Top10 Best Hair Dryers For Frizzy Hair in India on Amazon

Every person loves his hair very much. With the changing times, hairstyles and hair fashion have reached a new era. Now just taking care of your hair is not enough. It is equally important to be able to style your hair to match the fashion standards.

The market is flooded with many hair styling and hair care products. Choosing the right hair dryer to maximize the value of your money can be extremely difficult. Hence, we have decided to provide our insights on the subject and help you buy the best hair dryer in India.

What is a hair dryer?

A hairdryer is an electrical appliance used for styling and drying hair. It is also known as a blow dryer which blows air that we can use for drying and styling our hair.

The first hair dryer was introduced to the market in the early 1900s. It was a handheld device, and it lacked power. The heat generated was not enough as it took a lot of time to dry the hair. Heavy metals such as steel and zinc were used to make this tool. The hair dryers we see in the market today have evolved from this device. Engineers worked on design and functionality to make the hair dryer lighter and more powerful.

How does a hair dryer work?

Hair dryers work on the principle of evaporation. The rate of evaporation is inversely proportional to the relative humidity of the air. This means that if the relative humidity is high, the rate of evaporation is low. Therefore, when the hair dryer blows hot air, the relative humidity drops, and consequently the rate of evaporation increases, which means your hair tends to dry out quicker.

The main components of a hair dryer are heating elements, electric fans, power supplies, cut-off switches, thermal fuses, insulation, protective screens, and safety mechanisms such as the front grille.

The heat is generated by the heating element, which is usually made of nichrome wire. This nichrome wire acts as a resistor, and this resistance to electricity converts electrical energy into heat energy. This heat causes the air temperature to rise and the electric fan then blows the air out of the hair dryer. Then we use the hot air blown by the hair dryer to dry and style our hair. There are many other processes taking place inside, but this is the basic principle and working of a hair dryer.

What is the use of a hair dryer?

Hair drying is an important event when it comes to beauty and health care. With the increasing popularity of the film industry, people are becoming very cautious about their hairstyles. Thus, possessing the right gadget that can set your hair and style it the way you desire, is a need of an hour. Here a hair dryer comes in handy.

1. Hair Drying

Do you come out of the shower every day with your hair wet and messy and find it exhausting to dry them quickly and adequately? Then hair dryer is the right product for you! Even though drying your hair may seem like an easy task; If you use the wrong methods to dry your hair, it can result in a complete mess!

As they say, the greater the number of people, the more their types; And shall we say, so are their hair types! Every type of hair should be taken care of. Hair dryers work perfectly! They are here to take care of your wet, messy, frizzy, dry, or straight hair in an instant! By using different filters and controlling the flow of air from the nozzle, you dry your hair accordingly!

2. Hair Styling

Due to the increasing popularity of cinema halls, people have started being cautious about their hairstyles. They idealize famous actors and want to look like them. If you too fancy doing a hairstyle like your favorite actor or model, a hair dryer gives you the perfect edge over everyone else. Even famous hair stylists use hair dryers to style their clients.

You can straighten your curly hair using a hair dryer without emptying your pocket at professional and expensive salons. If you want your hair to have beautiful curls at the end; a Hair dryer is key again! Simply set your curls as you like and dry them with a hairdryer. The heat from the nozzle sets your hair completely.

3. Additional Benefits

Do you think hair dryers are only used for your hair? Then there are some unique and rare ways in which you can use a hair dryer:

(i) Dry your nails fast

After you paint your nails, you try to work without realizing that your paint is still wet and then mess up your nails all the more often? Then in this case the hair dryer is your lifesaver. After applying your nail paint with a hair dryer, blow dry and get ready to work. Just make sure you use cold air instead of hot air to keep your polish from getting sticky for longer periods of time.

Unbeatable List of Top 10 Hair Dryers in India

Now is the time to reveal our top 10 picks for hair dryers in 2022. These products have an excellent performance record in the current Indian market. Considering the customer reviews, these are at the pinnacle of the hair dryer industry.

1. Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

Being one of the best and top-rated hair dryers in India, nothing can dilute the beauty and glamorous features of the Philips HP8100. Philips has a wide range of products, but their hair styling tools are some of the best and safest to use.

This 1000W best budget, easy-to-carry purple beauty hair dryer comes with Thermo Protect technology and has temperate settings that give a styling charisma to your hair. It has two flexible heat settings to help you style your hair without overheating. In addition, it has a narrow concentrator that aids in focused and precise styling.


It is reasonable in terms of price
Compact design, easy to hold
Lightweight for travel
It starts and drives the heating process quickly


packaging is average
only two heat options

2. Remington D5000 Compact Hair Dryer

In terms of hair styling gadgets, nothing can beat the quality of Remington products. That being said, this Remington D5000 is one of the best hair dryers and volumizers in India. Its compact size, sleek body, and negligible weight make it ideal for traveling and carrying.

At 1800W, this powerful hairdryer is excellent for getting that hair done quickly. Not only that, it allows you to choose between three different temperature settings for unique hair needs along with an energy-saving mode that produces equally great results using less power.

