Top10 Best Pregnancy Pillow in Amazon

Pregnancy is a transformative time in many different ways, especially within your body. As your pregnancy progresses, you may notice aches and pains or you may have difficulty sleeping. A pregnancy pillow is one of the best ways to get that much-needed comfort by supporting your body in all the right places. Read on to find out why this handy device can make all the difference and which of the best-rated pregnancy pillows in 2021 are loved by thousands of our pampers parents.

What is a pregnancy pillow?

The best pregnancy pillows are those that fulfill their main role: support your body to promote better sleep. According to experts, the best position to sleep while pregnant, especially during the second and third trimesters, maybe your knees with bent knees. Pregnancy pillows support this position by lying strategically between your knees, under your belly, and/or behind your back. And because most of the best-rated pregnancy pillows are moldable, they can help support your growing and changing body.

Sometimes, a full-body pregnancy pillow is the best option because it can help you feel more comfortable while sleeping, as it covers your entire body. This is the beauty of a pregnancy pillow! A large pillow supports multiple points on your body at once, so you don’t have to bunch up.

Our pampers parents mostly prefer long, curved pregnancy pillows (sometimes C or U-shaped), that conform to the shape of your pregnant body, where they should stay through the night and are best for restful sleep. Huh.

You may also find that a pregnancy pillow is convenient because it stays in perfect shape, even if you have to get up at night to use the bathroom. When you get back in bed, it’s right there waiting for you without the need for adjustments like many standard pillows.

Why You Might Need Pregnancy Pillows

1. It can help reduce back pain. Many mothers face back pain or discomfort during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. If you are experiencing this, you may find that it affects the quality of your sleep.

Back pain is sometimes triggered by the fact that your body is producing a hormone called relaxin. This pregnancy hormone loosens the ligaments and joints to make vaginal birth easier, which can cause some discomfort.

You may find it difficult to sleep due to hip and pelvic pain due to pressure from your developing baby. The best pregnancy pillows can help ease this type of pain as well as back pain. They can help ease some of these symptoms by supporting you in specific areas where the extra pressure is making you uncomfortable. However, if your pain persists, talk to your healthcare provider.

2. It can help you sleep on your side. It is not recommended to sleep on your back when you are pregnant. The weight of your uterus puts extra pressure on your spine and back muscles, and this position can compress a major blood vessel, which can lead to dizziness. There are some pregnancy pillows that many consider best for back sleepers, as these pillows can help you sleep on your side if this is not your normal position.

3. It can help you find a comfortable sleeping position. As your belly grows, you may find it difficult to sleep in the most comfortable position before you became pregnant, especially sleeping on your stomach. You may also find that when you sleep on your side, you need extra support for your stomach, back, and legs. The best way to sleep with a pregnancy pillow is to place it in such a way that it supports all parts of the body, helping you sleep more easily, even if you’re usually a back-sleeper. Side-sleeper or stomach-

What Kind of Support Does a Pregnancy Pillow Provide?

There are some benefits to using a pregnancy pillow, but one of the most important is how you hold it against your spine. Ideally, you want your pillow to help your spine stay in its natural alignment while you sleep. To achieve that alignment, the best pregnancy pillows will provide support in these areas


The pillow should preserve the natural curve of your spine so that you don’t wake up with a strained neck.


It’s especially important to support your shoulders while you sleep because you don’t want the extra pressure to cause any aches or pains.


Supporting your abdomen helps prevent the weight of your uterus from pulling on your abdomen, putting pressure on your back, or bending a part of your torso unnaturally.

lower back.

Support for your spine is important, which is why the best-rated pregnancy pillows in 2021 are long and designed in a U shape to support both the front and back of your body.

Knees and ankles.

Keeping your knees and ankles elevated with a pillow can help reduce swelling. The pillow should keep your legs aligned without bending your hips or twisting your spine.

If you would like more personalized guidance about the best type of pregnancy pillow for your body, contact your healthcare provider.

What to Consider When Searching for the Best Pregnancy Pillows

There are many different types of pregnancy pillows on the market, so it’s worth familiarizing yourself with what’s available before making a purchase.


Some pregnancy pillows are downright humble, and not everyone is lucky enough to sleep on a big mattress. If you’re tight on space with a queen or double bed, the best pregnancy pillows for you are those that aren’t curved, like wedges. Check out the Boppy and HichkiPop compact styles in the Pampers Parents list below that can be great choices.

If you have a large bedroom with plenty of room to spare, go for a larger style that provides maximum support, like the Bluestone Full-Body Maternity Pillow with Contoured U-Shape, which is the largest pregnancy pillow on the list below.


