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Best water bottle for kids

A water bottle is a container used for consuming water, liquids, or other beverages. A water bottle lets you drink and transport any liquid from one place to another.

Plastic, glass, or metal are commonly used to make water bottles. However, due to the increasing concern over the environmental impact and cost of disposable plastic water bottles, many people are opting for multi-use water bottles.

Children are in great need of a water bottle. This helps them stay away from dehydration and have round-the-clock access to clean water.

There are many varieties to choose from. We have compiled a list of all the best water bottles for kids in India to help you find the right water bottle for your baby.

There are a few things you need to know before choosing a water bottle. Keep reading to understand how to choose a suitable water bottle for your kids and the benefits kids can get if they use high-end water bottles.

Below is a list of the top ten cups and bottles. Take a look at it to make the best choice for your baby.

1. Philips Straw Cup

A well-known brand offers this handy Philips Sipping Cup for Toddlers.


The design is kid friendly.
It is dish wash friendly
Easy to reassemble.


The handle is non-rotatable.
As the cover ID is flipped over the style, the straw can twist at its base.

2. R for Rabbit Sipping Cup

The brand offers a simple 300ml bottle of R for Rabbit drinking water for kids.


The price is reasonable according to the capacity of the bottle.
The main feature is a weighted straw that allows the drink to be consumed until the last drop.
There is calibration on the bottle to serve the drink with the right composition.


The handle is not free to rotate.
This is a single-purpose bottle. It is only one sipper and non-convertible in one feeder

3. LuvLap Sipper

A well-known brand offering two-in-one products for babies 6 months and older.


It is interchangeable from feeder to lavlap sipping cup.
It is dish wash friendly, easy to disassemble for that purpose and reassemble later.
The silicone straw also serves as a teaser for kids.


The straw is fixed. It is not movable with the movement of the child’s head.
The lid is non-slip capable. There is a risk of the straw/nipple getting dirty if the bottle falls.

4. Mee Mee Convertible Sipper

Like all others, this brand also offers BPA-free drinking bottles for kids.


The MeeMee sipper bottle is small and easy to adjust in a bag.
Calibrations help to mix the correct amount of solute and solvent in the drink.
The bottle is a feeder and sipper. Its straw is perfect as a teaser for babies six months and older.


When a baby is over nine months old, it is very young.
Additional nipples and straws are not present in the pack with their replacement in the future.

5. Munchkin Simple Straw Cups

This is a pair of plain munchkin-drinking silicone bottles for kids.


This is a pair of pink and blue colored silicone bottles.
The product is lightweight.
A unique peel-open straw is cleaner-friendly.


The bottles only hold a volume of 10 oz.
The model is opaque. The straw is not resistant to chewing and its cover style is difficult.

6. Chicco Cup with Straw

It is a sports cup specially designed for boys.


The flip close style is easy and keeps the straw clean.
The double wall, keeps the drink cold.
The price is reasonable according to the number of cups offered.


It is suitable for boys aged one year or more.
The cup is only a sipper and lacks a measuring scale.

7. Koochie-Koo Plastic Sippy Cup with click button

Kuchi Koo plastic bottles with cartoon animals on the front.


The click-on opening and handy cover make the straw less likely to get dirty.
Whether or not to attach the leash is up to the user.
The bottle is transparent which makes it easy to clean


The handle attached to the base can cause the bottle to become unbalanced.
The bottle is made of plastic which makes it vulnerable to scratches and cracks.

8. SGD Sipper

The SGD sipper bottle is the cutest product on the list.


A bloated air prevents pressure from developing in the bottle.
The cup is transparent, easy to wash, and calibrated.
Its small size makes it easy to carry for moms.


It’s only for older kids who can sip.
Plastic is not suitable for serving hot drinks to the baby.

9. BeeBaby Sipping Cup

This Baby Sipper Bottle is an easy-to-grip and grippy cup for babies.


The handle is detachable, it can be converted from a bottle to a cup.
The transparent bottle makes it easy to wash and keep clean.
The straw is good as a teaser and bends to get the drink down to the last drop.


Calibration is absent.
It is only a sipper. It is non-convertible in a feeder.

10. BayBee Sipper Bottle

A simple baby sipper bottle with a frog printed on it.


A rounded base and a wide opening make it easy to hand wash.
The straw is removable to act as a drinking bottle as well.
It is also suitable for serving hot drinks.


The design is very simple and plain.
There is no calibration and scaling present on the bottle.

Best water bottle for kids

Avoid Plastic

The main reason to use a water bottle is to avoid plastic. Don’t repeat the mistake. Choose a water bottle that is not made of plastic material.