The Remington D5000 comes with two settings for speed. If you want to get your hair done right away, choose a high speed, while a low speed is ideal if you have some time. It also has a concentrator nozzle to target particular hair strands and achieve a perfect hairstyle.


three variable heat settings
It doesn’t get too hot when used continuously
2-year warranty and exchange policy
Eco-friendly energy-saving mode
ionic conditioning for mixed hair
easy to clean


little noise at high speed
Also a bit expensive

3. HANA Professional Hair Dryer

The Hana Professional Hair Dryer is an inexpensive yet high-quality dryer for both men and women. With a 2000W solid processor, it delivers high airflow for quick drying and efficient results.

The hair dryer has two high- and low-speed settings and three heat intensity options. In this way, it makes it easy to choose the optimal conditions as per your situation and needs. Plus, a cool shot button makes your hairstyle and curls last longer. what’s more? Overheating protection features auto shut-off to avoid heat overload and health mode allows normal heat to prevent damage to hair.

Beyond these technical features, there are two buckle nozzles inside the box for precise drying and styling. Plus, a removable net air cap filter to make the dryer mess-free when you use it.


affordable price range
10-day return policy
2000 watt high power airflow
don’t make too much noise
Cool shot button for a great finish


Average Plug Wire Alternatives
Packaging is not up to the mark

4. Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Professional Hair Dryer

As the name suggests, the Wahl 5439-024 is praised for its 2000W super drying capability that magically dries your hair faster than ever.

It has three temperature and two-speed settings for professional hair styling. Moreover, the Cool Shot feature gives a fresh look to your hair. Thus, with heat and speed buttons, this hairdryer offers seven unique temperature variations and drying rates.

In our opinion, the best feature of this Wahl hairdryer is the latest tourmaline technology that helps control frizz and keep your hair smooth and shiny all day long. The product comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Lastly, it comes with two professional nozzles to make the hair drying process precise. Moreover, a diffuser is also present along with the tool so that you can have well-defined curls.


Latest Tourmaline Technology
professional ac motor
various heat settings
beautiful black finish
Multiple Offers with Wahl Straighteners


heavy to hold
Large size, difficult to carry around

5. VEGA VHDH-20 Insta Glam Foldable Hair Dryer

A gentle hairdryer that looks beautiful when put on, Vega Insta Glam is our next best professional hair dryer in India. The gadget has two heat settings as well as two-speed options for a versatile styling experience. As far as regular usage is concerned, this 1000W hairdryer is what everyone needs for quick daily hair styling.

Another great highlight of the VEGA VHDH-20 is its safety automatic shut-off feature that prevents the tool from overheating. It has a detachable condenser nozzle to target the desired section of hair for faster drying.

The beautiful-looking pink body is made from plastic fiber. The handle grips are sturdy, and at the bottom, there is a safety guard for the cord to ensure the long life of the device. And finally, the foldable handle makes it easy for storage and a great travel partner.


budget friendly products
detachable nozzle attachment
A cord guard ensures long-term protection
A foldable handle and a hanging loop to facilitate storage
2-year manufacturer warranty


little noise
Only two heat settings


6. Havells HD3151 Foldable Hair Dryer

Another great addition from HAVELLS with a little more features than the previous model. This compact hair dryer is a perfect combination of both affordability and price. One of the best-selling hair dryers in India, it has three heating modes as well as an auto switch-off button.

The HAVELLS HD3151 delivers a powerful 1200W inherent airflow to perfectly align your hair for everyday use. It is available in vibrant turquoise blue color and has a 1.6-meter cord to make it flexible enough to be used for long periods.

Storage hooks are another great design improvement that lets the dryer hang easily in your closet, giving you a more professional look without making a mess. Last but not least, the honeycomb design makes it ideal for heat distribution, thus protecting your hair from overheating.


durable handle
It comes in a beautiful design color-scheme
travel friendly
affordable option


Some people complain about the average packaging
some attachments would be great

7. SYSKA HD1610 Hair Dryer

If you are on the lookout for a quality yet budget-friendly hairdryer, SYSKA is your go-to brand. Just like that, this SKYSA HD1610 hairdryer is a highly affordable Korean product that comes with 1200 W of power and two heat and two-speed settings for different needs and occasions. One of the uniquely impressive features of this product is its overheat protection technology and a cool air button to protect your hair from heat damage.

The SYSKA hairdryer has a sleek shape and a beautiful white color. A large air inlet grille on the back of the gadget helps to control the flow of air. With heat balancing technology, the inlet congregates and distributes the heat flow evenly. In this way, optimum air passes through the body, and there is less noise from the dryer functioning.


highly cost-effective
Classic body and elegant design
heat balance technology
Compact size, lightweight body, and foldable handle ideal for travel
2-year company warranty


wire length is short
Minimalist Design, Exclusively for Women

8. AGARO HD-1120

For those who love black, this AGARO hairdryer is a complete treat. This 2000-watt strong dryer with AC motor is ideal for home and commercial use. High strength ensures maximum airflow at high temperatures for fast and quality styling.