Pregnancy pillows are available in a variety of sizes, with the U shape being the most common. There are also C-shaped pillows and pregnancy wedges that you place under your belly. U-shaped pillows provide comfort on both sides, so your stomach and back are supported, but as mentioned above, they can take up a lot of space on your bed. A C-shaped pillow may work better for some moms-to-be, but it may not provide the same back support as a U-shaped pillow.

Additionally, there are pregnancy pillows that don’t conform to any of these sizes, like the Boppy Multiuse Slipcovered Total Body Pillow, which you’ll notice is comma-shaped. But if you don’t like the rocker style, there’s also the log-shaped Tempur-Pedic Body Pillow, one of the best pregnancy pillows for queen beds and other small spaces.


You’ll find pregnancy pillows made from memory foam or filled with down or polyester-down options. Memory foam can provide optimal support, but some moms find it too hot. Down and down alternative pillows are cooler and more lightweight, but they may not be as helpful as memory foam. Find what works best for you, but when in doubt, you might want to consider a material similar to the standard pillow you’re sleeping on right now.


Some of the best pregnancy pillows are relatively inexpensive, but beware of loose-fitting pillows, as you won’t get the support you need. The most expensive pillow on our list below is the Tempur-Pedic Body Pillow, while the least expensive is the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge.


Look for pregnancy pillows with a removable and washable cover so you can clean them easily. All the pillows on our list come with a machine washable cover.

10 Best Pregnancy Pillows

Now that it’s time to make your decision, below you’ll find our list of the best-rated pregnancy pillows selected by thousands of Pampers parents.


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1. Meiz Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This light gray U-shaped pregnancy pillow from Meiz provides complete support for expectant moms or anyone looking for a restful night’s sleep. It comes with a 7D polyester filling, which is extra soft, adjustable, and odorless. The high-quality filling makes the pillow durable and fluffy despite prolonged use. The brushed floral fabric will look elegant with your furniture, and the outer covering has soft cooling to help you stay comfortable. Its extra tall shape is specially designed using customer feedback, and it provides complete 360° body support. The pillow helps in relieving joint pain, swollen legs, and back pain. This keeps your hip and spine in a neutral position to prevent any malfunction. This maternity pillow for back pain is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and machine washable.

Brand = Meiz
color = gray
Material = Microfiber
Object weight = 3.4 kg
Item Dimensions lxwxh = 165.1 x 78.7 x 19.8 cm
shape = rectangular
size = king

2.  Chilling Home Pregnancy C-Shaped Body Pillow

This Velvet Pregnancy Support Pillow from Chilling Home provides full body support for pregnant women. It comes in the form of a C-shaped pregnancy body pillow, and its extreme comfort and supportive features make it perfect even for those who are not pregnant. It is extra soft, of high density, and provides cooling. It comes with zippers on both sides, and the cover can be easily removed and washed. The inner curves are perfectly contoured for the perfect shape for expectant moms. This aligns the hips for a neutral joint position. It is hypoallergenic and provides great support for the abdomen and hips. Check out this honest review from a YouTuber to get a better idea of ​​the pillow.

color name = gray
Enclosure Material = Velvet
Brand = Chilling Home
color = gray
material = velvet
Item Dimension lxwxh = 134.6 x 71.1 x 19.1cm
object shape = semicircular
Product Care = Instructions Machine Wash
item firmness description = extra soft
Size = 53×25.6 inches

3.  MOON PINE U-Shaped Full Body Pillow

This Moon Pine pillow comes with air circulation fabric and meshes holes to keep you cool and relaxed. It is soft and filled with high-quality 7D PP cotton to make it puffy and firm. The velour pillowcase is zipped for easy removal and washing. The U-shaped design carefully hugs your body to give you the perfect support and sleep. It provides exceptional pain relief and support for your head, neck, shoulders, abdomen, and more. The ergonomic design minimizes any bounce or twist to give you peace and comfort. It is multi-functional as it can be used by everyone for additional support.

Brand = Moon Pine
color = pink
Material = Velor Pillowcase & 7D PP Cotton Stuffing
object shape = semicircular
Fabric Type = Removable Soft & Breathable Velour Zipper Cover / Full Size

4.  Battop Pregnancy Pillow

Batop’s Maternity Pillow comes with a unique design that adjusts to the size of the body. It is long enough to allow you to fully stretch and support both sides of your body. It’s super soft and eliminates the need to use multiple pillows throughout the night. It cradles your body and keeps your neck, shoulders, back, and hips aligned throughout the night. It is versatile and can be turned into different positions for use on different occasions. The Soft Machine Pillow Cover comes with 7D PP fiber filling which is odorless and adjustable. It has an ergonomic design to provide full-body support and is easily machine washable.

