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When winter is approaching, it is the ideal opportunity for men to pull out their warm wardrobe and get ready for the onslaught of the chilly climate. Warm clothes are probably the most ideal way to stay toasty in cold temperatures.

It protects your body and retains heat, saving you from the very natural numbing tingles you get on vacation.

If you’re stressed out because of hot clothes that impair your ability to shine, don’t fret. It’s made to be worn under your clothes, acting as a base establishment for layering.

The best hot cords will keep you warm and dry on a regular basis without feeling like you’re wearing them.

Whether you’re heading out for a quiet walk around the recreation center or speeding up a ski slant, keep warm and dry with the best 10 best warm clothes for men below.

1. Vimal

With its delicate texture and ultra-modern look, Vimal is the prominent name that comes to mind of the Indian shopper when you come across some knowledge about thermal wear. The brand has maintained a solid customer base by providing protection against exceptional climatic conditions. This thermal garment makes you feel well draped with a soft hand feel and keeps away the winter chill. This thermal wear is a must-have in your winter wardrobe.

2. Body care Insider

Introduced in 1999, Body Care Thermal Wear for the Whole Family is a one-of-a-kind winter wear solution for all age groups. The Body Care Warm range utilizes exclusive quilt knit innovations in its line up which includes heated vests and lower backs for men, women, and children. The color options available in Thermal Wear include Grey, Black, Charcoal, and White for men and women and Pink, Dull Blue, Navy, and Sky Blue for kids. The Body Care Family Warm Wear range is one of the most sought-after items in the market.

3. Lux Inferno

Lux enjoys a solid position in the market and in the minds of Indian customers. Offered at an affordable price, the textured cotton mix fleece makes it a favorite among the Indian middle class. The thermal wear from this brand is made using unusually delicate cotton, which is handled to wick away moisture and is intended to give a comfortable fit to keep you warm during the chilly winters.

4. Jockey

The name of the brand says it all. Jockeys have their particular fans who feel that the quality of their thermals will not disappoint them. Style, fit, strength, form, comfort, safety, the brand scores an “A” in every angle. Fine, delicate interlock quality Crafted from a surprising material blend that retains moisture. The delicate interlining gives the wearer comfortable warmth ensuring against the chills.

5. Dixcy Scott

Dixie Scott thermal wear is a much-regarded brand in the winter wear class. Made of thermal wear premium rich brushed cotton interlock texture. The pair’s warmth wrap texture guarantees moisture transport and keeps you warm all day long. Wear these under your clothes and simply layer them on for the day with ease. Wash with warm water only and dry in shade. Do not use bleach and iron.

6. Neva


Neva Thermal Wear is made with exclusive new hollow fabric technology that traps hot air and gives you amazing body warmth. The use of three-layered cotton polyfill stitched innovation that keeps the body warm, making it warmer than woolen thermals. It indicates extreme rest, longer firmness, and greater ability to breathe. Each item is available for men, women, and kids.

7. Oswal

Oswal is a well-respected organization, offering a good quality of Inner Wear. The thermal wears of this brand are manufactured by competent skilled workers using quality-backed delicate textures as per the set professional standards. They are known for their thermal wear strength, smooth surface, shrinkage resistance, and fine wrap. Their thermal wears are comfortable to wear and are also skin-friendly.

8. Alfa

Alfa has a long-range of heated clothing for both genders in various sizes to help customers find the best fit for themselves. Apart from this, the shading decisions are also amazing with this brand. A set of thermals of this brand is available in the market.

9. Hanes

Hans gives individuals a delicate texture thermal. Materials such as cotton and polyester are used to create thermals, making them easy to wash in machines. Various sizes of sleeves and necks are available for the specific choice of buyers. Thermal shrinkage is controlled to maintain permanent shape and size.

10. Zimfit

The Zimfit brand offers thermal wear including full sleeve, half sleeve, and sleeveless upper thermals. The brand additionally gives heated or thermal lower. Their thermals give incredible reassurance amidst the sultry days of winter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best material for thermal wear?

When it comes to content, there are also a few options to choose from. The most commonly used, and apparently, the most useful material turns out to be merino wool. The material is as breathable as it is comfortable. It’s also quite slim, which allows you to wear it under your normal clothes without adding bulk. You can also opt for cotton, silk, or synthetic material if that suits your needs.

How to choose the best thermal wear?

When choosing the right thermal wear, you only need to focus on three aspects – material, usage, and size. The ingredients depend on what kind of cold you’re dealing with. Common cold can be defeated by using cotton thermal wear. However, the worst requires the best – a merino wool thermal wear will prove highly beneficial if the cold you experience is on the high end.

Which is the best thermal wear brand in India?

When it comes to thermal wear in India, there are a plethora of options to choose from. The best include Jockey, Lux, and Van Heusen. Jockey is essentially the most viable and trusted brand.

How to wash thermal wear?

Just as you wash your sweaters and warm clothes, so does thermal wear. If your machine washes clothes, add a little fabric softener to the mix to make sure you don’t damage your delicate thermal wear.


The right kind of winter wear is essential to what the worst winters have to offer. There are so many options to choose from, with varying price ranges, and a wide variety of brands. With so many different options to choose from, from reliable jockeys to Lux and Levi’s thermal wear, finding the right product can be quite difficult. That said, we have already listed the best thermal wear brands in India to make your job that much easier. Find the right deals with us, and get all the help you need to buy any product. happy shopping!

You can embrace the winter by having thermal stockings for men and women. Now extreme weather conditions are no longer challenging. You can buy any thermal wear from the brands discussed above. All the brands that are being discussed are of high quality.

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