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Thermos Bottles & Vacuum Flasks Buyer’s Guide for India

There are many factors to consider like size, body, built, temperature retention capacity, brand, price, warranty, and more.

Hot and cold checks

A thermos bottle in India gives maximum heat retention of 24 hours. Brands promise this deadline, but few truly meet it. You’ll find bottles capable of holding hot drinks as well as soft drinks. Most insulated flasks are able to maintain a cold temperature for a longer period of time than a hot one.

Depending on the quality, it is possible that the temperature retention time frame may decrease as the bottle gets more and more use. Look for double walled and vacuum insulated thermos bottles as they will maintain the temperature for maximum time. Plus, the stainless steel body helps. 12 hours hot and 18 hours cold is the ideal temperature combination.

Disposable / Lid Type

Choose one that can be used as both a thermos bottle and a vacuum flask to serve both drinking and storage purposes. Most of them have flip lids for this. There are also thermos-only bottles you can choose from. Thermos flasks have cup-like lids so you can use them for drinking.


Most brands offer a 1-year warranty, but there are some that offer a 3-5 years warranty. Thermos bottles with a 2-year warranty are rare.


Look for a thermos bottle that has the following design features. You’ll also find them with vibrant colors and theme designs but will cost more.


rust proof

easy to hold and hold

strong base


odor free


You will find branded thermos bottles starting from ₹500 to ₹3000 for a 1-liter capacity. As capacity increases, so will the price. You will find a good standard branded one in the price range of ₹700-₹1000.

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