You can make the environment better by using plastic-free water bottles. Get a metal or glass water bottle for your kids and teach them to avoid plastic.


There are different colors available for kids’ water bottles. So you can choose the best kid’s water bottles in India keeping in mind the color that your baby likes best


Consider the weight of the water bottle. You don’t want it to be so heavy that it is difficult to carry your kids around.

A lightweight water bottle is a good option. Your child will have no difficulty carrying it for a long time.


Various sizes are available for children’s water bottles. are simple and also come in different toy sizes.

Toy-shaped water bottles attract kids more than ordinary ones. They are also available as superheroes. You can also choose a water bottle with your child’s favorite superhero.


The size of your water bottle should be such that it is not difficult for your baby to carry it around. Make sure that carrying your baby is not cumbersome.

It should not be so small that your baby needs enough water for the entire duration. Therefore, the size of the water bottle is also an important aspect when you choose a water bottle.


The price of your water bottle should be within your budget. However, expensive water bottles have different characteristics.

But you can also choose a simple water bottle which is not too expensive. The primary purpose of buying a water bottle should be served. Only then can you consider additional features.

Optimum Temperature

The water bottle should be able to handle the water to the optimum temperature. The temperature of the bottle should not change due to weather or the outside temperature.

If you live in a cold place, you should choose a water bottle that can keep the water warm for a long time.


Durability is also an important feature to consider while selecting the best water bottle for kids in India.

Even if you choose a glass bottle, choose one that won’t break so easily. Children do not use anything carefully. Therefore, it is important to choose a durable water bottle.

Make sure to have a good nozzle

Make sure the water bottle you choose has a good nozzle. A suitable nozzle helps you consume water with comfort and cleanliness.

Benefits of using a water bottle for kids

Prevents Dehydration

Staying hydrated is important for children too. However, you can protect your child from dehydration with the help of a water bottle.

To help your kids develop the habit of drinking water regularly, you can give them the best water bottle for kids in India.

Helps fight fatigue

Children get tired in school. They play a lot and will need more water to relieve their fatigue.

Keeping a water bottle with them helps them fight fatigue and get back on track. Therefore, give your child a water bottle to help fight fatigue.

Quenches thirst on the go

A good water bottle helps you quench your thirst. So, once you are thirsty, you need some water to quench your thirst.

If you carry a bottle with you then you do not need to buy a water bottle from a shop. Instead, you can reach out whenever you’re thirsty.

It provides access to clean water

If you drink water from some other place instead of the water brought from home, then you may have to face many risks.

You can always have clean water available with the best water bottles for kids in India. This helps you to avoid many diseases caused by dirty water.

No need to buy water

You don’t need to buy water whenever you want to drink water. To avoid this, you can simply take your water bottle with you.


The best water bottles for kids in India are long-lasting. You can use them for a long time and avoid spending on water bottles again and again.

Helps reduce waste

Reusing water bottles reduces waste generation. You do not need to use water bottles that cannot be used more than once.

You can avoid using plastic by buying a metal or glass water bottle. Then, try to make your kids a habit of avoiding plastic.

Why do we need water bottles?

Answer: A water bottle is a container used to hold water, liquids or other beverages for consumption. A water bottle allows a person to drink beverages and carry them from one place to another.

Is it better to drink from a glass or stainless steel?

Answer: Stainless steel is superior to glass for a water bottle when it comes to durability, insulation and high impact resistance. A stainless steel bottle can keep your water cold or hot for a longer period of time, whereas glass cannot. However, both of these can keep your drinks free of chemicals.

Can a 2-year-old child drink bottled water?

Answer: There is no need to boil water for babies above 6 months of age. Bottled water is not recommended for making infant formula feeds because it may contain too much sodium or sulfate.

What is the bottle made of?

Answer: A bottle is a narrow-necked container made of an impermeable material such as glass, plastic or aluminum in various shapes and sizes to store and transport liquids.

Are aluminum water bottles safe?

Answer: The health risks of aluminum water bottles are relatively low. Aluminum by itself is not a safe metal for consumption, but it is fine for BPA-free bottle drinking. BPA-free aluminum bottles carry minimal risk. The researchers found that these bottles can transfer trace amounts of aluminum, but this is primarily harmless.

Ground level

Choose a water bottle from our above list which you think is the best kids’ water bottle in India after considering all the needs and preferences of your child. Did you find this article interesting? Have this product in your checklist also Share it with your friends, families, and loved ones. Also, don’t forget to mention the best water bottle for kids in India that you buy from the world’s most popular online marketplace.

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