The AGARO dryer is professionally built with three heat and two-speed options. On top of that, there’s a cool air button to deliver a bouncy finish while ensuring minimal damage to your hair. There is an auto shut-off feature to avoid overheating the machine to guarantee extra safety.

In addition to the concentrator nozzle and comb, the package also offers a quality diffuser to provide shine and volume to your hair. Lastly, the dryer cord is durable and long enough to use the dryer while sitting peacefully on your bed.


two-year manufacturer’s warranty
Three heat and two-speed options
cool air button
A nozzle, comb, and diffuser attached
Over-heating protection auto-shut
Negative Ion Technology for Fridge Control


heavy to hold
not ideal for travel

9. Havells HD3201 Silent Hair Dryer

Havells Hairdryer is ideal for anyone who prefers modest drying. With 1500 watts of power, it’s downright gentle and doesn’t produce too heavy a breeze to control. The radiant white and blue body makes everyone go crazy at the first sight.

Along with Havells’ 2-year guarantee, this product comes with three temperature and two-speed settings. Also, the cold air shot option is a cherry on the top. With this setting, you can style your hair at the end of each drying session to provide a smooth finish.

The most prominent feature of this hairdryer is the low noise setting. This feature allows for silent but peaceful sessions for everyday use. Moreover, it has a unique feature of ionic air flow which reduces the charge on the hair and gives a smooth and frizz-free finish.


Gentle hair drying for daily use
ionic airflow to treat frizzy hair
Heat balance technology prevents damage to hair
Foldable handle for ease of travel
a hanging loop for storage


The concentrator nozzle is not removable
compounding packaging

10. Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B Hair Dryer

This 1000-watt Panasonic hair dryer is efficient and truly ideal for regular use. Perfect for those who don’t like intense drying or are looking for a quick, economical solution. Its lightweight body and user-friendly design make it easy to operate, store and take out and about. In addition, a long and tangle-free cord enables quick work even at a distance from the Switch.

It comes with two heat settings for the hot and cold air that can be switched with the center button. Plus, the medium and high-speed settings allow for drying for a variety of hairstyles, all without causing frizz or damage to your hair.

For quick and everyday hairstyles, the Panasonic dryer’s innovative design and ergonomic body allow you to take it anywhere as a personal stylist.


A turbo mode for high-speed drying
Small, compact, and easy to carry
Two speed and two temperature settings
2-year manufacturer warranty
a hook for easy hanging


no attachments available
it doesn’t have a cool air button


So, this is the list of top and best hair dryers in India. We have included hair dryers for fine hair, hair dryers for curly hair, budget hair dryers, and men’s hair dryers. However, before you decide to buy, you should also consider your preferences for the features you want in your hair dryer.

So, which is the best hair dryer in India?

It’s hard to determine the best hair dryers across the country, but they compete to be the best. Moreover, these are selected on the basis of various factors.

Hair Dryer Buying Guide

Before buying a hair dryer, consider the tips given below that will help you choose the best hair dryer for your hair.


Put, the higher the wattage, the more heat it will release, and you can dry or style your hair in less time. Thick, long, and curly hair requires a higher wattage hair dryer while thin and thin hair can be styled with gentler drying options.

Weight and size

Heavy hair dryers will tire you out, especially if you have long or thick hair. A light hair dryer won’t put pressure on you as it takes time to dry and style the hair.


From ionic characteristics to tourmaline or ceramic coating, from metal to coil material, from diffuser to concentrator – all these technologies make a difference in your hair-drying experience. A cold shot hair dryer helps in maintaining the hairstyle for a long time.
HEAT CONTROL FEATURES – To avoid exposing your hair to high heat for a long period of time, features like auto heat cut-off are highly desirable. The level of heat and temperature settings will enable you to choose the desired setting as per your requirement.

Travel-friendly features

If you travel often, hair dryers that are compact, lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry are your best option. People traveling abroad should also check the dual voltage feature.

Final thoughts

Now that you know everything about the right hair dryer and the best models of hair dryers for your precious curls. You can also refer to hair curling iron kits which come at a reasonable price for styling your hair with waves. We hope you can easily pick one for yourself and get rid of hair styling problems. Look great every day!

Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Dryer

Which hair dryer brand is best in India?

Out of all the popular brands, the Philips hair dryer delivers top performance with a perfect blend of compact design, Thermo protects mechanism, and adjustable speed settings. Above all, it comes with a 2-year manufacturing warranty, so you don’t have to spend extra on repair costs.

Is it safe for women to use a hair dryer?

Yes, it is 100% safe for women to use hair dryers. But, using the device on high-speed settings to blow hot air can damage the hair roots, and texture and result in hair loss.

How does a hair dryer work?

The hair dryer comes with in-built attachments like a motor, fan, and heating element to blow hot air. When you plug the device into a power source, internally, the circuit and coil (containing the tourmaline and ceramic coating) heat up. Finally, it converts electrical energy into heat and distributes hot air evenly through the hair using adjustable speed settings.

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