Brand = Bat OP
color = gray
material = cotton
weight = 6.88 pounds
object shape = semicircular
item firmness description = extra soft
Fabric Type = Velvet

5. Momcozy U-Shaped Full Body Maternity

While a good night’s rest may feel like a distant dream for pregnant women facing severe back pain, Momkozy’s Full Body Maternity Pillow makes all such dreams come true. Carefully made with an ergonomic design, the pillow hugs your body and embraces both sides. It gives perfect support to your head, back, abdomen, arms, knees, hips, and legs. Made of velvet, it helps in improving blood circulation and provides exceptional pain relief and comfort. It is filled with long silky cotton to give you a restful night’s sleep. It is durable and retains its shape even after prolonged use. The pillow is flexible and can be changed into different positions according to the activity you are doing. In addition to sleeping, it can be used while watching TV, reading, or nursing. This video provides in-depth information about the properties of the product.

Brand = Momkozy
color = pink
Material = silk, cotton
shape = semicircular
Product Care Instructions = Machine Wash
Item Firmness Description = Soft
Fabric Type = Jersey Knit Cotton

6.  Elover U-Shaped Full Body Maternity Pillow

This multifunctional pillow from Allover is not only soft and comfortable but also provides contoured support to meet the needs of your body. It is made with premium quality, non-allergenic 7D PP cotton. The cushion is extra soft, high density, and easily adjustable. The inner cover is crafted from a delicate fabric. In contrast, the outer shell is made with washable crystal velvet and a double-stitched seam. This makes the pillow durable and gives it remarkable elastic recovery. This U-shaped body pillow design gives you complete support and relief from any pain in the spine, helps you sleep on your side, and helps you fight acid reflux, restlessness, or heartburn. This budget-friendly pillow is versatile and can be used by nursing who need post-surgery care, and by expectant mothers.

brand = allover
color = green
Material = Polypropylene
weight = 6.88 pounds
object shape = semicircular
Product Care Instructions = Machine Wash
Item Firmness Description = Plush
size = 60 inches


Because it follows your body’s natural contour and shape and provides support exactly where you need it, the Leachco Snuggle Total Body Pillow is our top choice. What we love most about this C-shaped pillow is that it supports your body from head to toe, supporting your back, knees, head, and stomach. The horseshoe-shaped head pillow allows for proper position and height, while the extra-long midsection is perfect for total back or abdominal support, depending on how you position the pillow…

Made with 100% satin cotton—which won’t hold body heat—the pillow has a 300 thread count, so it’s soft to the touch. The removable sham-style cover is also machine washable, making it super easy to keep clean. When a registered nurse — who is also a mom — develops a product, you can bet it will be a good one.

Brand = Leachco
color = mauve
material = polyester
Item weight = 4.8 pounds
Item Dimensions lxwxh = 45.7 x 35.6 x 35.6 cm
shape = semicircular
Care Instructions = Machine Wash
size = big
Model Name = Leachco Snuggle Original


Another C-shaped pregnancy pillow option, the PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow supports your back, hips, knees, neck, and head for optimal sleep, and allows you to easily rearrange your position based on your current needs. allows.

Choose from several different color options, and the zipper removable pillow cover is machine washable, hypoallergenic, contains zero phthalates, latex, or lead, and is BPA-free.

brand = pharma do
Object weight = 2.96 kg
Item Dimension lxwxh = 78.7 x 134.6 x 17.8cm
shape = semicircular

9. QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow


The unique “U” shape of this maternity pillow allows for maximum support while sleeping. Rather than having to decide between two ways to sleep with it, the shape of this pillow allows for full support of the abdomen, back, neck and legs at the same time. If you are looking for full body coverage, this is probably a good option.

Color options include blue, gray, and a blue and pink combination. With the high density, extra soft fillings can be added or removed depending on the user’s firmness preference, and the unique make-up of the fill retains fullness for better performance and longer use.

Brand = Queen Rose
Material = Polypropylene, Cotton
Object weight = 60 grams
Item Dimension lxwxh = 139.7 x 78.7 x 17.8cm
shape = semicircular

Similar to the Queen Rose Full Pregnancy Pillow, Leachco makes the Back ‘n Belly Contoured Body Pillow, which with its Hourglass Inner Curve design provides equal support for the back and abdomen at the same time, flexing the hips for better spine position. It also helps to align.

Users can also easily flip from one side to the other if they wish. Or, since the pillows are separated down the middle, the two ends can be stacked to create double the support for your head, upper and lower body. (Having a pillow to provide extra support to the head can help relieve heartburn, a dangerous pregnancy symptom). However, this particular pillow isn’t machine washable, and it weighs 7 pounds, making it not quite substantial and easy to move around.

