very known one-hour cooling facility. The user does not have to wait too long to enjoy the cooling experience.

PUF insulation presence ensures the quality check of food items at least for one whole week. No smelling issue gets observed. Germ protection tendency is too strong. Compressor durability is highly recommendable. A lot of shelf spacing in the device, where without any difficulty, the user can place all the items as well as can very well clean the dust and accordingly place their choice of food anytime they want. Next comes the cabinet detailing that is also highly furnished, and no other thing is needed.


  • Low on electricity saves money.
  • It is user-friendly, with no complications as of now.
  • Low on maintenance, does not really require any kind of extra effort.
  • The gasket option is there to prevent the germ.


  • Product availability is slightly low comparing the demand.

Things to Look for While Buying

a Refrigerator

While you can always find the next best refrigerator, it’s very important to get some basics right. This, in turn, can provide you with the right support while making your next purchase. Here is a list of some things that you should keep in mind while getting a new refrigerator.

1) Specifications

A Specification check is a must, especially when it is about an electronic gadget. What kind of compressor was used, what kind of glass was used in the cabinet, are they strong in nature or not? Next comes the cooling specification which is also a very important factor while buying a refrigerator.

The motor of the device, the length, some devices have water leakage problems – all these need to be solved at the first level. Also, for this particular device, companies don’t really provide a long performance measure, so the user has to do everything right.

2) Budget

Since a lot of customers, these days buy products through online sales or offers. The main thing they need to pay attention to is whether the budget constraints are hurting their choices or not. Most of the time, in order to calculate the offer, we forget about the requirement that we have actually opted for a particular product.

For example, in a single-family where the device has loads of daily food items, but only for a low budget, they chose a product that doesn’t really meet the instant cooling mode. Then basically, despite buying the product and investing so much for the product, they are still struggling in the previous scenario. To calculate your budget, but don’t let that calculation hinder your choice.

Maintenance Tips for Your Refrigerator

  1. Very often, it happens that users forget to close the door or do not really pay much attention to this known factor. It is practical of no use. A basic criterion is to close the door of the device immediately after using it. If you don’t know it, learn it. But this habit can cause problems in the long run.
    Once the user sees, the upper part of the device is filled with ice, then and there, the defrost option should be activated. Due to this, the overall temperature of the appliance is disturbed, and the preservation of food and their taste and physical states are also hampered. If the device cannot operate automatic frost, manually, it will be activated by the user. Users have to give enough care and attention.
  2. On a regular basis, the coil and door gasket needs to be cleaned and cleaned. Oil particles and other dust tend to accumulate right behind the gasket stage most of the time. The user simply cannot let it go. Otherwise, an overall oily gesture will spread throughout the device. Not only that, no matter how hard the user tries to fix it, he doesn’t really get back to the previous state.
  3. Always clean the exterior part, especially the handle and the overall structure which gives an elegant look to the product. Unlike other things, if the user keeps it that way, so oily and dusty, the moths find it the perfect center to celebrate. So cleanliness should always be the first priority.


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