Brand = Leachco
color = cool blue
material = cotton
Item weight = 8.8 pounds
Item Dimension lxwxh = 2.95 x 0.41 x 0.25m
shape = oval
Care Instructions = Machine Wash
Fabric Type = Cotton
Size = 116.25″ L x 16.25″ W x 9.75 D
model name = 14318


How We Selected the Best Pregnancy Pillows

We selected the best pregnancy pillows by researching customer and competitor reviews, and we studied the features of more than 30 products on the market. We considered price, design, materials, ease of cleaning, and size when making our choice. We consulted JustAnswer physician DJ Basu, MD MPH for any ideas or product recommendations when reviewing the American Pregnancy Association’s guidance on sleeping during pregnancy.2

What to Look for in a Pregnancy Pillow?


If you’ve already started shopping for pregnancy pillows, you’ve probably noticed that they come in many different shapes and sizes. You’ll see three main shapes as you browse: U-shape, C-shape, and wedge. Knowing the difference between these three types of shapes is important because they each provide different support.

The U-shaped pillow follows the natural shape of the growing baby bump while allowing parents to turn to either side. These types of pillows give you maximum support in all areas, usually covering your entire body. There’s also a C-shaped pillow, which looks like the letter “C” and allows you to easily move it wherever you need the most support. Some pregnant people choose wedges instead of pillows because they are more compact and target specific areas rather than the whole body. Some are great for bump support while others are perfect for knee or back pain.

No matter what type of pillow you decide to use, Dr. Basu, recommends finding a pillow that is comfortable and supportive. “The main goal of pillows should be to provide adequate comfort and support during sleep. Properly designed pillows can prevent sleep apnea, and acid reflux and also provide support for side sleeping. C-shape and U- Shaped pillows provide full body support, while wedge-shaped pillows can be used to provide local support, such as the back or abdomen, during lateral sleeping.

Type of material

You may not think about the material when buying a pregnancy pillow, but it’s definitely a factor to think about. Some materials are more breathable than others, while there are many that fit your body shape.

“Body pillows with organic cotton linings, separating it from the inner filler, can be ideal for preventing heat and sweating during sleep,” says Dr. Basu. “The stuffing should retain some heat. The pillow should be easy to wipe or dry for clean-up. The pillow should be hypoallergenic to prevent allergies and nasal congestion during sleep.

If you get hot during the night, you’ll want to look for pillows made from cotton because it’s a breathable fabric. Polyester, however, is not breathable and is best for cold nights or people who are cold at night in general. Memory foam pillows are soft and shaped for your body. While not as breathable as cotton, it is certainly comfortable to sleep on.


Many pregnancy pillows, especially U-shaped and C-shaped pillows, take up a lot of space. For those who sleep alone, this will not be a problem. However, if you sleep with one partner, it depends on where you both sleep. If you are tall, a taller pillow may better meet your needs, while a wider pillow will support the back and abdomen. There are also wedges, which are more compact but still provide support.

Overall, you want a pillow that is comfortable for your growing bulge and body type. “The pillow should be able to provide good lower back support and pressure relief—this is good for pregnant women who have chronic low back pain.”

Most frequently asked questions

How do I sleep with a pregnancy pillow?

How you sleep with a pregnancy pillow really depends on what type of pillow you need the most and what type of pillow you buy. Once you have decided on your pillow, you can figure out a good sleeping position from there.

For U-shaped and C-shaped pillows, you can usually place part of the pillow between your legs while resting your stomach and hand on the other side of the pillow. As far as wedges are concerned, these are best for one spot, like between the legs, the middle of the abdomen, or the back.

When should I start using pregnancy pillows?

You’ll start using pregnancy pillows during your second and third trimesters, but you can really start at any time. During your second and third trimesters, your baby is growing rapidly, and you may feel more aches and pains, so the pregnancy pillow will support you.

“Since rest, support and good quality sleep are so important during pregnancy, one can start using special pillows early in pregnancy,” says Dr. “Otherwise, it is certainly advisable after 12 weeks of pregnancy, as the uterus becomes heavy, to provide proper sleep, back support and pressure relief.”

Your doctor will tell you when you cannot sleep on your back and when you can sleep on your side. “Pressure on the inferior vena cava can reduce blood flow to the brain and cause dizziness in the mother,” Dr. Basu explains. “There’s also [the] risk of stillbirth.”

Sleeping on your back is recommended during pregnancy, Dr. Basu suggests. “It is better to sleep in a position lying on the left side to ensure good blood flow during sleep. This is when it would be best to start using pregnancy pillows for support so that your body can comfortably accustomed to the growing changes. night.”

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